The Missions of Light Organization

Master Thu-Hien with a little buddy in the mountains of Peru before a San Pedro cactus ceremony. The photo is taken inside one of the native style adobe (mud, wool, and straw) homes.


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What is Missions of Light (MOL)?

Master Thu-Hien is the founder and director of MISSIONS OF LIGHT (MOL), a humanitarian organization that has been created under the direction of the Divine Mother consciousness to provide global assistance for the restoration and preservation of the human heart and spiritual integrity of the planet.

MOL provides spiritual care to war-torn countries, indigenous people whose cultures have been repressed, and cultural groups that have sustained long-term discrimination and abuse. MOL provides soul aid to the communities that have sustained the most intense suffering on the planet.

MOL cares about the upliftment of the Earth. All projects that MOL serves are FREELY given to the communities that are in soul need. MOL is supported by sponsors, investors, and proceeds from all of Master Thu-Hien’s healing work.


  1. Providing in-depth spiritual care for the sacred energies of Earth on a global-wide level.
  2. Providing spiritual wisdom, healing and care for the masses.
  3. Providing specialized assistance to underserved and marginalized populations whose people and cultures have been greatly harmed by long standing social injustices.
  4. Providing updated historical spiritual education that helps to dissiminate hidden truths to the masses about our world.


Many of the specialized populations MOL assist are densely located in particular parts of the world. Some of these populations are holding onto very specialized and strong spiritual energies that need deep healing, rebalancing and reminding of their greater soul purposes. The extent of generational traumatic suffering in these populations is so great that their hidden cries for peace, understanding and liberation deeply affect the energy of the entire world on the profoundest levels.

Master Thu-Hien in one of her roles as Shamanic doctor in one of the villages in Peru. She is using her hand to transfer healing energies.

Until the most wounded among the world’s populations are attended to the world’s energies remain within a very heavy state of density. In order, for the newer Divine Light of the Golden Age to reach humanity and flourish, the heavy density within the masses must first be seriously addressed and healed.

Every organization has its callings. Spiritual organizations are no different, only their callings come from a higher place that serves the greater good of humanity. MOL serves where it is spiritually called for both the people and the land.


1. Monthly Global Internet Teachings

Master Thu-Hien provides free monthly on-line universal teaching events to a global audience to help support the masses in holding a new sacred vision for the Earth. Currently, these events are held in both English/ EST, USA and Czech/Slovakian language, in the European time zone. Depending on the demand and Master Thu-Hien’s schedule more time zones will be added in the future.

2. Caring for locations that have sustained long-term political unrest

MOL visits war-torn locations and countries that have sustained great political unrest. In these locations the people have sustained long-term suffering such as from the effects of brutality, deep rooted fear and the loss of freedom in all the aspects of their daily life. Master Thu-Hien brings in spiritual aid, healing, and light for the people and the land.

Master Thu-Hien stands on the boarder of Turkey & Syria. MOL is happy to distribute 1000 bottles of flower essence trauma medicine to the Syrian people and land.

Singing the ancient healing soul-song with the Bedouins in Egypt during a period of great political unrest, 2012. Master Thu-Hien is to the left singing under the moon, in the desert mountains.

3. Global Earth Ceremonies

MOL Conducts Earth Ceremonies to assist in cleaning up the effects of pollution on all levels and to help raise the spiritual frequencies in these locations. Certain energetically pure and strong locations are also chosen to hold Earth Ceremonies where Master Thu-Hien works in partnership with Mother Earth, the ancestors, and the people of the land to help infuse or wake up new energy in the land to be able to remember and/or hold a higher divine blueprint for that location.

Earth Ceremonies with the Q'ero Shamans

This photo was taken during an Earth Ceremony with a Q’ero Shaman, a spiritual heritage keeper of the Incas.  Master Thu-Hien took this photo to try to capture the sky that had filled with the spirits of thousands of Peruvian ancestors.


Master Thu-Hien's Earth Ceremonies at Ausengate Mountain

Master Thu-Hien on pilgrimage to the holy mountain of Ausengate,  in Peru.


Earth Ceremony in the Czech Repubic

Master Thu-Hien was invited to sing the soul song for a private Earth Ceremony in a beautiful forest of the Czech Republic. A year later she was told that everyone in the village is now enjoying the higher vibration of the spring water that has become more sweet since the ceremony.

n 2015, Master Thu-Hien along with Shaman and Medical doctor, Dr. Trolan, toured the ancient churches of France and Spain, cleansing the Earth power vortexes that they are built upon. In the photo Master Thu-Hien is enjoying the energies.

4. Children’s Care Projects

Master Thu-Hien supporting an orphanage in the Amazon jungle, Peru

Master Thu-Hien at an orphanage in the Amazon jungle, Peru. Singing the soul song and giving healings to the children.

A. Healing for Special Needs Children in Orphanages

MOL serves special needs children, some of whom, hold very unique high frequency spiritual light for the world. MOL gives financial support and free healings to children in special needs orphanages. MOL assists orphanages in Cusco, Peru and the Amazon jungle.

Master Thu-Hien playing with the child after she provides healing.


Master Thu-Hien at the orphanage in Cusco: Alejandro's healing time progression

Master Thu-Hien at the orphanage in Cusco with Alejandro after he had an afternoon of epileptic seizers. In less than one minute with the use of healing energies Alejandro’s body was able to self repair. He was then off playing with the other children again.


B. Healing for Special Needs Children: Locations within Master Thu-Hien’s tours

In locations that Master Thu-Hien is touring families with special needs children receive specialized education and healing help during the Special Needs Children’s Healing Clinics that are funded by parent donations.


C. Montessori Pre and Elementary Schools: Locations within Master Thu-Hien’s tours

MOL supports the advancement of high quality education that includes the use of a child’s spirit. Reaching children in their early developmental years is critical to their soul’s development and comfort on this planet. When invited by a school’s principal, Master Thu-Hien visits with children sharing songs and stories about plants, animals, fairies and angels that help our world. She also playfully talks with the children about the need to protect our natural environment with conversations about such global issues as clean water and air. In the future, Master Thu-Hien plans to write children’s books.


Master Thu-Hien playfully talks about the help of Angels at a Montessori Pre-School in Europe



An elderly indigenous gathering, Bolivia

Honoring the indigenous elders, Bolivia

5. Preserving the Integrity of Indigenous Populations

MOL supports the perseveration of the soul power of the ancient cultural heritages within the South American and African indigenous populations. Master Thu-Hien spiritually serves these communities by assisting them with healing, recovering their pride, purpose and the spiritual power that was lost in their communities due to the all-pervading effects of colonialism.

As these deeply spiritual communities heal they are able to continue to retain and use the traditional wisdom of their native ways for their intended greater purpose of serving to keep the balance of the sacred on this planet.

This is a priority for MOL as it is in humanity’s best interest to keep the world’s indigenous populations in existence and thriving. Their very existence preserves the natural order of the sacred on this planet because they are the keepers of the ancient cosmic wisdom and cosmic connections. The indigenous populations represent our oldest ancestors who need to be honored and respected because they are the family ties that keep us rooted in where we originate from — who we are.

Master Thu-Hien sharing time with an elderly Peruvian man who only speaks the ancient language of Quechua. He was one of the villagers who received free healing help during her visit.

If the indigenous cultures of the world become extinct so to will our greater connections to the cosmos be lost. Cosmic connection brings in the oneness state that is the next stage for humanity.

One of the main indigenous population projects of MOL is called Ancient DNA Wake Up in which the ancient soul-song is sung on a mass level within indigenous communities. The first communities slated for this work are the Quechua communities of the Andes Mountains in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. The next populations will be in Asia and Africa.

6. Funding Native Way Schools

MOL provides funding to support non-traditional spiritual schools in which the next generation is taught their culture’s ancient ways of preserving their health with native plant medicine, retaining their elder’s wisdom and protecting the Earth with healing rituals and prayer. The age of technology will not be able to cure everything. Wisdom and human hands will still be needed to care for the people and the land.

Healing ceremony with plant medicines in the home of a shaman, Thailand

Preparing for ceremony with plant medicines in the home of a shaman, Thailand.

7. Working with the Indigenous Medicine People

Master Thu-Hien works in sacred partnership with the indigenous medicine people of the land so that their traditions can continue to honor and help heal the planet. MOL supports those natives who are preserving the sacred land, the ancient ways and providing spiritual support for the new Earth energies. MOL supports the preservation of the Amazon jungle.

The Amazon river Master Thu-Hien received her first initiation name in.


A photo of a North Peruvian Shaman woman conducting an Earth blessing ceremony. She uses the sacred cocoa leaves of the Incan tradition.

Master Thu-Hien participates with a North Peruvian Shaman woman who is conducting an Earth blessing ceremony. She uses the sacred cocoa leaves of the Andean tradition.

Amazonian plant medicine doctor

Amazonian plant medicine doctor. One of our partners at MOL. The photo was taken after a water blessing ceremony.

Master Thu-Hien sits with her shamanic drum gifted to her by a woman shaman from the Brazilian Amazon.

8. Working With the Local Native Medical Practioners

Master Thu-Hien works in sacred partnership with the local native medical practioners to provide health care to indigenous communities located in rural areas and orphanages. Additionally, MOL works with visiting doctors from other countries. Below are just a few of our doctor helpers.

Dr. Jorge Castrejon Chavez, Medical Surgeon and Holistic Medicine

Dr. J. Castrejon Chavez, Medical Surgeon and Holistic Medicine, Peru


O. Montalvo Llanos, C.D., Dental Surgeon – Peru. MOL Orphanage support.

Dr. Therese Trolan, Pediatrician

Dr. T. Trolan, Pediatrician and North American Shaman. Visiting doctor for rural communities.


Projects for Men of Color

Master Thu-Hien conducts healing, spiritual education, and encouragement events for African-American and Latino male populations within the USA. These populations have been greatly affected by police brutality, murder, drug violence, addictions, and low self-esteem. The man of color is the largest represented group within the growing prison system and this is due to racism which is one of the symptoms of the long-standing effects of colonization.

Without the necessary intervention this situation continues to be a grossly perpetuating cycle of destruction that the next generation inherits. This problem creates destruction for the African-American and Latino family units within the USA.

Mentoring Care for Young African-American and Latino Men

MOL provides group spiritual counseling, education, and healing to young African-American and Latino men from the Divine Feminine perspective.

Low Income Community Care projects  – MOL works with inner city community volunteers to provide spiritual cleaning to the land regions in need.


Brazilian Women’s Project

This project targets the sexual exploitation and trafficking of women in Brazil. Master Thu-Hien provides deep healing and spiritual education to Brazilian women on the power of the body and their human rights.

One of the most powerfully expressed spiritual energies of the divine feminine of the past was in the Goddess Temples where they used their body temples for sacred sexuality to heal wounded men. Men from around the world today come to Brazil for this legal sexual healing given by many cloaked Priestess of the past. As they come the rate of Brazilian women with AIDS grows to extreme proportions.

These women are born into a modern society where vast sexual exploitation is customary and the greater soul purpose of the powerful ancient ways of sacred sexuality are hidden and more lost to every new generation of exploited sacred priestesses.

MOL assists in lightening the density around women in Brazil by descending pure Goddess energy and healing to replace what has been abused, neglected and lost within this community.

African & Asian Women’s Projects

MOL assists in lightening the density around women in remote villages of Africa and Asia by descending more pure Goddess energy and healing to replace what has been abused, neglected and/or lost within these communities.

Master Thu-Hien passing on divine feminine teachings to a medicine woman in Thailand.



MOL conducts Earth Ceremonies and seminars in Europe to assist in uplifting the vibrations and cleansing and healing the people and land.

From 2012-2016, Master Thu-Hien toured in Europe (England, Switzerland, Poland, France, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic) and worked with thousands of people and in many sacred locations. These events were about helping Europe lift it’s vibration from some of the heavy karma it still carries from past colonialism that still has tremendous negative effects on the entire world.

The locations selected were for various reasons. Some had heavy karma while others had much lighter karma. The joining of work in the different locations was used to create a neutralizing effect on the divine template of the European continent. We thank the thousands of people who came out to be a part of the events ceremonies that Master Thu-Hien held and the countless unseen forces that contributed their energies.

Since this is one Earth all areas need to be in harmony in order for the whole to be healthy.  MOL’s spiritual charged was to help in the needed karma intervention for Europe which is a very heavy burden for the entire planet to carry. There is a Native American saying, “We are responsible for 7 generations ahead. And we are effected by 7 generations behind.” This work pays tribute to that saying.


After having been invited to a Crop Circle to sing I can say for myself the phenomenon is a truly holy experience. The enormous size of land that is mysteriously altered into sacred geometric forms is incomprehensible. It was a fantastic experience.”

-Thu-Hien Poma of Adonai

Master Thu-Hien walking the enormous labyrinth of the crop circle.

Sitting with beautiful friends. enjoying the energies

This photo was taken after Master Thu-Hien conducted a ceremony of song within the newest mysterious crop circle in the Czech Republic in 2015.



Master THu-Hien sits with Jarda Duske in one of the private rooms at Prague Castle.

As a guest of Jarda Duske, Master Thu-Hien stands at the tower bell at Prague Castle to re-tune the national bell with sacred song.



Master Thu-Hien hols children’s clinics for both special needs children and mainstream children and their parents to participate in. During these clinics she discusses with parents the deeper soul needs the child is having problems articulating. These events have been very successful and rewarding  for the family in attendance.

Children’s clinic in Europe


 World-Wide Preservation of the Indigenous Cultures

MOL assists in helping to salvage the dying arts of the cultural ways of the native people of each country. This is done by waking up the DNA’s codes of light of the people who currently actively hold their cultures wisdom. By helping to restore and wake up the DNA in the people who actively are still preserving their culture’s whole bloodlines can start to be restored and retained on the planet. This photo was taken after Master Thu-Hien met with Samurai Masao for a healing session to address this very purpose.

Master Thu-Hien with a Samurai from Tokyo Japan who holds the royal lineage of the Samurai


MOL is very excited about co-creating sacred temple space in Cusco, Peru in partnership with Greenpoint. Other temple spaces are envisioned for Asia and Africa. In the future we will be inviting the sacred tribe of humanity for annual conferences.


If you would like to invest in a project, become a partner, or sponsor a project please contact us.