The Goddess Temple


Master Thu-Hien on one of the Greek Islands overlooking a field of olive trees. Each year the virtual temple will meet in Greece.



This will be offered globally to English speaking women  in the later part of 2017. It is still under development.


A 1 – year Priestess rebirth program for women who remember on a soul level that they once held sacred spiritual roles within their communities in other cultures and lifetimes. Two of these powerful sacred roles for them was dedicated toward honoring and supporting The Goddess – the Divine Feminine creative force of our universe.

We have all heard of the ancient Goddess legends but where is the sacred Goddess hiding in modern day reality? Where is she when humanity needs her most it seems? She is within all women but she cannot fully expose and express herself in a world that has forgotten how to recognize and honor her deep primal power. Therefore, with each generation that passes The Goddess power hides deeper within and women further forget their own divine selves. Yet, the original sacred power is still there held in close care by a woman’s most sacred and powerful self.

You could almost equate society’s collective inner woman to a wounded inner child that needs a lot of care, comfort, and coaxing to come out into the world again. This is the work of the modern day Priestess. To support the inner Goddesses of the world’s wounded women. And yes, all the women of the Earth culture are wounded in many ways from living in patriarchal societies that do not support or live in sacred balance with the Divine feminine.

The sleeping Priestess may not quite know how to articulate it but something inside of her maybe stirring or actively searching to deeply heal, awaken and unleash her inner Divine Feminine force. This is a natural desire that will only get stronger within the Priestess as the world gets more out-of-balance. This urge from within is The Goddess within seeking to awaken so that she can help serve the Earth’s societies with her potent female yin energies.

The strongest power of The Divine Mother that humanity has tangible access to, many times is laying dormant within her royal Priestesses of the past. If you are reading this you maybe a reincarnated Priestess that is here to awaken and assist the GREAT MOTHER once again in bringing truth, love, peace, beauty and balance onto the planet. For the women, for the men, for the children, and for the Earth Mother herself. This spiritual group comes together to serve in many ways to support this.

One way is to reactivate and strengthen the divine Priestess core sacred geometries that were permanently placed within the aura field from prior lifetime initiations. The role of the Priestess is to honor The Divine Mother (The Goddess energies) and to be her sacred light and representation in order for the planet to stay in spiritual balance.

Without spiritual light there cannot be life. Without spiritual balance life becomes very difficult. Due to the current state of imbalance on the planet the reactivation of the ancient sacred roles are critical for assisting our planetary home — life on Mother Earth (The Peruvian term for Earth is Pachamama).

There is a primordial Divine Mother consciousness that resides within the womb of Pachamama unaffected by human behavior and consciousness. This is a holy consciousness that is still one with the entire universe. This holy consciousness assists this Earthly dimension in holding on to what is real and eternal. It has always been The Goddesses that protect Pachamama from human harm and care for this consciousness.

In ancient days The Priestesses were also connected to this consciousness within the womb of Pachamama because they were the ones who were most closely connected to the potent spirit of The deity Goddesses who closely protected it.

The Deity Goddesses’ roles in each of their spiritual cultures were publically honored. There were two forms of Goddesses that worked together. Those who chose to incarnate and those who remained in spirit form. Both forms were holy and represented the infinite faces and aspects of The Divine Mother.

The Goddess role still is alive and active today yet it needs human assistance from The Priestesses who are still connected to this ancient and esoteric Goddess culture.

So now we fast-forward into modern day times as a culture The Goddesses have been hidden and relegated to mythology, but again I say they are still alive and eternally devoted to their vital holy work.

It is The Goddess responsibility now to help bring this consciousness that is within Pachamama to the external layers of Pachamama. This shifting of Divine Feminine energy from the inner womb of the Earth to the outer layers of the Earth will have a direct impact on all the living organisms on top of the Earth. Those humans most helping to facilitate this energetic shift are the awakened Priestesses because this power shift happens on a sacred womb level that resides within divine-human vessels.

The Priestesses’ womb is one of the most sacred spaces of The Divine Mother because it was purposely kept sacred in ancient days to serve and preserve specialized work of The Divine Mother on the planet.

As this gradual power shift happens with the assistance of The Goddess helpers, The Priestesses, this sacred energy is available to empower all women and help them to raise beyond their long-standing suffering from patriarchal societies that currently rule the states-of-mind of humanity.

This power shift helps to spawn a revolutionary remembrance of The GREAT Mother who asks that the sacred feminine ways be valued, used and respected once again.

The Divine Mother is asking that the sacred trust that the ladies (Priestesses) have eternally agreed to hold for The Mother is now necessary for them to start remembering. The Priestesses of the past are now called upon to come out of their slumbers and to reawaken your spiritual roles so that your body vessels can once again serve as a temple between the Earth world and the universe.

The Mother says “Come!” for those who feel called. It’s time for the sister guardians of GOD’s LIGHT to step forward. No longer can your sacred gifts, holy power, and light remain hidden and out of sight. Your prior sacred roles are needed now to shine your grace upon awakening humanity and add your loveliness to a world that needs awakened souls to nurture it. This is the sacred role of the Divine Feminine vessels – The Priestesses!

This program works on the sacred sisterhood level and the sacred individual level. It is entirely up to each woman on where she wants to focus her growth within each moment. Therefore, if you feel you are more of a solitary type of woman you can still attend and know you have your own sacred space.

Many Priestesses are like Eagles flying high as leaders in their own niches yet the undeniable potent power of the collective force is still essential in their lives. So your attendance is vital within sacred community as it helps you understand yourself more and to soar to greater heights and depths within yourself. For each Priestess who reaches with great magnitude deep inside of herself she will have more to give as she becomes an accessible and vast reservoir of truth, love, power, and beauty for the world.

Don’t we all need to view those role models who know and stand in their power properly? For future Divine Feminine role models it is definitely the time for care and grooming to be able to step forward without living in learned collective fear and old behavioral patterns.

This is a global time of massive change and everyone is affected. However, this time the world leaders that will need to step up in the greatest numbers will be the women. Why? Because each culture of the Earth needs to be nurtured out of long-standing traumas in order to gain a state of balance to be able to continue to survive. Each culture needs to be taken back into the womb of The Mother and properly cared for.

Receiving these energies from Peru adds tremendously to the power of this collective group work. The reason being is because Peru is holding very ancient and sacred energies for the entire Earth. Additionally, the womb of Pachamama, which The Divine Mother does very specialized work from, is more easily accessible through the inner Earth portals that Peru has access to. This makes it a perfect Goddess temple home location for our work.

As each divine lady is connected here through the 1.5 year Goddess program a strong connection is made between your soul and the sacred land of Peru. This connection serves as an umbilical cord feeding you the sacred life force nectar held within the matrix of the majestic land here.

This first 1 year program is a big initiation step into being able to energetically mature into being able to actively hold the very unique and sacred energies of The Divine Feminine power through the assistance of the inner Earth portals in Peru.

After this program is completed and the group progress is assessed there will most likely be a Part 2 program for those who are interested in furthering their work. The deeper you go into the work the more you are offering to be of service as a sacred vessel which then is able to feed this energetic sacred womb nectar to the rest of the world. Please also know that this program can be done as a stand-alone program without continuing onto any further phases.

Another main foundational aspect to this program is to provide the initial care and support your inner woman needs during your reawakening process back into the sacred calling of Priestesshood. The amount of personal insight, healing and growth the ladies receive in this program will be astounding.

As The Divine Mother thanks you for your service and dedication there will also be additional gifts and surprises throughout the program that are given for you, your families and communities. For those who are inwardly called we all look forward to meeting you once again but this time, in the 21st century global community at, The Goddess Temple in Greece.

Program Details

1. Monthly goddess call with a remote healing

2. Remote healing to strengthen your Priestess sacred geometries and work closer with the Divine Mother. (includes level 1 plus the Goddess Roundtable)

3. Remote healing to strengthen your walk with the Earth Mother using the energies of the Master Mountains in Peru, the Amazon Jungle and the God and Goddess energies of Cocoa. (includes level 1&2 plus the Goddess Roundtable)

Cost: TBA

Refund policy: After 2 months if you feel this program is not suited for you then you are not required to continue.

Schedule: This monthly internet group event will be held around the full moon. Other on-line events maybe held on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights if that is most preferable for the ladies. The dates are to be determined.

Postponing dates: I apologize in advance because I have a busy international travel schedule and I am in remote places in Peru at times. On occasion an event will need to be postponed a few days until I can get to a strong internet connection. Additionally, sometimes the events will be held from other continents such as Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Weekly Remote Healing/expansion sessions: You may choose the days you receive these for yourself. These are done in the privacy of your own home.

BRIEF overview of the monthly schedule

-1 monthly (3 hour) internet teleconference

– 1-hour remote divine feminine healing/expansion session that same night from The Divine Mother. The remote expansion session also serves to gently connect you to the sacred land of Peru.

-1 prosperity blessing

-Enjoyable assignments for self-care.

-Bi-monthly (up to 4 hours) Goddess roundtable for intimate discussions on women’s issues that each woman personally wants to discuss within the group.

-2 monthly (1.15 hours) remote deep Earth connection healing and expansion session connecting the Priestesses to: an appointed sacred mountain in Peru, the divine feminine energy of the Amazon jungle with the help of the Master Plant Cocao

FULL Detailed Schedule for the Month

Around the full moon of each month for participate in a live 3-hour on-line teaching that is given by the Ancient Goddess to answer your life questions from a Divine Goddess perspective. (A private recording is provided for everyone. If you cannot attend you are asked to listen to the recording within a week to keep in energetic harmony with the group).

That night, before sleeping all participants call-in a 1-hour remote healing/expansion session transmitted from Peru. Master Thu-Hien will connect your soul to the energies of The Goddess to assist you with this session. Falling asleep soon after starting is to be expected.

A powerful 1.15 hours monthly remote energy transmission given by the Divine Mother to activate, heal, and strengthen your core Priestess sacred geometries. (The energies are to be called-in before bedtime.)

Bi-monthly Goddess roundtable internet event (up to 4 hours) where participants have candid conversations about any aspect of their present day life challenges as women. Divine feminine wisdom is freely exchanged among the group members. This is an inner wisdom event that assists the women as a collective to help each other and further open to the power of their own intuitive abilities.

This event adds much clarity and support in your life while you are shifting from the prior dysfunctional paradigms society is currently living within to newer empowered paradigms that honor and support the ways of the Divine Feminine.

Monthly assignments to strengthen your sacred Priestess walk by first honoring and attending to your inner woman that requires constant care. The assignments are meant to provide nurturing, stimulating, enjoyable, and insight building experiences for you. Examples of assignments include: healing baths, beautification/pampering days, visits to beautiful power spots within your location, girl’s nights out dancing with your friends, prosperity healings, and more.

You will have complete authority in the amount of effort you want to put into your assignments. This assignment will be shared with others in a private chat-room for those who want to share their experiences.

Each woman will be initiated to use a sacred and powerful Goddess symbol that they will use daily for connecting into the yin Goddess energies and balancing their yang God energies. This initiation was first given out by Master Thu-Hien on a broad scale during the Divine Feminine Workshops held in Europe in 2012.

A powerful 1.15 hours monthly remote energy transmission given by the Divine Mother to help connect your sacred energies to the sacred energies of the Earth’s womb consciousness. This will be done by initiating you and connecting your soul to a divinely appointed Apu (holy spirit mountain) of Peru. (The energies are to be called-in that night before bedtime.)

You will work with your Apu throughout the entire program. Aside from grounding and spiritual strengthening, your Apu will give you many sacred gifts as you continue to be connected with it for a lifetime.

A powerful 1.15 hours monthly remote energy transmission given by the Divine Mother to help connect your sacred energies to the sacred and raw divine feminine energies in the Amazon Jungle of Peru with the Master Cocao plant.

As you become more deeply connected to the sacred, powerful, primal, life force energies of Pachamama, The Mother can use you as a divine vessel for anchoring in the Divine Feminine energies for a new golden age of peace we are now entering upon on the planet. The anchoring in of this Divine Feminine light requires group vortexes. This is why Priestess sisterhood groups are needed to be formed.


A maximum of 30 women will be chosen for this sacred program to re-activate, develop, hold and anchor in the sacred Priestess energies for The Divine Mother on the Earth.

Extra Assistance

-Because of my intense work schedule I will not have time to attend to individual participants. All extra communication is to be done within group time and in the on-line chat-room. If you may need extra assistance you may schedule a private healing/reading session with me. This Priestess work will bring up buried issues that are ready to be released through private healing sessions in the form of various energy healing work and other self-development programs. Regular bodywork, healing sessions, and proper diet are just to name a few forms of self-care that are advisable to participate in during the program.


  1. Beliefs

This is a very sacred and transformational process that needs steady growth. To begin this process you will want to possess the following beliefs at least to a minimal degree:

Belief in some form of God-consciousness, the spiritual world, energy healing, prayer, love for the Earth, women’s self-empowerment, transformation, self-love, divine union in partnership, honoring brotherly-love, being an active part of the global evolution of our planet, and an interest in sacred sisterhood.

  1. The Healing Arts

As a traditional and natural skill all Priestesses are trained in the healing arts. It is recommended that you know at least a basic healing modality such as Reiki. This is mandatory for entry into the Goddess program. To receive training in the Healing Arts is a part of your divine inheritance as a Priestess. This is a necessary lifelong resource to give yourself and your family.

Have no worries if you are not initiated in a healing modality yet, you can be included in a private group session in which I will initiate those needing to know a healing modality. There is an extra fee of $175 for this.

As a spiritual vessel for the world it is important to keep yourself healthy, balanced and spiritually connected using a self-healing modality daily.

Application for the Goddess Program

To apply for the Goddess Program, please prepare an application letter that explains:

  1. Why you want to attend the program
  2. Your spiritual path
  3. Any memories you have of sacred past lives
  4. Any things you like to do in this lifetime that reminds you of sacred Priestess or Goddesses energies
  5. Any fears or concerns you may have about participating in spiritual work
  6. Any gender stereo-types that you have experienced and/or been effected by as a woman and/or mother that you feel you need to address for healing within group time
  7. What is important for you to learn and/or experience through this program

For contact details to send your letter of application, please visit the contact page.