This Divine Light Prayer was passed to Master Thu-Hien in the middle of her sleep. She awoke with this prayer on her lips to write it down. In the morning as she recited it a great peace came over her. This is an anointed prayer given from the other side. It has been shared globally with many people who have felt the strong power of reciting this prayer for both themselves and others. Master Thu-Hien recites this prayer almost daily.

No special requirements are needed for you to use this prayer to bless your life and the world. Just say it slowly using your heart and feel the waves of light and love wash over and through you. The more you repeat it the more powerful and peaceful the energy around you will become.

You may say it for yourself by using the pronoun “ME” or you may pray for someone else replacing the pronoun me with “YOU.” You can also say it silently to help strangers in need. There is no limit as to how this healing prayer can be used.

Many times in Master Thu-Hien’s seminars she shares this pray with participants. They then are instructed to share this prayer with each other. This is a very blissful time as the whole room lights up with Divine Light as everyone feels the beautiful blessings and messages this simple prayer emits.

Use this annointed prayer whenever you feel the need for more balance.


Divine Light is Filling Me

Divine Light is Loving Me

Divine Light is Living Me

Divine Light is All of Me

Pregnant Mothers

As the energies of this planet rise more master level children will reincarnate on the planet. Many of their spiritual frequencies are very high and this can cause much energetic and physical discomfort for their pregnant mothers.

If you are pregnant mother in need of soothing energy assistance as you create your child within your womb you may contact us to ask for a gifted healing from Master Thu-Hien to make your journey easier.

It is Master Thu-Hien’s honor to work with you in sending healing 1 time per month during all 9 months of your sacred journey. This baby service is completely free of charge. You will only need to send 1 email and the rest is done.