2017 Tour Schedule

* Please note that Master Thu-Hien’s tour schedule is not posted at the beginning of each year.  Locations are posted as they arise throughout the year.

* Year long Master Thu-Hien conducts on-going private remote healing sessions via Skype when her schedule permits.



January 21 – May 23  – Turkey boarding Syria

Working on international aid projects directed in the Middle East. To read more about this click HERE. (*This page was recently made unavailable. It will be reposted in July.)


May 24 – June 11  – London, England

Stonehenge Earth Ceremony – May 29

Angelic Concert & Evening of Spirit  – June 3

Divine Heart Initiation – June 4

Private Healing sessions available (Skype)

Organizer — Janka


June 10  –  June 21  –  Tour 2017  Czech Republic

Seminars & Concerts

(Full details on the Czech translated page)

Organizer — Zbynek


June 22 – 26 –  Banska Bystrica – Slovakia

Meditation / Concert Event

Earth Ceremony

(Full details on the Czech/Slovakia  translated page)

Organizer — Jana


June 30 – September 4  –  Greece, Lesvos & Crete Islands (Dates TBA)

Divine Heart Seminar, Concerts & Private Healing sessions

Earth Ceremonies

Goddess Initiations

Organizer — Sofia


September 5  –  November 2017, Ghana, Africa (TBA exact dates)

Divine Heart Seminar, Concerts & Private Healing sessions


November 2017 – December 2017,  USA, Washington, DC (TBA exact dates)

Divine Heart Seminar, Concerts & Private Healing sessions


January 2018  – Indefinitely, South America/ Peru & Brazil

On-going projects



October  2016 – January 2017 – Washington, DC – USA

Goddess Night for Women of Color – Monthly Full Moon events

Private healing sessions – On going

September 2016 – Denver, Colorado

Lecture for Cancer patients at The Cancer Clinic

Private healing sessions

August 2016 – January 2017: California – USA

August 2016 – East Bay, CA

Beauty and Sensuality seminar

Earth ceremony at Mountain Diablo for the indigenous culture

Earth ceremony at Seagate for the Earth

Private healing sessions on-going all month

May – July 2016: Europe
Earth ceremonies held in the: Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, and Slovakia

Currently the schedule for Europe is under the Czech language page. To view an interview from the 2016 Tour please click here.

January – May 2016 – Homebase Peru



  DIVINE SEMINARS –  (To be announced)
“Life before you took the Divine Heart and Divine Light seminars life will probably never be the same again.  I feel that these seminars offer some of the highest and most sacred frequencies available on the planet to date. People from all over the globe are benefiting from doing these two sacred practices daily.”​

– ​Thu-Hien Poma of Adonai