The Meaning Behind the Sacred Music



As a spiritual teacher and healer my sacred work is expressed in different forms. One form is sacred music in which I sing the soul-song of the universe. Within the music I sing is the divine blueprint for humanity, the Earth, and the Cosmos. This music is beyond ancient. It is primordial. When this music was first brought to this planet it was reserved only for the holiest of temples and the royal families of the ancient worlds.

During this current time of great turbulence and profound evolutionary changes on the planet these sacred sounds are now critically needed to be accessed by the masses in order to strongly support people’s connection to their souls, each other, the cosmos, and The Creator. Because these cosmic sacred sounds offer such immensely balancing, restorative, and evolutionary effects they are a vital contributor in healing our world today.

Because most people are totally unfamiliar with the profound meaning behind the music that is created through me I have taken the time to write in-depth about my work here. I have separated the vast complexity of this work into distinct sections for easier reading.  If you prefer only a brief description of the soul-song you can read only the first section entitled, THE COSMIC SIGNIFICANCE. If you want to continue reading, the subject sections are best read in order to maintain their proper context; however, they can also be read separately to focus on only what interests you.  The following is the list of subject sections:

  • The Cosmic Significance
  • The Personal Significance
  • The Global Significance
  • The Ancient Native Cultures


The Music of the Spheres

All of my music is created extemporaneously within a few minutes. I stand at the microphone in the recording studio or at one of my meditation concerts and sing what comes naturally through me. A unique and beautiful language of antiquity comes out without any thought. It is a holy language that the soul can immediately and intimately recognize if given the chance to listen to.

In my daily life I hear several tones in my ears at once. Some are very complex and impossible for me to describe and some are more recognizable. All have vastly different tempos, styles, pitches, and volumes mixing together. This divine symphony of music integrates and walks with me 24-hours a day. Over the years it has grown more complex as I grow more capable of handling more layers that are being added on.

What I hear is the music of the spheres. I help unite those sounds with this material world we live in as a necessary gift from the other side of our non-material creation.

I recall one day being interviewed on television. The woman interviewer asked me if I could sing for a couple of minutes. After singing I opened my eyes. I did not know the woman I was sitting in front of and I did not know where I was for a few seconds. It was a slightly, odd realization when I found myself to be on live television in Peru. When I first began singing this music years ago I was alone. It was normal for me to stay zoned out sitting in a chair for long periods afterwards.

It was not until I started singing publically that I could immediately realize just how far I spiritually travel with the music within seconds. When I sing I am transported into a much higher dimensional world that is very familiar to me now. A place where I am one with the higher cosmic sounds and forces. That world is very different from this world we currently experience as physical reality. In that world there is only the higher vibrations of oneness that are reflected in the vibrations of feeling love, joy and peace.

The Creation Song

The sounds within the songs I sing originate at the cosmic throne of THE CREATOR as they ARE the sound of HOLY CREATION that THE CREATOR (Mother/Father God) itself IS and emanates.

Where The CREATOR’S throne resides is also where the purest and highest ranking of Angels stand guard. They vibrationally stand near The Master’s metaphorical feet in reverent honor. Where the most brilliant majestic light-filled divinity is there is always the resident celestial music present that helps to reverberate the majesty that is emanating from The CREATOR. This emanation is THE ultimate Epic Holy Song that reverberates across the entire cosmos.

Angelic choirs lovingly assist in ECHOING this infinite song of Holy Creation with all their love, devotion, and honor. The CREATION song never ends. It is one with the fabric of the universe both helping to create and take care of the infinite. It holds the divine blueprint, the highest ideal, for what has been created and what will be created. Its power is to preserve the integrity and holy light of divinity throughout all realities.

Most of the infinite subtle divine cosmic sounds affiliated with creation usually are not audible to the human ear. However, ancient mantras do serve to greatly capture some of the seed sounds of creation. Mantra seed sounds were given to humanity by appointed beings whose vibrations were high enough to still hear the celestial choirs singing. These appointed beings were charged with sharing the seed sounds with humanity, in order, to keep humanity connected to The CREATOR.

These primordial sounds that I sing created the soul of humanity. They were here long before humanity was even birthed. During my teachings I often share with audiences that these are the sounds you heard before you had a human body. As one of the many humble human servants to the divine will, I have been groomed to remember some of the cosmic sounds of the CREATION song. Because of this I can easily serve as a human portal that bridges the gap between the worlds and assist humanity in capturing and hearing some of the more essential refrains that are held within the cosmic evolution song.

It is important to clearly understand that it is only ONE eternal song.  However, for the human ear’s perception it is made into an infinite amount of different songs and sounds. I respectfully call this one eternal creation song — The Soul-Song.

The soul-song I have been gifted to sing is needed by both humanity and the Earth to assist the complex times we are living within. I say both because both are interconnected. As the Earth is the primary mother for each human any damage done to the primary mother will affect the permanently nursing children of the Earth. As children who are made from the union of Spirit (invisable cosmic energy) and Earth (visible Earth elemental matter) we will always need to take substance from the EARTH MOTHER while we are living here.

When this holy CREATION song is able to feed the Earth children they do not need to cause both unnecessary and damaging drain on the primary Earth mother. This unnecessary drain is one reason why Mother Earth needs the CREATION song sung to her as well. When these sounds are given to her the heavy man-made density is lifted and she can breathe easier again. Even her animals can breathe easier again. At this time Mother Earth is in  need of great care from her many oblivious children.

The sounds of the Creation song are primordial, yet evolutionary sounds. The many powerful yet indistinguishable sounds within the sounds that are present within the music I sing represent some of the sacred geometry blueprint “glue” that holds some of the highest templates for the divine plan of the universe together. These primordial sounds also accompany our soul’s original and highest potentials and its divine dance with creation whether we are aware of it or not.

I have sung these cosmic creation songs for people across the globe from the desert Bedouins of Egypt, to the Shamans in the Amazon jungle, to the Buddhists Nuns in Thailand, to the beautiful village people of Slovakia. I have witnessed tears of joy and disbelief in many of their eyes as remembrance of some of THE GREAT MYSTERY is stirred and rekindled deep inside of their physical human form. Many times after hearing the soul-song I can see many wise ancient people breathe a sigh of relief knowing there is more hope for this presently confused world.

I have sung the soul-song to children severely affected with autism and watched their eyes roll from a fixed position almost in the back of their heads to looking directly at their parents for the first time in their very young lives. With the help of these sacred sounds their great souls have willingly chosen to anchor in more deeply. All of this can happen within a matter of minutes. The reason for this is because many times they are even more connected to spirit than the rest of the population and their abilities for self repair can be instant. They do not have the ego telling them that it is not possible. Sometimes their bigger issues are trying to connect to their human bodies.

Different people have relayed to me that they have played the Cd’s in hospital rooms to facilitate the ease of both the transitions of birth and death. Both of these transition times require that a holy portal be opened that is always accompanied with strong angelic comfort and help which comes in the form of powerful divine frequencies. All souls are hesitant to enter or exit the Earth plane without both divine and human comfort. And most of the souls who have some conscious awareness of divinity are hesitant to remain on the Earth plane without both as well.

I have sung the soul-song to surgeons and other medical doctors in many different fields with the same type of response. They are surprised in their own sudden transformations as they start to feel healing from the soul-song. One Peruvian surgeon shared with me the instant and powerful effects that the soul-song had on producing a pineal gland activation for him. Within minutes after hearing the soul-song his vision heightened into a very sharp third-dimenstional view with vivid colors and he was made aware of a much higher state of consciousness. This peak altered state continued for a few days.

This medical surgeon also happened to be a shaman who trained with tribes in the Amazon. He represents the potential future of a branch of medicine that encompasses cosmic awareness and cosmic healing help in medicine. When the medical establishment is open to working in partnership with cosmic reality the scientific world of medical care can become unlimited.

Our Human Sonar System

Learning about the power of the Creation song has been a very interesting journey. I have learned about the profoundness of some of the sounds from some very unexpected sources. I once learned from a little boy with Down’s Syndrome who lives in an orphanage that, Missions of Light, helps to support, something very unpredicted. This tender little boy named Lolly, came to visit me on the spiritual plane in one of my meditations. He was my enlightened teacher in that moment.

During my meditation I was suddenly interrupted when I heard a loud police siren down below in the city of Cusco. Lolly’s sweet child voice appeared to me. He shared with me that he hears the siren 24-hours a day in his ear. He told me this is a sound of what we would call God. He further explained that this sound keeps him tuned into that higher plane 24-hours a day.

I was shaken to my core as I quickly put the pieces together in realizing how this foremost cosmic sound has been converted into being used worldwide on a daily bases for emergencies like a police siren to GET OUR ATTENTION. What we deem an authority branch of government uses this sacred cosmic sound for the intention of promoting sudden alarm.

For example: “I am chasing a criminal get out of my way because I am coming fast behind your car. You are the criminal and I am coming fast behind your car. You are driving too fast and I am coming fast behind your car to give you a ticket. I am here to protect you because there are bad people around that you should fear. Someone is stuck in an illusion therefore there is an emergency situation that deems I rush in my ambulance to get someone to the hospital.” All of these situations typically force the heart to pump faster with a full stress response whether you are the person involved or not.

This is how cosmic sound works. It works on a visceral level. Because someone in authority knew this was one of the most visceral cosmic sounds any human can ever hear it is used on this plane for purposes of control to still get our attention. When cosmic sound is tainted to mean something other than its original intent the human sensory fields get confused, overloaded and desensitized. The siren and other sounds that are also critical to our souls then get filtered out of our sensory fields and are no longer recognized as something holy. And much like a whale’s sonar in polluted waters we lose our ability to find our way.

It is an inherent birthright for each of us to be able to know when our soul and the universe is calling to us.

Many unsuspecting people throughout many generations have been silently disconnected from their primary source of power, which is their soul, that is connected to The Creator. Because a vast majority of people living within modern society are forced to live in unnatural ways, those with higher consciousness must now create new, powerful, and simple means to help reconnect people back to who they truly are meant to be. The resurfacing of the CREATION SONG for the masses is one of the many and major ways to reconnect people.

People who feel that they have never been able to meditate, pray or take a spiritual journey before often say to me, “For the first time I can easily consciously join with spirit as I listen to this divine music. It truly has the ability to reach the quiet depths within me that I have been trying to reach.” This interior place is a still-point without thought that provides a fuller beingness. This place is the seat of the SOUL.

The soul-song creates soul AWAKENING and empowerment. It is meant to be shared with a global audience for the goals of healing, aligning and elevating consciousness to support peace and positive continued life on Earth. It is meant to bring us back into cosmic awareness with our powerful innate human sonar system.

The soul-song of creation allows our bodies to re-tune to what is already there but may have been lost in the sea of distorted frequencies we currently live within.


The Physical Body’s Task

Listening to the soul-song helps to develop a person’s oneness state with all of creation. It can help move people beyond the world of man-made material pressures into the larger reality of holy creation and infinity. Depending on how much a person can surrender and allow themselves to let go many times it can take several moments, hours, or even days to fully come back into the normal daily states of consciousness after your consciousness has been expanded with the never ending soul-song.

Because it is not a commonly experienced state for the average person many people who hear the songs for the first time are generally astonished about experiencing such a sense of expansion so quickly and effortlessly. For some people it may be the first time in their life that they have ever experienced this state.

In this state of expansion into the oneness some unique magic starts to begin. This is still only the beginning. Once back from this peak state of experience the physical body will further take over the process and do the next very important job of integrating the higher frequencies within the physical form.

Higher evolution takes place within the person when there is a big integration of the spirit (the light-filled energies) and matter (the body).

Without this necessary integration the process is still incomplete. For some people who may normally rush through their lives this may not be a very conscious process. Yet for those who are more sensitive they will surely feel within the subtle energy layers of their bodies an alignment process happening.

A sign that the soul-song has worked is a natural desire to want to slow down after hearing one. For people who are in-tune with their bodies they will find they want to rest during this stage. Sometimes they will even want to sleep. This is their body conveying to them an energetic shift is occurring. One can imagine that it is like tuning a musical instrument but it is your temple body.

The soul-song acts somewhat like a spiritual doctor pointing out what keys within your body need to be tuned. These are the keys that are out of alignment with the universe.

Then it becomes the body’s job to make the actual alterations. This is a great reminder that YOUR mortal body is also part of this sacred process and is still needed to do the actual physical work. This is a good time for the person to honor the physical part of their transformation and rest when needed.

As I continue to grow with this music I learn more about its meanings through my own heart and those of the listeners. I can say some sounds are for such things as healing, soothing, light cleaning, deeper cleaning, opening the heart, releasing pain, opening to truth, stillness, oneness, bliss, joy etc… Many times within a song the sounds are combined together in a distinctive measurement to create a powerful needed medicine dosage for the listener.

The songs work in many unknown ways for each person. Many times people will come away from a song feeling different but they do not know exactly what just happened to them. They will quietly comment almost in a whisper. “It’s hard to express in words. I was absorbing something big but it is hard for me to define it.” That something….. is the SOUL.

Blocking the Energies

Each listener will react differently to the songs taking only what they want or need at the time. Some people’s bodies may even reject the songs. They may not want to listen to them. This will most likely occur within the first note or minute. These people may actually have a reaction of wanting to quietly leave the room or turn away from a song. Or their mental body will quickly go into judgment about the skill level or lack of skill level of the singing. The reason for this is the songs may subconsciously cause them fear because they are not willing to experience soul elevation or oneness.

The songs may actually sound terrible for people who do not desire a different musical note in their lives because they fear surrender. On extremely rare occasions some people feel nothing or they have to strain to know if they are feelings something. These people may not be sensitive to energy shifts.

On the other hand, those who instantly stop in curiosity at the energy within the first few notes are sensitive to energy shifts. If they are surprisingly soothed by the freqencies within the songs then they are ususally not setting up boundaries and blocking the energy flowing in from the universe either. This means they are open and desiring more soul connection.

The Need for Comfort and Care First

The concept of soul and body integration is an important aspect for listeners to understand. Without this a person’s spiritual evolution cannot blossom. However, before this can happen the human body needs to feel safe and not guarded with fear. It is ironic that the soul will accomplish this task easily if given the opportunity but many times the body will not allow this without first feeling “safe.”

It is as if the body needs to gain trust with the soul.  The soul never rejects the human body. The soul is always complete, fearless, and desiring MORE union with its human body counterpart.  Due to this reason the soul must always be patient with the human mind, ego, and emotions. It is truly a tug-of-war relationship until the human body can relax into the unconditional love and wisdom that the soul wants to provide to it.

There are countless reasons that are all based in fear as to why someone may not want to be more soul infused. When the human body, personality or ego, rejects being more soul-infused people have more difficult lives. Many times the human body’s experience at the cellular level is full of painful generational memories that cause the soul to not be able to fully anchor in and express itself more. The soul’s natural expression then gets blocked because of ego defenses and fear. Because the SOUL does not resonate with FEAR of any kind it has to wait for the person to feel safe and allow their soul more access to their life. The soul does not force unification with the body. Once the body feels safe enough it will then ALLOW more of the soul essence to enter into the body and integrate further.

The soul is attached to the family’s cellular memories and karma as well. The soul-song can heal at a deep cellular level because it has the power to connect to whatever amount of soul infusion is already present within the body. The soul presence that is inside of the person’s body is their strongest healing power because it is the most solidly connected to God. If the soul’s power (God force within) is turned off and/or not connected the person’s life force and internal power will mimic this disconnection. If the people in their family lineages were connected to their souls they most likely also will be. Many present generations have been disconnected from their soul’s power due to living in a world that is overly focused on ego-needs and materialism.

When a person has chosen to listen to the soul-song the person has silently given their permission for some degree of healing to occur. This means the body will be energetically prompted to start unlocking the chains around the soul and heart. Healing is then given a space to begin to occur. The body will first use the soul-song for comfort and energetic repair because of the preliminary trust step that is needed.

 The songs have a pure Angelic vibrational overlay on them that cause a very deep and natural comforting effect.The body will use this angelic medicine to help it let go of dense fear.

This then allows the body to come into a sincere state of feeling like it is being protected by Angelic safety and care. Whether one believes in Angels or not does not matter. They do exist and they do help this world and other worlds. That is their divine mission. That is the reason why The Creator created them — they are our divine helpers.  Additionally, this is another reason why the songs do not have to be perfectly sung. Each song is angelically anointed and that alone is perfect. With the blessings of the Angels beautiful things can occur that the human mind would have never thought possible.

The second stage is the integration process. The soul-song facilitates this realignment process that enables the human body vessel and the soul to begin to start coming into a more friendly resonance. A healthy soul-body relationship is typically more present during many people’s early childhoods because the child has not yet been trained through socialization and governmental rules out of their innate and unique soul consciousness.

One reason many people enjoy being around babies is because they are solidly still carrying their natural soul frequencies.

While hearing the soul-song what is present of the soul within the body will start to become excited and revitalized as it feels and hears the gentle soul messages within the song. The soul will literally perk up and say to the energy within the song, “I am here. Still here. I am patiently waiting to be reconnected. First make sure that my body feels safe and then please take the opportunity to start to free and connect me.”

Just as happiness is a required feeling for all people, a sense of feeling HEALING energy is also a requirement. The reason for this is because most people are struggling with various forms of human injuries. The vital missing component for most people however is that they do not know they are missing SPIRITUAL LEVEL healing.

Many people seek spiritual level healing in drugs, sex, food, relationships, and things. Spiritual level healing comes most authentically when people know to first seek reconnection to their soul essence. From that foundational point all the blessings and further development of their soul’s gifts can start to flow.


Humanity’s Responsibility to the Living Earth Grid

When I sing these songs for large groups of people more changes can happen on the global level closer to that area where the people are located. As I sing, I can feel the higher Holy realms gather near and then proceed to steadily work through the sounds I am singing in order to anchor in newer light-filled vibrations onto the Earth plane.

This divine collaborative effort with those in attendance makes it possible to cleanse, repair and renew the transparent LIVING grid of divine light that is already present over the entire Earth. When this Earth grid is renewed and stabilized it can then perform one of its numerous functions which is to capture the new divine light codes that are coming in from the Sun and our solar system that are very much needed for the planetary evolution of the masses and for the repair of the Earth.

In places where there has been war, man-made environmental destruction, colonization that has brutally extinguished entire native cultures or any kind of suffering the Earth’s energy becomes very out of balance and the grid needs human assistance because it has been altered in totally unnatural ways. No matter how much time has passed these discordant frequencies remain unless consciously repaired with the help of the Earth’s human caretakers. The indigenous populations of our world were the ones historically who were responsible for keeping this Living Earth Grid safe and functioning strongly for the entire planet.

The indigenous people were the original Masters of Energy. This was a huge part of their sacred role for the planet as Earth Keepers.

In order to bring the balance back from past and current disastrous human behavior, we humans are held responsible for fixing what we have harmed. This includes the Living Earth Grid. We are not given personal immunity just because our actions may not have personally harmed a section of it. Fortunately or unfortunately, every generation must clean up the past generation’s growth mistakes. We are all connected through this karmic web of cause and effect that we leave undone on the planet.

The cycle of karma continues until all is balanced and honored.

For those individuals who can strongly resonate with the sacredness of the music when a soul-song is being sung they many times become important temporary human-spirit anchors for the newer light-filled vibrations to land and live within their bodies, families, and communities. Generally, when this deep healing work is done with audiences numbering one hundred or even thousands of people the effects become exponential because bigger healing vortexes are required which means bigger divine energies can be anchored onto our planet.

The largest audience to date that I have had the honor of singing the soul-song for was two-thousand people. I was invited to open an event for the international bestselling author of, The Four Agreements, the well-known Mexican Spiritual elder of the native Toltec tradition, Don Miguel Ruiz. As I sang the first notes his attention was awakened and he firmly placed his hand over his heart, leaned back in his chair, and deeply smiled at me for the entire song. It was an instant soul connection as he felt the power of the soul-song. It was a beautiful moment for me as the expression on this Spiritual elder’s face said it all.

Smaller more intimate groups that I have had the honor of singing the soul-song for during my on-line meditation events or during my seminars definitely participate in anchoring the light and experiencing the profound effects in their own lives too. It just becomes a different energetic group dynamic with the smaller groups. I recall doing the Divine Heart seminar in England where my work was still unknown. The organizer worked very hard to organize the event but in the end she only had four people register.

That small group of humble men had hearts that were so huge, open and ready for this work that it is still recalled as one of my most cherished events to this date. I can remember each of the participants vividly by the love they held in their hearts to serve. No matter how small or large the groups are does not completely matter. What matters most is the willingness on behalf of the people to be there and fully participate on a soul level.

In order for the human family to heal its deep scars inflected upon one another over countless generations, it starts with humans who want to carry more light-filled vibrations. When humans are more conscious they are able to carry more divine light within them. When this light is strongly present within people it becomes apparent in how they live their daily lives. When more people are carrying more light rather than heavy density the planet heals because we then offer less destruction and more care for our entire Earth family. Each of us through our lifestyle choices can contribute forward evolution toward the light or not.

Land and Human Anchor Points for Cosmic Consciousness

The land location where each song is sung also momentarily becomes an important anchor point for the planet to host an invisible global healing concert that divinely assist in forming the much needed universal connections between the newly ascending Earth energies and the rest of the cosmos.

Currently the world has started to participate in a new long-term major celestial cycle shift that will bring us into an extraordinary shift into higher spiritual consciousness on the planet. This is the great shift that Jesus Christ, Buddha, the Mayan calendar and other indigenous cultures tried to help prepare humanity for. We are living within it now! Wow. What an amazing time to be alive. And it is very hard work to ride the rough waves of this new tidal shift! It is as if the Earth has been in the winter season for thousands of years and now spring is coming and it is time for the People to stop hibernating, start to listen to the new bird songs, and wake up!

This major cycle shift represents 1. the merging of Earth with huge amounts of higher energies (divine light) across the entire globe and 2. the ascending of old and new powerful vortex energies from within Mother Earth. Both of these things support the Earth and all its inhabitants into an epic rebirthing process. The merging of all these higher energies facilitates the merging of God consciousness from a cosmic level. Because God represents the entire cosmos, the inhabitants of the Earth must be connected to the cosmos in order to be fully connected to their infinite inner-God beingness. This renewed cosmic connection changes the world.

This world we know then becomes a portal for multi-dimensional living. This means higher consciousness onto the oneness state — THE ALL. THE GOD-LIVING STATE BEYOND THE CONFINES OF RELIGION, BEYOND PREJUDICE, BEYOND PAINFUL LOVE, BEYOND SUFFERING, BEYOND EVERYTHING WE THINK WE KNOW.

The untiring work of all spiritual teachers, healers, and evolutionary artist to name a few, help to support this epic spiritual planetary shift. Anyone who helps this world become a better place is supporting the shift into higher consciousness.

Everyone can help in their own unique small and large ways.

A small example of this phenomenon happening was in the Czech Republic. A community had reserved a forested location near a community used drinking well. People would come and fill up large bottles of this pristine water and then take them home for their families use. Next to the well was a permanent sacred altar space where they placed photos of the late honorable Indian Guru Sai Baba.

The keeper and creator of this sacred site invited me to come to sing in this beautiful old forest to help further elevate the land with divine light. The small audience, well, super small audience, included, I think, some tiny Czech elves too. The brief time I had with this gentleman in the forest was an important time of serving a small portion of the Earth with healing and sacred song.

A year later upon my return for a meditation concert, in a nearby town, this same humble man, stood up and spoke in front of the large audience with tender love in his voice. He said, “I wanted to bring you huge and tasty blueberries that have been grown using the well water. After your visit here the water changed. It tastes completely different now. Even the people in the community noticed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

So these songs support much needed healing for both the people and the Earth herself. It is the repeated stories that the Missions of Light staff and I continue to hear of the observable healing that occurs within the people and the land that overtly marks when genuine change has taken place.

Thanks to two other active lights in our world, the beloved legendary actor, Jaroslav Dusek and humanitarian investor M. Hlavacek, in 2012, the Czech and Slovak Republic were the first two countries to host several large events on a country-wide level. These events included many wonderful organizers and thousands of people across many large and small towns.  As a collective, we helped to anchor in new divine light through the use of the sacred soul-song and the spiritual teaching events that were attended by masses of people.

The magnitude of love, appreciation, and the spiritual comprehension of our collective sacred work was unparallel to anything I had ever experienced up until that date. The long lines of people with tears in their eyes and huge smiles that greeted me and brought me gifts will be forever emblazed in my heart. For me it was a definite meeting of an extended soul family who love the Earth and humanity.

Together working with those who care, are willing to open their hearts wide, and are willing to be orchestrators for global change – miracles are given a chance to happen for our world.


Every spiritual culture that has ever existed on the Earth has used sacred tones that were divinely given to their culture. These tones can be recognized as hidden parts of the CREATION SONG. Some of the indigenous people’s cultural songs are very strong medicine. Some of their songs get your attention. Their songs are very much connected to their ancestral lineages and cosmic homes. Their songs hold some of the ancient divine keys passed down through time.

Many people travel to countries like Peru and want to visit remote places like the Amazon in order to be closer to the native cultures whom they intuitively feel still carry the POWER of spirit. In these places travelers are looking for the authentic medicine people who carry the power. This power represents the unbroken connection to the Cosmos. Many of these cultures use sacred tones within their spiritual songs to connect to their ancestral helpers and Mother Earth. It is through these long-standing and deep ancient connections that the doors can fly open to the other side of reality.

The possibility that these cosmic doors can open many times remains a total mystery for the majority of the masses who are disconnected from Mother Earth, their ancestors, the cosmos we live within, their souls and The Creator.

Living within a “connected” universe requires communication between the various parts. Having spiritual communion is a natural part of life. Prayer, chanting, singing, dancing, and meditating are all forms of spiritual communion with different potencies depending on many complex factors.

Each sacred tone has its own level of spiritual potency when said or sung by different people. It can be thought of like shooting an arrow. Some people can land on the target each time and others land nowhere close. In some places the tones have not been able to have been kept pure (now they land on the wrong target) or they have been diluted (now they fall short of landing on the correct target). For some key spiritual elders their voices and presences carry the full sacredness and power of the tones. For other spiritual elders the tones are not carried as powerfully because of numerous factors.

Every person administering the medicine songs will vary in their skill level and personal purity. It greatly depends on “who” is opening the door to the other side of the veil. This will dictate what doors they have permission to open. Not everyone is granted permission to walk through each door. Permission is granted only based on proven long-standing trustworthiness to the invisible guardians of the other side.

That purity of soul connection must be felt within the listener’s heart as to who they are most comfortable with. It can feel random and confusing as to who still authentically carries the potency of the sacred within them. What becomes most important is the listener’s own experience and how they are able to gain from what they hear. Many people do not believe they can trust themselves, yet they can. If something feels sacred to you then it probably is.

Since the time when humans came into existence and separated from the oneness into temporary bodies that housed a more finite mortal awareness the spiritual elders on the planet have sung and protected the parts of the CREATION SONG they knew. Their responsibility to do this was for the purpose of helping to keep humanity spiritually connected to the rest of the cosmos. The Creation tones are sung sometimes in a cappella or sometimes with musical instruments that have the ability to resonate in tune with the harmonics of the Earth and/or heavens and create a cosmic sound bath for the listener and the sacred land.

In these modern times we live in a lot of sacred information has either been lost, diluted, hidden or stolen. As we shift cycles into the Golden Age that is unfolding now much of these sacred knowledge will be restored once again for humanity’s use.

We are the family of the universe. All of us greatly benefit when we can be in harmony and be exposed to the pure undistorted sounds of CREATION that naturally connect us back to the universe and GOD consciousness.