Chapter 1: Master Thu-Hien’s Spiritual Initiations

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Master Thu-Hien giving a spiritual talk in Prague.


The ability to start my sacred work was divinely granted to me after more than a decade of all-consuming, solitary, profound and silent initiations with the Holy Masters, Angels, and the Universal Divine Mother consciousness. It was a life-changing ordeal on every level that stopped my life as I had known it. It snatched me from my ordinary mundane complacency and fully emerged me into another reality that I stood dumbfounded within because I was completely unaware that it existed.

Returning to Vietnamese Roots

1997, was a very pivotal year for me. It was the year that my interest in the ways of the modern world and ego-centered living slowly started to come to an end. I had become a trained spiritual hands-on healer that year. This was also the same year I returned to Vietnam and found my family. I had never felt like a citizen of a modern world before and given the fact that I was not born in the USA that made sense.

I returned home almost two decades after the Vietnam War ended. Returning to Vietnam regularly and spending time in the rural areas of Vietnam where my family lived felt much more like home. My soul needed the deep roots of an ancient spiritual culture to be the prominent driving force in my life. My birth family practiced their spirituality daily. This is where my deep thirst and attraction for spirituality had originated from in this lifetime.

In 2002, shortly before I received my Masters of Science degree, I was already mentally done with the material world. I would never use my hard earned degree. My heart had realized a little bit too late that an expensive education was not something that I valued anymore. I wanted to be a free thinker and express my own soul. I was dismayed with myself for thinking I needed more education to be considered successful or intelligent by society’s standards. I rebelled the education system at the very last moment by not attending my graduation. If I had attended my graduation I would have been cloaked with a sash and gold metal indicating that I had graduated top in my class. By that time, I did not care.

Instead, I went back home to Vietnam to get my soul reconnected. I briefly lived in a straw hut, by a river, with my family who did not speak English. It was always a pleasure for me to hear my birth language spoken around me. While being in Vietnam I got eaten alive by the mosquitoes. In the mornings, I was awakened by the family roosters and my grandfather stretching his arms to the dawn sun. I bathed outside under the hot sun with a large pot that held well water.

I ate the ripe bananas, mangoes and other native fruits my grandfather or uncle would take from the family trees for me.  With big grins they would lovingly place the sweet fruits in my hands like the divine treasures they were from the Earth mother, herself. They treated me like an innocent child who had never eaten so many freshly picked fruits every morning. And I loved it — because I had not.

Later, I would walk hand-in-hand to the local market with one of my many aunts to retrieve the daily food menu. During meal time the entire family would eat together sitting on the floor using bamboo chop sticks. I would use the chop sticks that I watched my uncle hand carve for me. He was an excellent craftsman. My aunts were entertaining and funny. They found cleaver ways to communicate with me. My uncle was a very shy and quiet man. The gifts he made me were his ways of communicating his love. He was the very first family member I would meet upon my return to Vietnam. The moment he saw me he said in Vietnamese, “I will go get your mother. Wait here.” After one glance at me there was no question as to whose family I belonged to.

In the evenings my closest aunt, Thu-Ha, would bow, pray and chant to the four directions with the traditional Asian sandalwood incense in her hands as she stood next to the family altar that held fruits, flowers, rice and incense. Additionally there were pictures of our ancestors, Buddha, and Mother Mary. My late grandmother’s photo was one of the biggest on the altar. I would join my aunt each time she went to the altar. Afterward, she would walk me to one of the Buddhist temples in the village to pay homage to our native culture. It seemed the spirit of Buddha was everywhere. Still so present and alive for the people.

I would enjoy the simple rural spiritual life that at least half of my DNA was firmly accustomed to. My mother would enjoy telling me that she sent me to the richest country in the world only to have me want to return to the family’s rural rice patties. My thought process of loving a common live was difficult for her to comprehend but she enjoyed having an African-American daughter and I enjoyed having a South, Vietnamese mother. She loved braiding my hair and listening to any music that I had brought with an African man’s baritone voice singing. Much to my surprise she even enjoyed listening to rap music too.

It was obvious that she had loving past life connections with Africa and that I had loving past life connections with Asia. Together we were able to bridge those cultures for one another. By her giving birth to me she was able to combine the worlds. Given the strong negative social connotations and the traumatic histories of both the African slave trade and the Vietnam War it would take me immense self determination to see the God given beauty of the people and the land that I was created from. They both were profoundly covered in human turmoil, suffering and countless negative societal projections.

I could not count on a world that had been trained to be sometimes very unloving and prejudice to help me love and cherish my cultural roots. I had to do that for myself. Only through my own self determination would I grow to deeply love and respect both of the native cultures that I had inherited from my birth parents.

My birth was bitter-sweet for my mother. She would never speak of my father unless I asked. Then she told me she loved my father and that she wished she had the chance to have told him she was pregnant with me. The tears still fell from her eyes as this pain and guilt never left her. She hurt deeply for me, but interestingly enough, it was never painful for me.  There was only an accepting silence inside of me about my father.

The Ancestors

I must have always understood on some soul level that his presence was just never meant to be. I only felt bewilderment as to what it would have been like to have seen just one photo of the man who was my father. I asked her if he looked really African and had dark skin? I wanted to know how pure the African blood was within him. She shyly said, “No Thu-Hien. If he was very dark skinned I would have been too sacred. Your father looked different. Like he was mixed with Native American Indian. I am sorry.  I do not mean to be prejudice but we were taught by the white solider to fear the darker colored soldiers. I know it was not right. Many people wondered why I chose to be with a black solider. But he was the one who attracted me and who my heart loved.”

Much later in my life, my ancestors from my father’s family tree visited me through a vision in my meditation time. They told me that they knew of my existence. They asked me to go look into a mirror. As I looked into the mirror my face suddenly morphed into an elderly African woman’s face. It was my father’s mother.  She was showing me that I looked like her too. She seemed to be a small framed quiet woman. It was like she had just passed from this world to the other side but she paid me, her granddaughter, a first and last visit.

She and my other ancestors shared with me that there was a very long history of our family culturally mixing. This mixture ran across the globe through the African, Native American Indian, European, and Asian blood lines. They told me that many people on the planet have vast mixtures within their family bloodlines that they did not know about or acknowledge.

Years later after having a DNA test done for myself I would be able to confirm these truths about my very mixed heritage. The DNA results showed the highest marks in East Asia, next the Congo and Ivory Coast areas of Africa, the Polynesian islands, the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain) and last the Scandinavian and Russian regions of Europe. Looking at the map my father’s family tree circled around the globe just as the ancestors had proclaimed. XXX link

Oddly, the DNA test showed nothing about North or South America.  It was as if those DNA lines were too fresh, young or current within my blood to have been identified. Genealogical research has shown that the Native American Indian populations migrated from parts of Asia. So perhaps my mother saw a part of herself within my father’s diverse face.

What had started out as a deep meditation turned into me swirling through time and space….. I was taken with my ancestors as they showed me my ancient family tree….. My father’s ancestors showed me my father’s African bloodline migrating to the area of China many thousands of years ago and actually helping to create the genetic race of people there. Then thousands of years later my African family tree returned to the area of China once again to mix with the same people they had created.

They showed my mother’s bloodline dated back to one of the Chinese Dynasties in which the legendary female Buddha Quan Yin was from. As some of my favorite dresses and musics is from the royal Chinese culture that made sense to me.  I had always privately thought to myself that my mother could have easily passed for an Asian empress. There were many moments I felt that she carried herself with such nobility and elegance. The same as my grandfather whom she took a lot of her mannerisms after.

They then showed my African father’s family rejoining for a third time with his same family bloodline in China to re-marry into that same bloodline thousands of years into the future. They then showed that he came back to the area known as Vietnam today and created me many hundreds of years later. So biologically speaking, I was shown my parents were actually related in three different generations dating back thousands of years ago.

They showed me many American veterans had past lives in the Vietnam-China area and created soul contracts to get them back to that part of the world because they wanted to reestablish their prior soul connections. They reestablished their Asian soul ties through the many mixed children that were born there during the war. I saw us, the thousands of children of war, serving as a bridge to reestablish a new but very old culture of global DNA. This was our group soul contract to the world.

The ancestors showed me there was huge global commerce which created the mixing of the races thousands of years ago. The people traveled by strong wooden ships navigated by the vast constellations in the sky. During these times global explorations were common place. They showed the human migration out of Africa theory as a truth for the native populations of the world. Some Asian populations were perhaps the first. So given this, I understood the two heritages I held within my body were some of the oldest currently on the planet.

I was also shown a past life with both my mother and father as a noble couple in Africa. My mother was mixed with African and Asian. Their marriage united family kingdoms that reached across the vast seas. I was their child. As this child I watched as the common people worked for the noble families while they were compensated very meagerly. I watched the mechanics of the large local slavery system that our family was a part of.

I watched as my mother and father were deeply in love and lived a lavish life, yet they were oblivious to the fact that the multitude of their workers suffered under harsh conditions and were unhappy. I saw myself, as their child, feeling the societal pain and injustices of the people. I vowed to never take blood money when I grew up.

I came out of those visions deeply moved and in such joy at the opportunity to have been shown the long view. My mother had always felt immature for loving my father endlessly. But if she could have understood the long view it would have put so many thing into perspective for her.

The soul-family units many times continue creating human-family units. This is one reason I never was upset about not knowing my father. He was present in many of my past lives and he was a great father to me before. He received a pardon from me in this lifetime for his absence. Without a name or photo — I still love him fully.

My mother  would tell me that she felt I grew up to look like her and have some of her Asian ways yet she also felt I had inherited my will power, intelligence, and leadership abilities from my father. She marveled at the mixture within my character traits saying that I was the living and breathing poetry of East meets West.

She would often look at me in wonderment that she had an American daughter that was not traditionally raised Vietnamese like the rest of the entire family. At times it was interesting for her and at other times it was not. I rebelled a lot against the strict traditional ways in which she wanted to mother me at times. I had to admit to myself if I had stayed in Vietnam and had been raised in the very strict traditional Vietnamese manner I would have been a very bad daughter!

In the moments she felt like talking about the past, she would often tell me that loosing me during the war traumatized the entire family and affected her good fortune. She would not marry nor have any more children. She told me my grandmother may have been the one most deeply hurt by my absence. She said my grandmother did not speak for months after I left. She told me that my Aunt Thu-Ha never gave up hope. She would always tell my mother, “Thu-Hien will find her way back to the family one day.”

My mother told me that she had prayed very hard for me to return home a year before I showed up in Vietnam. I told her that I did hear her prayers. That is why I came. I just did not believe it was really her. That was what had delayed me. She shook her head in complete irritation, saying, “Why wouldn’t you believe it?! We have been waiting for you to come home. You have wasted so much time not listening to your spirit.”

The stories of the war lead to many profound conversations. I recall the time that I asked to see my baby photos. My mother said in the best broken English she could manage, “I sorry my daughter. War was difficult time. I burn all photos you because if found with American mementos in home family killed. Once you gone we could not risk having your photos or talking about you in public. Whole family love you Thu-Hien but you African and American. Not welcome here. It was very very difficult time.” Her voice got even softer and lower, “Please understand ……. mommy.”

After this conversation she went to a draw and pulled out an old plastic bag of black and white photos. She instantly located one. It was a very young photo of her with her black hair falling to her feet. Next to her was a child she was holding but only the tiny hand could be seen. The rest of the photo was cut out. She pointed to it and said, “This all I keep.” She showed me the other photos of my large family which included my grandmother who had since passed away. She said, “Take you want. We all there. You not. Take.” She pushed them in front of me.  “Your family photos now.”

The decade I had to spend knowing my mother in Vietnam would be precious years as she would become ill and depart from this world in 2008. Through both her and my father’s assistance I was born into the Vietnam War. This would be my very first spiritual initiation into the world of humanity.


The First Formal Training Period

This photo was taken 2 weeks after I shaved off my long hair and took a vow to the Creator that I would be fully devoted to my life’s sacred path.

After my first trip back from Vietnam, I became a recluse within the USA. Functioning within the modernized material world had become almost impossible for me. I interacted with few people. When people would ask me about my life I had little to say. I had stopped speaking for the most part because I was most at home in the silence where I felt the most peace. I did not want to voice how absolutely atypical my life had become so I stayed to myself. There were moments I felt ashamed about how much my life had taken the dive off of the deep end. My views on life had become radically different from most other people.

I was sad for myself and I was sad that I felt humanity was gravely lost. I could see something just was not right with the overall ways of the world. I no longer wanted to be a member of a lost world. I felt there was some kind of huge disconnect within the world but I did not have the words for it at the time.

Slowly I started to withdraw from the moral world. It was as if I was allowing myself to fade into the nothingness. However, as I faded something bigger and more valuable started to emerge for me. My true path that was totally different from everyone elses that I had known was starting to unfold. What I felt was disconnected started to connect for me. Later I would come to realize that huge disconnect I felt was the soul of humanity that was missing.

For the next ten years, half of me was taken to the higher realms to live there much of the time. It was through that experience that I was permanently connected to these higher realms. Later, upon instant command I would be able to also assist other people with reaching these higher planes, in the moment, through either my music, teaching, or presence. In order to do this my body and life went through complete dismantling and restructuring. The only helpers I had were invisible to the human eye. All the preliminary teaching I received was through what I would call vibrational telepathy in which the content was all foreign energy that did not correlate to anything that remotely pertained to the human experience.

For several hours a day I went into a very deep meditation that could be compared to almost a coma state. I had control over it if I wanted but I did not exercise much independence over it. I felt it was a deeply holy energy that I could not comprehend with my mind yet this energy felt it was trying to reach me so I never stopped it. When I would feel the deep meditative frequencies start to overcome me I would feel my brain slowly start to disconnect. I would then go to lay down. Once I was laying down the very high energies would penetrate every cell of my body and flood me with light. Sometimes it would feel like I was connected to a 1000 watt light bulb that vibrated my entire body with new light.

During that time I was not here, but there. I never had any fear of what was happening.  It had become my life. The energies could hold me in this state for up to six hours a day without me barely moving. I recall times stumbling to get up to use the bathroom only to then come back to meditate within the frequencies for several more hours.

Even when I was not meditating, I still was not here. My body was here but as they say, “Nobody was home.” I literally felt that I did not exist in the material world but that I lived in another more celestial world of divinity, peace and love. My home was always filled with the holy presences of many invisible divine beings. I remember the Holy Masters I was familiar with from this world coming to my bedside often to comfort me.

When a Master would come into my home they did not use a physical body or a doorway. I just knew they were there. A divine presence would just appear and bring a big silence and a big peace. Sometimes they would be accompanied by the smell of incense like sandalwood, myrrh, or roses. Their energy signatures would penetrate my heart with unconditional love, light and encouragement. I would also feel the Angels big comfort and the grandness of the Divine Mother’s protection and love. I am sure there were countless other beautiful ones that came through but I will never know them by name.

I do not remember much talking. They only stood by lovingly overlooking my process and making sure that I was okay. There were definitely times I had a very hard time holding the intense energies and understanding what was happening. I went through the process sometimes overwhelmed and in tears. It was difficult for me on every level mostly because very little was ever explained to me. I blindly went through the process. The only thing they could offer me was their strong silent encouragement to use my inner strength to continue. It was as if I could feel them saying, “Keep going no matter what. You will be fine in the end. We know you are strong enough to endure this. Keep your faith.”

During that time many unique experiences happened that were far beyond my human understanding. I recall one morning waking up and one of my hands was very tightly tucked between the buttons on the inside of my pajama top directly laying over my heart. I distinctly remember the feeling of someone very kind having placed my hand there as if they left me a note to say that they had been there. A strong comforting smell of sandalwood hovered over my room that morning that left me in awe and gratitude.

On two other occasions the Holy Masters literally materialized in my home leaving me in surreal amazement. The whole extent of what I experienced during that period of time was so far beyond any words that I rarely spoke about any of it to anyone. It was only a time of silent awareness for me. It was not meant to be discussed on a conversational level with anyone’s rational mind trying to make sense of it.

Aside from being a dramatically transformative and inspiring time, it was also a very demanding, exhausting, and solitary time of deep and powerful spiritual development. I went through this complete shift into higher consciousness in unceremonious silence. There were no grades. There were no books. There were very few peers to relate to. There were no human words. There was little income. I was also sad much of the time because I had no humans to relate to. It was mostly me and the walls for more than a decade which seemed like an eternity at the time. No matter how much I stressed at times, somehow all my needs were totally taken care of.

My life went through many radical changes over that decade. At the very beginning of this period I had gone from wearing high heels and silk dresses to work where I made a good salary as a National Program Manager for Civil Rights. I was at a GS-12 level in the government. This is a high position, especially at the young age of 30.  May people if lucky retire at this level. Had I stayed there getting promotions at the fast pace I was going on I would have easily been a senior executive there by the age of fifty.  I was probably making more money than most of my friends and wide extended family.

I left this secure job to only work a few hours a week at an herbal store selling plant medicines. I made minimum wage and wore flip flops to work. I privately shaved my long hair off in devotion and wore a hat to work. This little store with a herbal garden in the back become my full extent of interacting with the public. The herbal health oriented customer that came into that herbal store generally were people who were at a higher level of consciousness thus they were easier for me to relate to. The open minded customers there became my first spiritual students.

I had my graduate degree, but I only wanted to live a natural life and be near the plants that Mother Nature had created. Many people conveyed to me that they felt I had given up a lot to live a basic life. And many others felt I was no longer living up to my full potential anymore because I had accomplished so much at a young age and now I was working for minimal wage at a job that was totally beneath my education level. I could not listen to people’s opinions anymore. Deep inside my heart I knew whatever I had accomplished was nothing. Accomplishing more and more was not the way. This was a better life for me. As the years progressed it was just my life. A simple life.

I had resigned myself to the apparent fact that this would be my entire life which was to work only a few hours a week and then to primarily hold space within my home and body for holy spiritual energies. I did it because I held a deep unwavering love for the DIVINE to serve in the only manner I knew how. Being totally devoted to spirit had become the only way I knew how to live. It was the only thing that held any depth of meaning for me. The material world held no interest for me at all. Being a spiritual devotee was who I was at my very core. If humanity did not understand me it was okay. I could still serve humanity in this quiet and invisible way.

Passing the First Master Initiation Process

A little after the decade mark a totally different calling emerged. I was told by the Holy Masters that I had passed a very difficult and rare Master initiation that was requested of me. I was told it was time for me to come back out and rejoin the world. That my life was not over as I thought but was really just beginning. Leaving the world during that time was the only way I knew how to cope with everything happening. Coming back to the world would require developing whole new parts of myself.

My re-entry process into society would be the second half of my process that would take me several more years to become comfortable around people again. I had slowly started to go into this process in my late twenties and I came out of it in my early forties. Ironically, I had barely shown any signs of aging due to the divine frequencies that had bathed me daily. Many people thought I was still in my twenties. However, I was no longer a young girl. Living under a rock for a decade had kept me mentally and emotionally still very young. I was no longer savvy in the ways of the human world. I was very much like a baby lamb. I had a lot of catching up to do.

During this period I must have unknowingly proven a lot of spiritual faith, ability, strength, and devotion because the Masters asked me to provide spiritual teaching and sacred song on a global-wide level. They urged me that there were not enough global teachers on the planet. They said that many of the prominent teachers that had served humanity well for decades had already passed over to the other side to help from there. They said, “POWERFUL WOMEN SPIRITUAL LEADERS ARE NEEDED AT THIS TIME…….AND AS MANY AS POSSIBLE.”

This came as an enormous shock for me given I was not a teacher, and I did not know how to sing. Additionally, I did not feel I had mastered anything within the normal range to be able to contribute to anyone’s life for a more healthy society. I had not even been a part of society for over a decade?! They assured me I had been prepared and I was more than capable to step into the role they were requesting of me and serve.

It was just not anything I had imagined. Nothing inside of me said, “Yes, this is what I am fully capable of doing and want to do.” Unknown to my human self, for the past decade I had been serving by studying within vibrational silence. Within this silence I had agreed to be groomed for a life my human mind had no idea was coming.

After the Holy Masters told me I would be singing sacred songs I was totally dumbfounded when they asked me to sing my first note. I humbly reminded them that I could not sing. In the privacy of my own home I opened my mouth and started to sing. Very much to my amazement, the music had already become completely anchored within me. It took me no time, effort or instruction to sing the songs that I instantly knew. Even the ancient language came as naturally as breathing to me.

The only thing that took extra time with the music was learning not to interject any of my own biases on how I sounded. To this day I do not think of myself as a singer or even a good singer. I am shy each time I need to sing. That may never change but I have come to accept my voice as perfect as the holy music that flows through me. When I am in the recording studio there is little to no fixing a song once it is sung. The Masters have helped me to come to realize what I used to feel were mistakes sometimes are actually some of the most important parts of the songs from spirit’s standpoint. In the beginning I took a lot of ego bruising because I knew people would assume I was tone deaf and making too many mistakes in the songs!

Aside from the primary role of offering the sacred sounds the songs are also meant to help push the listener beyond the mind and beyond the habitual loop of human expectations. Whatever idiosyncrasies you may hear in the music are meant to be there. Sometimes spirit intentionally interjects what may sound like off-key tunes to us because this music is meant to bend at some corners in very odd ways. It is not always meant to sound rounded and smooth. And it is meant to wake you up! Nothing like a odd note in what you thought was coming. You cannot fully rest into the complacency of knowing what is coming next. This is called natural. It is not manufactured sequence.

The sounds within the music are also not meant to conform to the standard reality of what the approved traditional musical scale of notes should sound like. What our ears have been trained to hear as sounding like a perfect tune is actually still subjective when it comes to the greater reality of the cosmos whose sounds are unlimited.

Additionally, if the audience members are very out of tune energetically the music has to meet them where they are. The music may come in off-key as a reflection of where they are inside and then the music starts to pick up beautiful tones as the audience becomes more beautifully tuned inside. I have learned that there just cannot be any judgment with the sacred songs.

Within each uniquely birthed tone and within the random silent pauses are countless more powerful things going on that cannot be explained by logic. Therefore, this music stands alone as an unique contribution that is outside of what our trained ears are familiar with. I once asked the Holy Masters, “Why me? Don’t you all think this is a bit bazaar for me? I am not a trained singer.” Their response was, “Exactly. That is why you need to sing. You have not been taught.” When I sing in front of professional singers they are usually fascinated instead of critical. It has been a very interesting ride.

This was the same with my spiritual teaching. The first time I was told it was time for me to teach I told them, “No. I am not a teacher. I am too shy. Please, I have no clue what to teach.” They assured me because I had not built up a huge ego I was able to be a clean slate for teaching. They told me to invite a small group to my home and start teaching. It must have taken me a year before I had any small degree of confidence to listen to that seemingly scary piece of instruction. I sent an email out to about fourteen people informing them I would be teaching. Twelve of the fourteen people showed up to my home with excitement, water bottles, mats, and flowers. I prayed not to be embarrassed.

As I timidly opened my mouth to give my first spiritual lecture without any preparation or notes I taught for over 7 hours. All the deep wisdom was fully developed and there within me. The people’s questions did not seem to end, and my answers seemed to have no ending as well.

The people were so comfortable within the higher energies and the Angel’s healing embraces that they did not want to leave. I was happy myself that I lived there and I did not have to leave. It was a difficult night to end because the energies were so lovely and the people’s hearts were so big. I confidently promised them there would be more to come. Over the following week I got message after message of miraculous healings that had happened for the people who were in attendance.

The results of that night amazed me and left me with profound deep respect for my entire invisible support team that had nurtured and groomed me through my spiritual development process. What I have mastered and comes naturally for me now, was born from deep within the space of cosmic remembrance that happened within the state of silence. The growth process to get there however, still took enormous human discipline, energy, courage, and faith.

Throughout the entire grooming process the Holy Masters never allowed me to employ the use of my mind for any rational thought. The pieces of the puzzle were only able to be placed with my rational mind after the fact. What I would much later come to understand was that I was being taught how to work from the Divine Mind and that is a very different mind that entails surrendering to a backward non-learning process. It simply encompasses the whole of creation that cannot be learned, it can only be reconnected to without the boundaries of a strong ego mind.

The Holy Masters reminded me they were not my teachers but that they were only my peers helping me to remember who I am. They reminded me I had done this for them as well in other lifetimes when they were in the body and I was in spirit coaching them from the other side of the veil. They reminded me we were all responsible for carrying out the assignments that we each were uniquely created to do.

It had become the time for me to wake up, remember, and keep my promises to God that I had made before I had incarnated. The major promises included being a spiritual teacher, healer, writer, and soul-song singer for a world-wide audience. Every moment of what I had gone through was about remembering.

The Bigger Initiations in Peru

The next chapter of my journey would lead me to Peru. A year before I left the USA, I kept having reoccurring visions of white houses with red roof tops. I was definitely having premonitions of the influence of the Spanish architecture all throughout Cusco, Peru. I had also bought a coffee table book that sat in my living room. The book was about the sacred sites all around the world. The cover was Machu Picchu. I think I only opened the book once but its powerful and holy presence filled my living room. XX Link

I remember waking up one day and just knowing it was time to leave the USA. I felt that my life in the USA had come to a close. I had helped to teach, heal, and reach the people that were open to my work there. I had met the people that were important to me.  I had closed some of the bigger more important karmic chapters I had with the family who had raised me. I had done my personal work.

Inside I felt a big shift as if not only a chapter had been formally closed but a whole volume had been closed. It was as if the table had been wiped clean and the music and the lights were turned off. There was just nothing else left for me to do there. That instant knowing was very clear to me but for most of my friends, family, and growing student numbers they were very surprised and some very sad when I told them the news.

My empathy extended my time in the USA another six months longer than I wanted.  I had felt my spiritual guides give me my spiritual dismissal orders to vacate the USA but I did not leave. I felt a lot of people pulling on my energy field to stay so I felt the customary guilt about leaving. Once I felt the idea had started to grow on the people I knew I started to give away and sell most of my belongings. I then moved out of my beloved comfortable temple styled home that I had held all my spiritual events in.

I then stayed with a friend living my life out of one bedroom for a few months. I even held some of my women’s teachings events from this bedroom. The ladies huddled on the floor, in the doorway and all over my bed. They understood I was in transition and they did not care. The women were dedicated to the teachings. They knew that room was a stepping stone that I was using to get me somewhere. The sacred work had to continue no matter where I was.

During that entire time my rational mind did not know what I was doing next. There were no official “plans.” I only followed the inner voice of my spirit. The next set of instructions from the spirit world would be to start looking into volunteer positions abroad. Oddly, the only place that appealed to me was Peru. It was as if I had put my hand over a map and my finger magnetically pointed there. I knew nothing about Peru. I only knew after looking at the pretty pictures that something about those mountains and alpacas attracted me!

Once in Peru a whole new world opened for me. A whole new world where I was immersed in completely new spiritual energies, learnings, connections, foods, land, and people. It was in Peru that I formed my deep connections to the ancestors, Mother Earth, and the Divine Mother consciousness. It was here in Peru that I saw the vastness of the spiritual world had no ending.

The ego blinders and the spiritual limitations that I had experienced while living in the USA started to be removed and rather harshly. I was immediately thrust into the deeper spirituality of Peru which for me was a place of very hard and raw learning. For me the deeper spirituality of Peru did not stand for fear, distortions in perceptions, lack of being connected to the Earth, or laziness. And the ancestor’s presence here was very direct and strong.

The saying, “If you cannot take the heat then get out of the kitchen,” totally applied here. I recall riding to the Amazon. I was so happy. I had my head slightly out of window. I was smiling. Then out of nowhere a sharp tree branch hit me violently in my face.  I recall another time having a great day and walking down the steps of a older hotel that had stone steps. La te da…. was the song in my head. I suddenly tripped and fell hard. I could not believe it. I was only walking slowly down the steps. The guard at the door came over to me and said, “Are you ok? Sorry. Yeah, See that step there? It is much shorter than the rest. It’s an old building!” This was what it was like. Peru did not allow comfort. It was a very raw reality. The best way I can describe it is that ……. every moment I was expected to WAKE THE $#%@ UP!!

After several months of living in Peru much of my modern ways had to go. This meant the makeup, nail polish, nice clothing, perfume, and chemical hair products stopped. My smooth pampered skin was replaced with large scars from the bug bites in the Amazon. The list of ego habits that had to be removed seemed endless.  I remember once looking at my badly blistered lips, scarred skin, and huge frizzy hair and thinking, “What did I get myself into?” I thought to myself, “I look really bad.”

I felt my spirit quickly respond, “Many other women have not had the experiences of having their lips blistered by the strong sun of the sacred Lake Titicaca nor have they bathed in the rivers of the Amazon in order to get bitten by sand flies, mosquitoes and fire ants. Do you prefer to have a more pampered life that leaves no scars and retains the external beauty? Or do you prefer to have a life full of rich experiences that may leave the many scars of a richly lived life?”

Well, that was not a fair question because at that point I had to stop complaining. But it did take over a year for my lip color to start returning to normal. I told one of my girlfriends, “Look at my lip! The entire skin on my lips had fallen off into my hands a week before.  I got no sympathy from her. She looked and said with gusto, “They look perfect!!! Just like a tribal scar!” Her words would be prophetic because the light scar is still there to this day. That is Peru. Strong beauty and strong lessons.

So now I was in a whole new terrain. My new teachers in Peru became the forces of nature. It felt like I was thrown into the middle of the ocean and told to swim. I am the kind of person that likes holding on to something if I am being thrown into the middle of the ocean but it was clear this was a strength building period. It was another initiation time of deep and expansive transformations that I never saw coming. But this time I was stronger and wiser to manage through the unknown terrain.

Peru was the home of the ancient ancestors to me. The ancestors were all around. It was like they had never left. They were not ghost. I liked to call them, The Immortals. They just had not died. They were simultaneously living alongside the reality we called, human life.  I remember the first time I saw one. I was in the wooded mountains with my feet in the stream. I looked over to my side and saw one of them at a distance fetching water from the stream. He looked over at me in curiosity. Seeing him was like looking at a flashback in time thousands of years ago. It was a very surreal experience. This was just one of many that I can recall.

Sometimes they could see that I could see them. Sometimes they would befriend me and tell me their needs. Sometimes they wanted something big and sometimes they just wanted to be shown respect. Other times it could be something as practical as please turn off the outdoor lights at night so that we can be comfortable in our natural environment. They were not always nice. But they let it be known what they wanted.

To me Peru represents many multi-dimensional portals that remain open for those with eyes who can see. For me seeing into the other worlds here came naturally. No one taught me. I just saw.  It came so naturally for me that even in the company of some trained shamans they sometimes relied on my sight. I was born with shaman eyes. From the beginning my skill level to be able to see into the other world and do healings was very advanced.

In Peru, I was respected enough to do healings for some of the most respected Q’eros shamans, who are known to be the decedents and spiritual lineage keepers of the Inkans. One night a family group of them asked to stay in my home. We shared food, song and sacred space together that night. As I looked at one of them I intuitively saw he was deeply hurt and carrying so much. I gently said to him please allow me to help. He never looked up. With a head nod the permission was granted. He never questioned allowing me into his spirit to help him. My abilities he felt. The family bond was already there between all of us. The love and trust was there. The only thing that had changed was the century. It was clear that we knew each other from a time before in Peru.


The Divine Mother Consciousness Initiation

Peru would also be the place that I would be formally introduced to the Divine Mother consciousness. I had slowly gotten to know this energy in the USA but it was still very gentle with me. Almost as if it was keeping a safe distance until I was ready. Once in Peru this energy picked up force and urgency. The Divine Mother consciousness reminded me that I had made her a promise before I was born and now was the time to deliver it. She then asked me if she could use my body in service to humanity.

The first time she came it was through the use of the sacred Peruvian master plants medicine (more is written in Chapter 2 about these visionary master plants). After drinking the plant medicine it took a few hours and then a gigantic portal began to open. Within the portal were angels. Then I was told something grand was about to descend. I had no clue what. I then felt the Divine Mother consciousness descend with the help of Arch Angel Michael who held the portal open. He said to me, “At your service!” I do not think I could have been any happier. He was so jolly, so radiant, and so proud. He stood as a vaporous being with beautiful colorful flags waving behind his uniform.

Next the Virgin Carmen from Cusco, Peru covered my body with her body. Beautiful strong energy flowed to me. It was like fireworks as she merged herself with me. I had the experience of feeling like I was in a long box with just her and me and the energies became one. It was heavenly. There are no other words to describe it.

Then the Divine Mother consciousness began to descend. It felt as if she had shot my body full of a million watts of electricity as she merged with me. It was as if my body was taking bullet shots of lightening. I could feel colorful fireworks going off throughout my entire body jerking it very forcefully for an extended period of time. Unique and powerful energies that I could never describe filled me. In that moment I had kept my promise to her. This experience would change my life and frequency permanently.

It was the most physically stressful event my body had ever experienced. I have no further words for it. Yet it was an overwhelmingly joyous experience that made huge uncontrollable tears stream down my face the whole time. I was so happy. It was a rebirth that she had been preparing my body to undertake for over a decade.

It was such a difficult experience for my body that during the process it may have appeared as if some major complications had occurred. I could have even looked like I had died for a moment or I was dying. After the descent of her energies I laid there lifeless in full surrender. It was so extreme that a Peruvian doctor who was also my friend was called in. He rushed to where I was laying around midnight.

I looked up at him. I was all smiles. I said, “The Mother was here. She merged parts of herself with me. I saw Virgin Carmen too. Today there was a festival in her honor, Virgin Carmen. I saw it. And she was here with me tonight too.” I recall, with a lot of concern he checked my pulse and temperature. I told him full of calm, “I am ok.” He kept searching my eyes. They were only full of love. The Divine Mother had flooded me full of love. I told him to go home to his family because I was fine. After he believed me he kissed me and then hugged me tightly. With concern still on his face he left.

I know I did die that night and I was reborn. The Mother told me to share with others that the sacred master plants helped to bring her in. She needed a portal opening so vast to come into that the master plants were her faithful servants. This is the first time that I have ever shared what happened that night. Only the doctor, me and one other person were there. It was such a sacred experience that I never spoke about it.

As much of what I have written I have never spoken about. Most all of the MOST sacred moments of my life and with the others whom I shared these rare experiences with were never caught on camera or put into words. I kept them all inside. We kept them all inside. But sometimes it is in the sharing of these sacred stories and experiences that they can reach more people to positively affect their lives too. If I died tomorrow, this was the greatest moment of my life.

That night I solidly knew that the Catholic Virgin Mothers who are honored around the world are TOTALLY real spiritual beings who are surely here to help humanity. At a much later time in Bolivia, the Virgin of Copacabana would also make her presence grandly known to me. This time without the need of a huge portal that the sacred plants provided she was able to also merge her electrifying energies with me for the greater purpose of being able to use them for the healing of the people. From that moment on, I only had to call on her and her blessings could create healing.

As I reflect back I can also recall other times during my life feeling the blessings of The Mothers and Saints as I bowed prayerfully visiting both modest and grand locations around the world. All the Virgin Mothers are the helpers of the Divine Mother consciousness. Their annointings are very powerful medicine given for the good of the people. I am not a Catholic but there are pure pieces of the religion that do still work for me.  Just as there are pure pieces of other religions that do still work for me.


Co-partnering with Mother Earth

In order to raise to the next level of my sacred work the potent land of Peru would become a very important master teacher for me. With the epic land of Peru I would go through another three years of spiritual training and profound energy frequency shifts within my body. This time it would be the Goddess spirit of Mother Earth herself. The Holy Masters were the stepping stones to help me to get to The Divine Mother consciousness and Mother Earth. As usual the Angels always stood guard watching my process.

XXX photo When it was Mother Earth’s time to be my close friend, cleanser, teacher, healer, and guide I was prompted to spend a lot of intimate time with her. This meant being outdoors in nature a lot. It was during this time that I fell in love with her once again as I had been during my childhood years while living in Hawaii. It is very easy to fall in love with the Planet Earth when you are surrounded by the majesty of the Great Mother everywhere you look.  When we are constantly surrounded by concrete walls, roads, and metal cars it is very easy to forget to love our Great Mother who sustains all of us.

When it was time for my Earth Care schooling I could feel Mother Earth calling me. She would wake me up and instruct me to go to certain locations. Very much like a teacher she would telepathically give me my assignments. Much of these first locations were in Peru and Bolivia in ancient sacred areas and mostly in huge mountain ranges. In these particularly appointed areas she would cleanse me then merge her sacred energies with me, ask me to pray there, and/or ask me to be a human anchor to help cleanse the land. During prayer she would send blessings out to the masses through the channels within the Earth’s vortexes.

There were times I could see beautiful dances of energetic holograms in the sky. My eye sight had become sensitive enough to where I could see the different rainbow of colors in a blue sky. I could see that the stars were also a rainbow of colors. The texture of the trees became incredibly alive. I could see the many grateful ancestors gathering around during the ceremonies. My feet had become sensitive enough to where I could feel the strong pulse of the Earth differently in some areas. All of this happened on a very deep spiritual level.

It was a never ending learning of gaining sensitivity to be able to feel and communicate with Mother Earth and the many spirits of the land in Peru. After these sacred trips my whole body would be buzzing for hours. My feet would feel like I was standing on top of a tractor. It would be the most incredible feeling to be so super charged by Mother Earth.

Most of the time I was only accompanied by one or two other local native people who helped hold the sacred energies with me. The perfect local people would always show up to help. The meetings with these Earth ceremony helpers were divinely orchestrated and spontaneous. Very kind and beautiful souls would just appear. It was as if I would set my eyes far out into the horizon to give the call and someone beautiful would appear.

Other times the people would seek me out and ask if they could take me to a location that was special for them for us to spend time together. The Earth Ceremony’s just happened like that. Many times they were unplanned too but they regularly occurred several times a month. Almost every holiday or birthday I was with Mama Earth and the local native people celebrating and sending out prayers for the world.

I recall one location in the vast desert of Nazca, Peru. I went out at sunset with my driver who was also my co-partner that day. Sunrise and sunset are the peak times to capture the potent healing energies of the golden sun. It took us a long time to find a place to stop along the desert highway. When I felt the place was right I asked the driver to turn and go straight. I said, “There! This is where we need to conduct the Earth Ceremony.” The driver turned and drove far back into the beautiful mountainous desert.

We got out of the car. It was dark by that time. I looked around for a place to sit on the Earth. In the mist of the darkness I realized I had given the signal to stop in a very large trash dump. I rarely felt anything was a mistake so I asked inwardly if this was the right location for the ceremony. I got a firm, “Yes.” I put my flowers and fruits down, held my breath from the odor and I started to pray and spiritually cleanse the land.

That day was a great reminder to me that the Earth care work can be very humbling. It is not always in beautiful locations. It is also very much needed in places that have been abused and contaminated with pollution. Mother Earth wants her body clean, just as we do. That day was New Years. Mother Earth always gently told me what she needed by pulling my heart to locations she wanted me at.

It was not until much later after intuitively being drawn to do these Earth healing rituals on my own, did I start to perform some with local shamans and see the different ways that the others performed healings using the Earth’s energies. Some burned alpaca sacrifices and some used only flowers and fruits. Every tradition had its own way.

To be an Earth Keeper only means to WANT to listen to Mother Earth calling you. People who can clearly hear the call of Mother Earth generally inherit this ability through the family bloodline who has strengthened this ability over the generations.

Diving for the Pearls of My Youth

For the very end of the last initiation process in Peru I would go through yet another  period of very compacted cleansing to help remove me from the world of human distortions, traumas, and karma. During this period I removed myself from all friendship and family obligations and I dove deeper than I had ever dived into my own childhood healing. It was as if this time was the appointed time for me to go to the very bottom of the ocean with no fear or dread. I only had a sense of purpose. I was searching for the pearls of my youth.

During this point the Holy Masters and the Angels came back to assist me. I also had several angelic-human women helpers that would help me through this period and of course, The Divine Mother consciousness. I could feel the strong destiny of this part of my path. It was like I totally knew I was to go into the Goddess Temples to be restored.

This period was a time of becoming free from the childhood lessons that I had spiritually contracted to know before I incarnated. As an elder soul I had asked to come in and totally walk freely among the masses. I wanted to fully understand and remember humanity’s suffering. I wanted to intimately know the harshest things that humanity had created for itself. That period was now over. The angels were pushing me to let it go. They said that I had enough.

Once again, I could feel the table was being wiped clean, the music and lights were being turned off. There was no more use of staying there stuck within that lower reality anymore. It was as if I smelled the huge dog crap I had walked in on the bottom of my shoe.

With a very strong knowing of this I told one of the women, “It is time for me to get cleaned up. There is no need for me to continue suffering with the people. I am cool. I got the lessons. I am ready for the descent of my Mastership.” It was as if I had straightened up my collar, washed my hands and knew it was time to leave the trenches. I gave my spiritual guides the okay to stop the dysfunctional patterns and memories. I was now ready to give up the world of illusions.

My very rich life had taken me through many different extricate journeys to understand humanity from the deepest levels. From the age of zero to nineteen I had seen a tremendous amount. Some of this would entail being born in a warzone and being severely malnourished during that time… to never knowing my birth father……to losing my entire Vietnamese family and leaving Vietnam as a refugee toddler and retaining some of those memories and trauma in my heart…. to a new father whom I loved but I did not love his strict punishments with his belt ….to the divorce of my new middle class parents and moving from the paradise of Hawaii to a poor drug infested neighborhood in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. At that time the DC location was very well known as being the official murder capitol of the world. Ironically, I lived about twenty minutes away from the White House.

It was then that I was thrust into living life in the location of what many people would term the ghetto. I lived with a brother and a clinically depressed single mother. She had not worked as a wife so she had little credentials for a well paying job. She got a low paying job to support us all. My father moved to another state with his new family.  The deep connection I had with him was lost at that point. During the summers I would visit him in Texas in a much more affluent community than I was being raised in. Up until that point in the USA I had lived a life of privilege and innocence. I did not know what ghetto life was. At thirteen it was a rude awakening.

In order to survive I fought a lot. I was one of the best girl fighters around. I did not fight because I wanted to. I fought because I had to and when I had to fight I fought very aggressively. It took a lot to push me to fight someone because I was scared but once I hit my breaking point I intended to kill whoever was bothering me. It was as if I had been boxing my whole life. From very deep down within my very young and timid personality — I did not like anyone bothering me. I could fight four girls at once if I had to. And I did.

Living in the ghetto was such a harsh life that it brought out primal rage. Every fight I fought instantly brought out another side of me that I did not know was there — my very strong warrior past lives. I never lost a fight but to this day the consequences of that statement remain with me. My handwriting is very bad because my hand was injured so many times fighting. This is called a boxer’s break.

I missed the gentleness and love of my friends and teachers in Hawaii.  I missed the sand and blue waters. I missed the beauty and the pungent smell of the flowers outside. I missed picking the fresh flowers and putting them in my hair. I missed the line of tall palm trees waving in the air playing with me as I rode my bike to school with my friends. I missed the feel of a carefree childhood that was lived as one with the vital spirit of nature.

This new reality of the ghetto was dangerous, scary and heavy. Over the years many nights I laid in bed hearing the fatal gunshots…. many African-American men that I lived around and had grown to love were killed in the streets….during the daytime I would go to my inadequate public education. The harsh circumstances of my childhood just had no reprieve. The everyday conditions of life were very difficult. I remember one of my friends saying, “This place is like a warzone. It’s like a modern day Vietnam.” Then he paused and apologetically looked at me. He was right. What could I say? I loved them both. It was all I knew.

Because I was not born into ghetto life I had a hard time dealing with the invisible rule system. I could not follow the rules all the time because I did not know what the rules were most of the time. I recall when I was sixteen an older white man came into the neighborhood looking for drugs. He asked the drug dealers if he could see what he was buying first. Those drug dealers were totally offended by his question. They then proceed to whip him. He fell to the ground trying to cover his head as he was being insanely beaten. They were taking his head and thrashing it onto the cement. A lot of his blood ran from his face.

I ran over screaming, “Get off of him!!!!” I tried my best to yank the two young boys off of him. I screamed at them, “Leave him alone!!!!!” They looked up at me startled, resentful, and amused. One of them said, “Who do you think you are Super Woman?” And then they slowly and coolly walked way. I went back to eating my sandwich. That was life in the ghetto. Major assaults were just common place and the rule was that you minded your own business. But I did not know the rule. I only innately knew the Golden Rule, “Do onto others as you would have them to do unto you.”  I never fully learned how to ignore the cries of others.

By the time I had graduated from high school I was both Homecoming Queen and Class President. I did not win those positions because I was the best. I sincerely feel I won them because I was a genuinely kind girl. That somehow gained me more respect than anything else could have.

Additionally, I was a natural born leader but no one knew to what extent that I did not know how to spell, write, read a map, or do math. I had basically graduated illiterate. In elementary school in Hawaii I was placed in something called the, Talented and Gifted program. It was for children who displayed very high intelligence to genius abilities. Once in the ghetto I got lost in an educational system that did not care. The main thing about ghetto life is you deal with things silently and you stay strong because it is totally ridiculous to complain to anyone because everyone has it hard there.

The high school I went to produced many young people who went on to play professional sports or do high level business. That high school produced some of the strongest of the strongest. We were a soul-group that was made through great pressure. Ghetto life had made steel out of us. If someone could survive the lessons of the ghetto they could survive anywhere.

During that time period the very hardest thing I had been exposed to was a lot of death. The Washington, DC area was a totally gangster environment at that time. Two of my boyfriends were murdered. I had also witnessed a stabbing murder. As the young boy took his last breaths, with tears overflowing from my eyes, I asked him several times, “What is your name?” He could only gasp for breath as he tried to tell me. But because he was stabbed in his heart he would never speak again. I closed the eyes of that strikingly very beautiful teenage boy. I went home that night with his fresh blood covering me.

From the other side he used his soul power to reach me twice. That same week I remember coming home from school  and there was a card on my bed. I instantly knew it was from him. I opened it slowly and read it. It said, “Thank you from the family of Anthony Miguel Anderson.” The young man happened to be the cousin of a woman who worked in the same large office building with my mother, along with hundreds of other people.

My mother overheard the conversation of this woman whom she knew. The woman had gone to work very upset about the senseless death of her cousin because he had hugged someone’s girlfriend. She said that witnesses told the family that there was a young girl who was trying to help him and was holding him as he died. My mother said, “That was my daughter.  I was up very late that night washing his blood off of her.” It was remarkable how he found me past his death to tell me his name.

A year later I would get on an empty train in the middle of the day. I had my pick of seats. I sat in one and there was a newspaper laying on that seat. It was not like me to read a newspaper. I picked it up to remove it from the seat. My eyes quickly locked in on the huge caption that was printed in bold red letters, “Captured for the murder of Anthony Miguel Anderson.”  He was clearly successful in making sure that the angels delivered his messages to me so that I could have peace about him.

My teenage years were a very spiritually rich time for me. They served a strong purpose that my soul signed up for and wanted. All the childhood chapters of my life were like military boot camp. They were the beginning stages of my spiritual initiations. I remember at the age of nineteen after Lynwood, Norman, and Anthony’s deaths all within two years, I told my mother, “There is a greater plan for my life. I will be okay.”

At the age of twenty-three I would finish college with much effort. At the age of twenty-five I would place first runner up in the Washington DC, Miss Black World Beauty, Image, and Talent pageant. My talent was giving a dramatic speech about social justice. This would be my very first clue that I possessed any talent in the area of public speaking. As I looked out at the audience that evening I remember suddenly hearing an inner voice clearly say to me, “You will speak on many more stages over your lifetime.” From my recall it was the very first time an inner mysterious voice spoke to me. I had no idea who it was.

At the age of twenty-seven I started to embrace spirituality. I became familiar with Krishna and some of the Guru’s from India. I learned how to meditate and I began my formal training as a spiritual healer. At the age of Thirty-two I would receive my graduate degree with a gold medal of excellence for graduating with top honors from the prestigious, American University’s school of Public Affairs. At the age of thirty-two I would formally fall off of the map and go into a long period of silence. At the age of forty-two I would go out into the world to teach from the base of my new home in the majestic mountains of Peru.

My rich childhood would teach me to be able to have peace with it all and to be able to endure through anything while seeing and understanding that there was a higher level of divine intervention and perspective involved. These things would serve me very well and they would become dominant character traits that I would have for the rest of my life.  During that period, I found the many valuable pearls of my youth. I will always have a warrior’s strength —  for loving this world.

My life lessons would give me the insights and convictions to form Missions of Light (MOL) for the suffering that I could now honor and assist from a higher and purer place of love. The Masters said to me, with a smile…..”The hardest parts are over…. You made it through…. You have the perfect heart to serve in some of the hardest places humanity needs help in now.” MOL would become my greatest service for the Earth and one of my greatest loves.

As I came out of the water with my pearls, it was as if I had awakened from a harsh dream. I exchanged my muddy, wet, and raggedy cloths for a Goddess gown. The mastership that I had before I incarnated seemed to be re-booted and bestowed upon me. I was shown myself as the Master who left, The Temple of No Suffering, to meet the people and see what they went through on many different levels. I was shown that if I could not endure what they went through that I would not be qualified to be one of their spiritual teachers.

My walk through the muddy waters of humanity ended up producing a lotus flower that was comfortably able to sit above the mud from which it had been nourished. Only when the flower was sitting firmly enough could I feel a lotus type of crowning given to me from the other side. I recall during a large public event in Prague in which I was on stage, a woman stood up in front of the entire audience and in wonderment said, “I see a lotus flower above your head.” I was slightly embarrassed as she said this with hundreds of people looking on, as I was not so sure she was correct.  She said these words more than two years before I had felt it bloom.

To serve humanity, we must know humanity was the mantra I heard inside of my head. By the time my new spiritual name, Thu-Hien Poma of Adonai, was given to me to start formally using, my major transformations were complete. Over time many friendships, family members, and places faded…. They were all replaced with people who could relate to my higher path.


Leaving the Illusions Behind

When I gave the command to my spiritual support teams that I wanted to start letting go of more and more and more of the illusions it was as if I entered into a dream and I was able to manipulate it from the dream state. In the dream state I knew I was  sharing a collective dream alongside with the majority of humanity. I started to separate myself from the heavier parts that gripped me. The human suffering I had witnessed was a part of my life but it was not me, the soul. I wanted to be free from that part of the dream I was sharing.

As I started to awaken more I felt myself surrounded by a beautiful world that was always here but I could not fully see or enjoy before. The dream of the past was no longer so real for me. I began to see it for what it really was. It was an illusion. Only the NOW moment existed. My, I AM presence was not my past or the stories.

I saw there were two realities that I could navigate. I could create more of a heaven or more of a hell. I saw if I healed the story changed. I saw if I changed my beliefs the story changed. I saw that healing would change the beliefs. ONCE I started AWAKENING FROM THE DREAM, HEALING FROM THE DREAM, I STARTED TO BECOME BIGGER THAN BOTH THE HEAVEN AND HELL DREAMS. OUTSIDE OF THE HUMAN DREAM IS THE TIMELESS REAL WORLD OF UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS….

What some would call Christ consciousness or enlightenment as Buddha would say. It is the world beyond illusions. It is a world that does not need a dream to exist. Getting through the world of illusions is not an easy task. It takes people thousands of lifetimes to do this. And once they wake up into the non-dream they will generally find it impossible to live free in a world that is still dreaming. So the awakened souls must balance the middle road in order to continue to function within society.

When one is able to “recognize” the illusions and live at a higher state that does not mean life will be without challenges. For the majority of the more advanced souls there is just less of a returning to the illusions than for the less advanced souls. Sometimes I must return to the illusions to partake in them for a purpose. I still have pains in my heart about certain things. Sometimes even though I understand people deeply I am still dismayed in lower behavior at times. Sometimes the customs officers at the airports still give me issues. Sometimes I am misunderstood. Sometimes it is sunny when I would love a good thunderstorm. Sometimes I make “mistakes.” I still have human preferences and wants that I feel strongly about and do not deny.

I realize that I am in a very real and valuable dream that my soul honors in its totality. I am free enough to know that I can manipulate a large part of the dream and there are pieces I have no power to manipulate. I am enlightened to know — I am part of a waking dream.

Life cannot be all smooth 100% no matter how advanced you are because we are still living within the constraints of a mostly unconscious world society that is full of rules that we must not break if we do not want to go to jail, be outcast or cause havoc. For example, I cannot haphazardly decide that I want to drive on the left side of the road in the USA, just because I am a free thinker. That is not being conscious. To keep within these societal rules are generally not easy for the conscious and free thinkers among us.

Even if Mohamed or Jesus would come back today — they would still have big issues just as they did when they were alive. Their issues would not necessarily be about learning more lessons but maybe more about being present with a slowly maturing humanity that does not know they are living within a living dream that they have created together.

The maturing of humanity is still beautiful because in the created suffering there is growth. It is in the growth that people can rise “awaken,” to the understanding that this dream of life that we live within is from the making of our soul’s needs, our ego’s desires, and the current state of the world.

Life is like a suit of layers we must wear and remove over our lifetimes. The removal of these layers to get to our true essence becomes the journey. Therefore, we must learn to live through and try to love the journeys of our lives. We must learn that we are not our stories. But in human form we can be the cumulative glory of the lessons learned because of them. We must also realize we are not here alone but supported by so many others both visible and non-visible.

There are no enemies in life only those who help us remove our veils to KNOWING THE GRANDER SOUL OF THE MIGHTY DIVINE FORCE THAT LIVES WITHIN ALL OF US. If some of these non-enemies abuse us or constantly misunderstand us we do not have to stay. We can love people from a distance.

What most people do not understand is that the DIVINE DID NOT create the dream we are now living within. Humanity collectively created this dream which includes enormous proportions of suffering. What we create is not separate from us. We become responsible to experience our creations. That is the consequence of being granted free will. We are held responsible for what we will. In the past suffering did served humanity well. But now as we move into a new world cycle of peace we can still learn to grow without enormous proportions of suffering. It is up to us.

As we move into the Golden Age we will be able to create a new dream together. That is our collective destiny. This new dream can be full of love, beauty, enlightenment, abundance, happiness, balance and bliss for the masses. We do not need to continue to create dreams of suffering while we live in the Earth dream. Because as a human society we are far away from living in the non-dream we might as well create the next dream much more enjoyable.


The Evolution Pioneers

Just as no one can learn our life lessons for us, no one can fully remember and carry out the soul’s promises we have made to both God (the great mystery) and to each other. That is an individual journey that we must all find the strength to take.

The planet has always needed spiritual devotees whose main jobs were to be on the planet to help protect the light of the Creator from much human ego misdirection. These people who are the called the Lightservers form soul teams to support the evolutionary process of humanity and each other. They come from the far reaches of the universe to help protect Earth and The Divine Plan. We reincarnate over and over again in different forms and roles for vastly different experiences however many of our core lifetimes will still be spent doing some of the same sacred jobs that we have specialized in throughout many lifetimes.

Some of these jobs even entail working in particular regions of the world to meet soul-family members where karma must be finished or sacred projects must be undertaken. Yes, we are one family of the universe yet we are one family serving in many different roles for each other. The cultures of our human families that we are born into also help us define the broader scope of the circumstances we will do our sacred work within.

Because of our great love for humanity’s liberation the soul teams keep reuniting their soul contracts (promises) with each other and returning to serve. There are many soul teams on the planet orchestrating much change behind the scenes and in the forefront. And there are soul team members who are just waking up and quickly joining with the teams that they feel resonate with their soul promises.

The amount of radical change needed here at this time in Earth’s history is great. The amount of assistance needed for this radical change to be able to take place is also great. It will require large groups of conscious people working together to help influence the positive energy on the Earth. Soon the Earth will be flooded with new soul team members who are unborn children some of which are ancient master souls to the planet and others of which are master souls that have never experienced life in a human body before. Both are waiting in line to incarnate to serve humanity from their place of Mastery. These children will significantly continue to change the world within the next forty years.

The conscious adults who are currently here now on the planet and want to serve will need to be willing to heal, look crazy in the eyes of others, step out on the edge, do things they feel they have never done before, and assist in their own unique ways. This will mean living a totally unimagined new life for most people. This will also mean parenting in entirely conscious and unique ways.

The evolution pioneers among you are needed now to assist in the much needed liberation of humanity from the previously out grown paradigms of separation and suffering into the new paradigms of living in oneness and love for each other, the Sacred Earth, the Universe, and our Creator.

With all the new spiritual energies that are coming to the planet one of the most powerful tools we have on the planet today to help us bring balance to the world is the power of a clean heart. This can help lead others out of the illusion that human suffering must continue. As society learns to make a new movie an CLEAN AND OPEN HEART will become very important.

Ancient Times as a Spiritual Elder

The sacred work that I carry out has developed from a divine collaboration with Spirit over eons of time. Enduring spiritual initiations was nothing new for my soul. In each lifetime a devotee must prove worthiness to serve again because once in the physical body people tend to forget who they are. Once in the physical body life can take over and people can lose sight of the bigger priorities and plans for their lives.

As I started to wake up many visions appeared to me. The veil was removed slowly and in small pieces. The more I could take without going insane the more of the veil was removed. It was a constant collaboration with the spirit world on how to wake me up. When it reached a point that I could see very far into the other worlds and it did not produce human resistance the spiritual guides knew I was fully ready to serve. I had matured into being able to enter into the cosmic doorway of the things I needed to be able to know, see, and share. I had matured into being able to be a cosmic servant once again to the Divine Plan.

In the ancient days I recall many lives being a Spiritual elder within various spiritual cultures on Earth. Many of these cultures were before written history. I recall matriarchal societies that totally revered the Divine Mother of the Universe whose energy and power was seen as the Creative force from which all things were birthed and co-governed.

I recall myself within ornate stone and even woven twig temples that were always filled with beautiful flowers and aromatic plant incenses. Powerful crystals were present that connected to galactic energies and opened vortexes for cosmic inter-communication. Many of these crystals still remain hidden on the Earth, yet they have been deactivated for later responsible reactivation. The Mother Earth, herself also possessed powerful vortexes that opened and closed bringing about big changes. The Earth’s human caretakers of the ancient worlds worked along side of her in sacred partnership to protect and bless the world and ALL its inhabitants.

It was typical for Holy Masters from the other side of the veil to materialize at will or when their presences were requested. The materialization process would create a dazzling dance of colorful etheric lights. The Earth elements were much more fully active and alive at that time participating with humans and contributing their sacred roles to the spiritual ceremonies in countless unimaginable ways than we could ever imagine now. Even sometimes entertaining.

A lot of what people would deem as magic occurred but in those times it was not thought of as magic. The people were just fully empowered to use their innate spiritual gifts to serve the world. Many honorable Spiritual Masters resided within temples. They were here in large numbers to anchor in the divine light codes that would be needed later.

Much of this planet housed sacred temples in remembrance and honor of the Creator. To be a resident of one of the main spiritual temples on Earth typically meant you had earned your respect and skill level from serving spirit in many lifetimes. Honor and skill went hand and hand. Many of the lead elders came to Earth having long developed their specialization elsewhere in the universe. The diverse populations of elders who resided here covered vast areas of specialties that they brought with them to serve the planet Earth.

Many times I wore elaborate headgear denoting me as a head spiritual elder that consisted of powerful feathers, seeds, metals, and crystals. These sacred materials kept my soul as one with the other realms and the Earth. The sacred headgear was crafted by the premier and honorable artisans of the time that were trusted with the precious and rare gems. In some lives I had beautiful large sacred cats that laid close by my side as guardians. They were also my close familiars in the other worlds who watched over me.

The stone walls and land recorded the sacred events and sounds to leave the recorded information here for those who would need to access it for later use. Sometimes the events were held outside near the water or through a processional of old trees, like the Redwoods. Always the ceremonies connected the human, animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. The sun, moon, or stars were always within view. All of these components formed a complete and powerful Cosmic-Earth united family. Nature was held sacred, respected, included and honored in everything. Oneness with the entire universe was the natural order.

Within many of these lives I was held responsible for singing some of the same exact sacred sounds as I do today in order to help amplify and maintain the fabric of the divine and sacred here on the planet. One of the many sacred uses of the ancient temples and pyramid structures were for being used as reverberation chambers on Earth to keep the CREATION SONG anchored here and to keep the Earth vibrationally connected to the rest of the cosmos and to GOD (the great mystery) consciousness.

When parts of the CREATION SONG were sung in special ceremonies, especially at the changing of the seasons,  it was like a huge SACRED HELLO to the rest of the cosmos saying, “THE EARTH AND ITS INHABITANTS ARE ON-LINE AND BEAMING LOVE BACK HOME TO THE GALACTIC CENTER THAT MAJESTICALLY EMITS THE PRESENCE OF THE GOD OF ALL.”


Thu-Hien Poma of Adonai,

Jan 2016, Cusco, Peru