Private Healing Sessions

Photo taken in the caves of Antakya, Turkey, near the Mediterranean Sea, 2017

What hurts you blesses you. Darkness is your candle.

~ Rumi ~




Thu-Hien is a Master Healer who has been conducting healing sessions since 1997. The people she has helped through her global career number in the thousands.

The powerful SOUL healing sessions that she conducts work at the levels of the mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual needs of a person. Many times after only one Soul session people will look visibly different. They tend to look more alive, more aligned and like they are carrying a lighter emotional load because they are more soul-infused. You may read many inspiring client stories by visiting the Testimonials page.


Sessions are offered all year long when Master Thu-Hien is not traveling extensively on tour. International sessions are conducted via Zoom, Skype, or by phone. You are welcome to invite a translator if needed.

To schedule a private SOUL session please click here, Schedule.  Please note that on the scheduler sessions are booked on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, 10 days in advance for single sessions. The reason for this is because Master Thu-Hien’s schedule is always in movement. If you do not see a time slot that will work for your timezone please email us one that is as close to the available times you see available. We will try our best to accommodate your needs.

*New people who are interested in a possible healing session with Master Thu-Hien are welcome to schedule a 20 minute complimentary introduction call with her to discuss their needs. In general all new clients are given 15 extra minutes in the beginning of their first healing session to provide space for casual introductions.



Phase 1: One (1) Hour Remote Soul Reading

Master Thu-Hien first spiritually reads what is happening on a general soul level She reads what she is currently seeing in the person’s life. Many times the person’s spiritual guides will explain things that are far from the client’s earthly awareness and knowledge. Once these things are brought out into the light many things in a person’s life start to make so much more sense. A new feeling of clarity and peace many times emerges.

Other times the reading will give the person strong confirmations as to what they already knew but needed extra confirmation on for themselves. This extra reassurance can also be life changing because it has come from someone they did not know.

People can also ask any questions they may like and answers will be given from a deep soul perspective. Master Thu-Hien does not specialize in psychic readings that predict any future outcomes. Her skills are here to help provide people with deep spiritual insight that is seen from the bigger perspective of their highest self.

This perspective shows the soul lessons that are ready for healing (a growth spurt). These life lessons surround a person’s current life and any past life scenarios that maybe a strong contributing factor to their current state of being and development.

Phase 2: Two (1) Hour Remote Energy Healing Sessions

Once new insights are given then the next phase is receiving the deep energy healing.

The remote healing is not done in person. They are done before a person goes to sleep for the night. These energy sessions are so powerful they must be done with Master Thu-Hien during a person’s sleep time on a soul level.

Once the healing session is complete the person can then chose to make life affirming decisions from this new, cleaner, clearer and broader energetic pattern they now possess. The soul reading helped to revise the mental perspective and the healing session cleansed, uplifted and transferred the spiritual energies.

This process is completed over a 2 week time-frame.

Most people report life changing, long term, profound transformations after their soul healing sessions. Each session is geared to lift heavy weight (density) that the soul blueprint has been carrying from several lifetimes of growth experiences. Please also note that it will depend solely on you just how deeply you will want to attend to your spiritual progression. The first session will always help to move heavy and stuck energy plus give you a general diagnosis of what you are dealing with, but for most people they will generally need more healing work than just 1 session.


-Initial sessions with Master Thu-Hien are packaged at $350 for 3 hours. Many people can gain tremendous assistance after only 1 of these sessions. A shorter time duration generally does not produce enough sustainable results for bigger issues so this is the reason for the initial 3 hour package.


For chronic issues it is recommended that a person continue their healing work for an extended time commitment. The healing process is the same as recovering from a physical injury that may take months of physical therapy in order to return to a functional state. Spiritual healing is extraordinarily deep work and powerful medicine. It must be respected and valued as such.

Master Thu-Hien stresses that ALL the healing work is SELF-HEALING.  She only works as a helper to reconnect and strengthen the client’s own innate body’s wisdom and intelligence. All healers do not come with the same depth of abilities and all people do not come with the same spiritual maturity level or depth of commitment. It is always your choice just how deeply you want to go and with whom.


If more healing work is needed it is time to consider a healing package. A complimentary, 30 min discussion of your tailored needs and payment plan options can be scheduled with Master Thu-Hien.

Spending an extended amount of time in Master Thu-Hien’s care is life changing when you are ready to invest in your deepest spiritual care.  The duration of the time you choose to work in will be in direct correlation to the depth of work you will allow yourself to do. The reason for this is because the work is very profound thus the longer time you have to immerse yourself into it the higher level of work you will be engaging in. With each additional session the sacred work becomes exponentially deeper and more expansive.

For example, just imagine octopus ink cast into water. At the beginning the ink (your soul) is centralized in a small location (the first sessions) over a small period of time this ink can fill the area leaving no area untouched (your life). The profound changes that can happen with long term spiritual care are very much like this. The sacred work permeates your life and you become a grander version of yourself — a version you have been wanting and maybe waiting for — but you must take a radical action in order to become it.

For the advanced spiritual person investing in very high quality soul work should be held as mandatory during critical cycle shifts on your life path.  Most of the population still needs to be taught the value of high level spiritual healing care. Where many people will gladly pay for a expensive 10-day vacation or need to pay for a doctor’s bill that is thousands of dollars they still are learning that spiritual healing work is just as valuable and needed for their soul.  The quantum growth spurts that are needed and received by doing spiritual healing and self development work are totally invaluable components needed for a high quality of life.

Because of the chaotic times we live in on this planet and the level of soul disconnect it encourages, your soul health is vital and necessary to attend to. For many people, if they do not overtly deeply attend to their soul regularly — it generally will not get what it needs and no vacation or doctor’s visit will help.  The soul needs specialized care.

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