The Divine Feminine

To Register for a Divine Feminine event please contact us. 

A monthly teleconference event is held on the full-moon to support women. Master Thu-Hien has been holding sacred space for these intimate and special events since 2011.

Our women’s events are a portal to the living and sacred eternal Goddess Mother

“If you do not think you are beautiful and special it is only because you have compared yourself to another. What could be more beautiful and special than the original you.”

Thu-Hien Poma of Adonai

Women are invited to gather in divine sisterhood. Each group time offers space to experience the deeper meanings, truths, vibrations, and joys of being a divine feminine vessel. Each group will help transform and empower the way you presently embody the divine feminine aspect of your life.

This group time works on upgrading your thinking & behavior patterns to flow in a higher state of Goddess liberation, power, compassion, soul-connection, & beauty. This sacred women’s time is needed for you to restore your dignity and wisdom from a society that is still learning to value who you are and what you represent. The group meets regularly to honor social support as a necessity for stability and growth.

At the end of the night before you go to sleep you are invited to call-in the remote divine feminine healing that Master Thu-Hien sends to the participants.

Each Goddess group time is organically moderated as Master Thu-Hien flows with the current energy that is needed being expressed by the group. During different events the group time utilizes the following:

  • Cleansing using Amazonian rattles, the Condor feather
  • Goddess lectures
  • Journeys into the Goddess caves
  • The sacred soul-song
  • Guided meditations
  • Goddess healing energies
  • Participant questions that are answered by the visiting Goddesses
  • Sisterly love
  • Prayer space
 *For those unable to attend you may still purchase the recording and participate in the remote healing and prosperity blessing sent.



I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful energies on Friday night. I literally woke up and said, “God, Is that you?” It was that bright and indescribable.”

“This event was amazing as always!!!”

“I do not want to miss a word of Master Thu-Hien’s teachings. They are so profound, compelling and nurturing.”

“Wow……. awesome experience last night was a massive healing and expansion of consciousness. It’s great to be in a conscious Goddess community.”

“I look forward to these Goddess events all month. They help me to deeply tune into my spirit and they help raise my energy.”

“I REALLY enjoy Goddess nights. I am still smiling, and thinking about the messages which were all very powerful. Thank you so much. “

“Tonight’s session was simply powerful! I felt a peace and centering that I’ve been chasing for a while, but I felt was beyond my reach. The answers to my questions were very powerful… and meaningful. “

“Wow! I feel so much better today. I had a lot of insights and validations. I feel more centered, calm and happier. I liked the part about joy–I even remembered to smile this morning when I took the garbage can out to the street. The whole night was great. Can’t thank Master Thu-Hien enough.”

“I really look forward to being with everyone. I really love the group of ladies that are divinely brought together by spirit.”

“I feel filled with Light, Purged, Surged, and Sealed. Exhausted with inner work, yet Peaceful. So powerful these events are.”

“Goddess nights have pointed me in the right direction for me — helping me to SEE the truth of who I am.”

“I am in my 60’s and I have wondered if I am ever going to finish my mission and purpose. When I was a child I was reading books about Jesus’ life and in my 20’s I was visiting metaphysical churches. This work that I participate in with Master Thu-Hien helps me to remember the things I once cherished so much.”

“I feel like a child again. So happy. Master Thu-Hien helped me to transform my life into my better self. I am thrilled with Master Thu-Hien’s work. What she does, she does so well. And the way she does it is REACHES people deep down in their souls.”

“I am always in the flow of light at any event Master Thu-Hien holds. She keeps me so protected. I see so much change within me. A whole new set of values Master Thu-Hien has given me with her teachings. I am grateful for these precious moments.”