Description of Events and Seminars

An Evening with a Spiritual Master Event, Prague

An Evening of Spirit Lecture, Prague



3 hour event

This is a sacred night of teaching and elevation. It includes a discussion lead by answering audience questions from a spiritual perspective, angelic soul-songs, cosmic toning, and a short meditation.

The night offers cleansing, healing and expansion energies for your soul’s journey. The sacred spiritual energies meet each person where they current are and offer assistance forward in their next sacred steps. Being within the peaceful sacred space that Master Thu-Hien’s presence creates is a very special and unique experience.

2. MEDITATION CONCERT: Angelic Frequencies

2 hour event

This is a sacred night of spiritual elevation through the use of sacred sound. It includes Angelic soul-songs, cosmic toning and a deeply guided meditation. During this concert Master Thu-Hien uses Tibetan singing bowls. This event takes you on a beautiful and comforting soul journey to meet with your soul, heal, and expand the divine light within your physical body.

Through Master Thu-Hien’s presence she is able to open the portals into the celestial worlds. This will be an unforgetable experience of union with the great winged messengers of the Divine.

3. MEDITATION CONCERT: The Dolphins and Whales

2 hour event

This is a sacred night of spiritual elevation through the use of sacred sound. It includes the ancient and deep sea world sounds of the dolphines and whales along with a deeply guided meditation. This event takes you on a beautiful and comforting sea journey to meet with the great Masters of the Water that will offer you healing and expansion.

Through Master THu-Hien’s ancient soul and voice she is able to open the portals into the deep sea world. This will be an unforgetable experience of union with the primordial cosmic waters that long ago birthed all of humanity.

“While listening to Master Thu-Hien sing the songs of the underwater world I was instantly transported back into the womb where I felt immensely comforted and loved by a divine force.”



Half day event

Prerequisite: Only people with a strong desire to heal and who are open to experiencing and receiving healing energies should attend. There are no age requirerments.

Master Thu-Hien will conduct a mass healing event for a large group. You may come with any and all issues. Master Thu-Hien will start the healing event by singing a soul-song then she will sit in quiet sacred presence and allow the Divine Mother’s energies to bathe each person present. Afterwards participants are given group time to speak of their experiences.

No guarantees of healing can be offered due to the fact that each person has free will and some situations are not meant to be healed. The reason for this is because there maybe life lessons that must be experienced first.

*Legal Disclaimer: No claims of cures or healing are made. Attendees participate at their own risk. For any medical conditions people should seek the advice of a qualified medical doctor.


4 hour event

Limit 25 children under 18 with parents (please register early)

Master Thu-Hien has worked with special needs children with Autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, mental and emotional issues in both orphanages and private healing sessions. Through her sacred work children with special needs have been able to receive radical healings within a matter of minutes by the use of her spiritual touch or soul-song.

Master Thu-Hien will work one-on-one with each child to provide healing. She will also provide special instructions for each parent as she is able to spiritually talk to and listen to each child’s special needs that they may not have been able to communicate before.

No guarantees of healing can be offered due to the fact that each child has free will and some situations are not meant to be healed. The reason for this is because there maybe life lessons that must be experienced for both the child and family members. Sometimes the help that Master Thu-Hien is able to offer is only on a practical level of providing more physical comfort to the child’s body or more understanding of the issues for the parent.

*Legal Disclaimer: No claims of cures or healing are made. Attendees participate at their own risk. For any medical conditions people should see the advice of a qualified medical doctor.



Audio testimony for the Divine Heart Seminar (5 min)

Full day seminar

This is a sacred time of group healing and elevating the heart center in order to be a vessel of more divine love for the world.

Humanity has only experienced a small fraction of how much the heart can give or receive. During this epic time in humanity’s evolution we are all propelling our way into becoming a higher species of light that has a completely different heart than what we have ever known before. This seminar helps to deeply cleanse the heart of our collective consciousness and karma so that we are better prepared to start receiving the higher purer energies of true love, truth, compassionate oneness, and the codes of enlightment for the new age.

Master Thu-Hien will help facilitate a sacred energetic initiation to help each person start to receive this new heart. A daily self healing technique will also be provided to assist in further cleansing and expansion. As you begin to work with this new heart you will automatically shine it forth to the rest of humanity as an example of what we are becoming. In future generations this will be the shinning new heart of humanity.

This evolutionary work is one of the processes given by the grace of the Divine Mother consciousness to start infusing the new supreme heart of the divine into human society. This is the glowing heart that is depicted in many religious portraits. The vision of this advanced sacred heart was given to Master Thu-Hien in Peru during a sacred ceremony.


Full day seminar

Prerequiste: For full benefit of this seminar, please attend the The Divine Heart Seminar prior to enrolling in the Divine Light Healing Modality.

This seminar is an initiation into channeling the Divine Mother’s energies that were made available after the planetary shift of 2012. This initiation will help to gently open the kundalini channel, further open intuition, and anchor the feet channels more for grounding. Lastly, it opens the hand channels to use the energies of the Divine Mother for healing yourself, others or the planet.

Each person will be able to use the energies immediately. Included is also a daily self healing process to help further build the energies, anchor in more divine light, and create sacred space and balance for practical daily life. These energies were received by Thu-Hien, in the Andes mountains of Peru directly from the Divine Mother consciousness.


2 day seminar

This is 2 full days of spiritual transformation for healing the feminine path. This is an intimate seminar designed for women to heal, strengthen, understand and embrace the powerful Divine Feminine aspects of themselves. A sacred healing symbol is also given to help women connect deeper with the divine feminine within them, help heal their wombs, and balance yang energies for themselves and the planet.

This is an organic workshop that evolves through the direction of what the attendees present most need for their lives at this time. During this group time with Master Thu-Hien she will work on a personal counseling level with the participants. Each participant is also given space to receive spiritual answers to the important clarifying questions they need answered that impact their precious lives.

As the Earth shifts into more balance it is necessary that the women of the Earth receive the proper care and healing they need in order to help balance the yin and yang energies on the planet for a more harmonious world for all.

* This seminar is also a prerequiste for women who are interested in being part of the 1.5 year on-line divine feminine training program: The International Goddess Temple of Adonai.

* Please register early


Full day seminar

During this seminar participants will receive a deep heart healing from Master Thu-Hien. Through the use of Angelic healing frequencies Master Thu-Hien will gently help participants to recover from their painful past heart traumas and wounds. This healing will assist in opening the heart to be able to receive more self-love, self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and self-compassion.

After this heart healing Master Thu-Hien will transmit a simple and powerful Angelic heart healing initiation to participants that they are encouraged to use whenever they need to feel more self love in their lives.

Self love is a core component in living healthy in all areas of one’s life. With a high amount of self-love people are able to attract more beautiful and fulfilling experiences into their lives. The reason for a lack of self-love can stem from numerous circumstances such as improper parenting, past life wounds, or harmful societal messages that do not honor your individual light.


Full day

Some people are born with very sensitive auras that pick up all the energy around them. Their sensitive bodies operate like healing sponges absorbing the lower energies in their environments in order to clean the emotional air for Mother Earth and humanity. This is a very big task that can be overwhelming if a person does not understand what is happening to them.

These particular souls are called Empaths. Many empaths literally bear the burdens of the world. Many empaths have taken in the heavy emotions of their families from childhood too. They often feel very sad, drained and energetically heavy on a regular basis and they do not understand why.

This seminar is like a big warm blanket in the wintertime. It provides the comfort, healing and care that is needed for these gentle sensitive souls to understand their unique path and how to manage it on a daily basis. This seminar is for anyone who feels like they are at the mercy of the emotional environments around them.

This seminar incorporates a group discussion, healing session and lecture. Participants will leave feeling emotionally lighter and more informed about their unique path and the valuable soul gifts of  — The Empath.


Full day seminar

This seminar is for people who feel that they do not fit well into the more shallow societies that they may find themselves living within. These people feel they have been every race, religion and gender. They resonate with old trees, languages, and cultures. They harbor little prejudice within them since they have been all things. With wise observant eyes they see the failings of humanity and the people around them easily yet they may not know how to manage their own depth.

Often they may live a life of inner turmoil and confusion as to why they chose to incarnate around such a young soul group as humanity. These souls long for much deeper meaning in their lives but somehow they maybe missing the DEEPLY rooted connection of their ancient souls.

This seminar teaches about the unique path of the ancient soul and uses the bigger healing and grounding frequencies the ancient souls needs in order to feel at home in what they know to be only their temporary bodies. This seminar taps into past lives and helps give the ancient soul a sense of continuity by helping them understand a longer range vision of their immortal soul’s path.


Full day seminar

It is each person’s divine birthright to have their needs meet and to be able to manifest their heart’s desirers. As people move into higher consciousness it will be very important for society to embrace a world where ALL people have what they need in order to live a happy and joyful life. The lack of prosperity in people’s lives can come from numerous aspects, such as, past life karma, lack of self-love, parental conditioning, and societal conditioning.

In this seminar Master Thu-Hien will gently help participants to remove the inner limitations of fear and lack by conducting a deep prosperity healing. She will also transmit a simple and powerful prosperity blessing attunement. Participants are encouraged to use this whenever they need to experience more abundance in their lives. Master Thu-Hien will also lead a group discussion on the true meaning of prosperity from a divine perspective and the mental and emotional changes that are needed to get there.

8. Beauty and Sensuality: Seminar and Healing

Half day seminar

The people who are attracted to this seminar have strong magnetic appeal to others yet they have not quiet learned how to deal with this BEAUTY and SENSUALITY power package they were born with.

This seminar is for helping both women and men to heal in their self expression of their unique beauty and sensuality. In this seminar, we will discuss what these important topics deeply mean to each of you and locate what has stopped your full self expression in these areas. You will be supported in sharing your heart and your light.

Plus the group healing will also work to help you awaken your true soul’s package of INNER EARTHY CONNECTED PRIMAL BEAUTY AND SENSUALITY that you have within you. The goal of this seminar is to open a new door for you so that you can have more access to the real you.


SHAMANIC CEREMONIES: Working with Amazonian Energies


Master Thu-Hien is offering two unique shamanic healing ceremonies for people who are already familiar and comfortable with experiencing spiritual energies and who enjoy working with the great healing power of the Earth.  The drum and rattle that Thu-Hien uses were gifted to her by a medicine woman from the Amazon region above Brazil.


Full day ceremonial seminar

Brief Description

This seminar is an exploration into revealing our past lives through the unique lense of activating our awareness of being a reincarnated part of the animal kingdom. Drums and Amazonian rattles are used to help connect participants with the animal kingdom and the Earth. A deep cleansing and healing will also be given using an unlikely spirit of one of the tiny members of the animal kingdom.

Detailed Description

A little known reality for many people is that many of us have had animal past lives before. As we reincarnate over and over on planet Earth we come here with host bodies that occupy many different forms. As I have done thousands of healing sessions for people across the globe I have had the honor of seeing many different forms within people that are still actively operating. This is due to the fact that we are living all our lives at once.

The space-time continuum and the idea of separation are human constructs that are dissolving as we become more evolved to handle multiple-dimensional realities. This seminar is a revolutionary seminar that helps people open the door of wisdom to the idea that, “Yes, we humans will always be part animal and that we are a merging of both the animal kingdom and the human worlds which all belong to the DIVINE.”

I did not take this phenomenon seriously until living in the Andes for several years and personally befriending various types of people I had not encountered before. In the Andes culture some of the native people are still interconnected with their animal forms and still operating within this paradoxical nature of half human and half animal power.

As I travel the world I have noticed people of different continents have unique animal forms that relate to their particular culture. For example, as I was getting initiated with my Andean spiritual name (POMA meaning PUMA), the Bolivian shaman who was conducting the ceremony opened up the ceremony with a prayer in the very ancient Andean Aymara language. As he looked up into the sky he must have merged with the animal world. To my utter amazement his face suddenly and dramatically shape shifted into an Eagle and then returned to normal.

As he did this from out of nowhere two large eagles flew overhead to open our ceremony. Possibly at his request. After that I did not move out of shock. I had never witnessed anything like that before. His spiritual power was great. Only, because I am able to see into the worlds was I able to follow him into the other world he had naturally merged with as he was performing his Shamanic duties.

Without being a shaman other people can also learn to merge into these worlds to expand the richness of their daily lives. Many people may be aware of wearing animal skins to shape shift into various animals to use their powers. And many people are aware of calling on an animal totem for guidance etc… But from my personal experience we ARE also some of the animals that we call on for help. We are part of their family tree.

Take for example, in Africa, many people who incarnate there have been the older animals of the planet such as lions and other large cats, whales, and members of the ape family. In the Andes many people have been large birds, frogs, monkeys, guinea pigs, turtles and alpaca.

The size of the animal does not necessarily dictate the power. All animals hold their own unique powers. What some people may view as derogatory body shapes, facial features or skills are lovable features when viewed and honored from your animal past life ancestral line.

In this experiential seminar we will explore the world of the animal kingdom through the unique memories that we hold within our soul’s remembrance. You may never be able to view the world the same again. You will learn:

  1. About your connection to your animal past lives
  2. How to tap into your animal power by utilizing more of your right brain
  3. How to meditate and receive messages from your power animals
  4. How to incorporate your animal presence into your daily life for various forms of help.
  5. Greater understanding of yourself, your unique personality, skills, and gifts that you inherited from your animal past lives.
  6. You will gain a deeper level of respect while learning about the importance of the animal kingdoms in helping the evolutionary shift.
  7. You will be able to share discussions about your animal connections with the other participants in the group.



Full day ceremonial seminar

Brief Description

This seminar is conducted in a sacred ceremonial manner. We will take an exploration into healing and opening the heart with the Amazonian Master Plant Cocao, also known outside of South America, by the name of CHOCOLATE.

Detailed Description

Cocao  is a Master medicine plant that comes from both the tropical climates near the coast of Northern Peru and the dense Amazon jungle. The spirit of Cocao is used in a sacred ritual manner to gently open the heart. Cocao is one of the few sacred plants that has both a female and male spirit. During the Cocao ceremony any number of gentle visions, messages, and heart healings can occur.

The ceremony uses handmade Cocao cream from Peru that is placed on the heart. Next the hypnotic sounds of the rattle and drums are used to connect participants with the sounds of the Andean jungle spirit. During the ceremony the spirit of the Master Plant can reveal itself to participants in countless beautiful ways.

Background information

The Initiation Period

My initiation into the great wild spirit of the Amazon occurred over many lifetimes. In this lifetime I had to be re-initiated in order to be a soul servant of the Master Cocao plant ceremony. It took being re-initiated in the spirit in the Amazon weekly for several months. Additionally, I participated in Cocao ceremonies several times a month. Each ceremony brought totally different experiences. No ceremony was the same. They were enjoyable and addicting just as chocolate could be!

I took the mantle of doing Cocao ceremonies after a vivid dream in which the Master spirit of Cocao called me to be in sacred service to it. I trained with a shaman woman from Northern Peru. She told me with sad eyes that the art of the Cocao ceremony may be lost within a couple of generations as many of the ancient ways are fading into the ways of modern society.

Master Thu-Hien’s Call by the Cocao spirit: The Dream

I was met by the ancient male spirit of Cocao in a vivid dream, in which, I will always remember. In my dream I shared a home with him in Peru. He was my husband. The whole time I thought I was talking to a human man until he turned around and revealed the most ancient face I had ever seen. His brown face was like an upside down triangle of sacred geometry and was made up of lumps of raw chocolate. He was not traditionally handsome yet he was my beautiful husband. He was one of the most amazing and deepest souls I had ever locked eyes with.

His presence totally melted my heart. I knew him deeply. As he revealed his face my heart flew open in love, reverence and remembrance for his Master spirit. He gave me the strongest look I had ever seen before. He then blazed this serious message in my soul. “I MUST TRAVEL. I CANNOT STAY HERE WITH ONLY YOU. YOU MUST SHARE ME IN UNIVERSAL LOVE. IT IS NOT GOOD FOR MY LIFE THAT YOU POSSESS ME. BUT WE CAN STILL WORK TOGETHER.”

I awoke startle. I was crying profoundly and clutching my heart. I did not understand what he meant. In the dream I was married to Cocao and I felt he was leaving. It was a very real and intense feeling. I was there with the Master plant and he was giving me a very strong message that I could not possess him. I searched my mind, “How was I being possessive of him?”Some time over that day the authentic message finally got through. I fully understood what he meant.

With joy and relief I quickly went to the shaman woman I had done many ceremonies with. I said, “HE WANTS ME TO TAKE HIM TRAVELING. HE WANTS ME TO SHARE HIM WITH THE WORLD. HE DOES NOT WANT TO ONLY STAY IN PERU!” She said, “Wow. He came to you with a good message.” That day the shaman woman understood I was being called by the Master plant to be one of his mistresses of ceremony. After all my ceremonial work with Cocao we had become merged in a sacred marriage of human and plant spirit. The Shaman woman would then become my Cocao teacher to help me fulfill his wish.


If you would like to continue working with Master Thu-Hien, monthly on-line spiritual events that include: meditations, spiritual teachings, group healings, and spiritual development programs are offered. Please contact us.


Master Thu-Hien will be bringing 100 necklaces back with her from Peru. These necklaces are made with a woven rope and a sacred stone from Manchu Picchu that is deeply revered and lovingly called The Manchu Picchu stone. The necklaces are handmade by a Peruvian jewelry artist who speaks the ancient language of Quechua. Master Thu-Hien has blessed each of them at the Temple of the Moon located at the sacred site in Saqsaywaman, in Peru.

100% of the proceeds of the necklaces will go toward supporting Missions of Light, Earth Ceremonies. These sacred ceremonies cleanse, uplift, and anchor in new sacred light energies in the lands in which they are held around the world.