Modern Day Spirituality


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This is preparation Reading for ALLOWING yourself access to the necessary resources you may need to use for your spiritual growth.

The article is presented here in order to help the modern day person understand many of the misconceptions in society around allowing themselves to partake in in-depth sacred spiritual work, investing substantial resources for their spiritual care & development, and sacrificing needlessly under the archetypes of the saint or monk. Unless these predominating misconceptions are fully addressed many spiritually-oriented people generally will not be able to move forward with receiving personalized high quality spiritual care in the modern environment of a Western world’s mental paradigms.

Life is THE BIGGEST TEACHER. Nothing will replace that!

And high level “focused” spiritual support can also serve you in life.  Spiritual support can help bring people into the even deeper soul work that their life has brilliantly created the raw materials for. Conscious sacred work at the right time, with the right people and in the right environment has the true potential to create one of the greatest positive impacts on a person’s life. This gift of doing focused soul work can aid in uplifting you from heavy density and can further continue to bless your life overtime. This opportunity is missed by the masses who appear to be stuck in limited thinking and who are unable to conceive of a healthy, happy, and purposeful life that is deeply connected to their souls.

The body will do what it needs to do naturally but you will have to help it recover if the mind-body-soul connection has been distorted, abused and/or disconnected. This is the case with majority of humanity. This is why in-depth group or personalized soul care is so important on the planet now.

It is advised that you reread this article several times because you will receive new awarenesses for yourself each time you read it. Whether you do the work here or elsewhere the messages contained within this writing can assist you on your modern day walk on the spiritual  path.

Effective spiritual tools and high level pure spiritual mentoring help remove the disharmonious noise of the world so that you may get to your true soul’s nature which is whole and divine. The quality, depth, and speed in which you work is self-determined upon your innate capacity, lack of ego limitations, and your ability to openly receive positive energy. The abundance of the universe is yours with a free mind. To obtain a free mind in Western society requires much unlearning and healing…. this becomes your work.

To be soul-connected in modern day society does not just randomly happen. It is a labor of love to heal the things that may block you from your core essence (soul). Then it becomes a labor of love to keep returning back to your soul essence if you fall off course, which will generally happen.

To live in deep soul connection requires a committed lifestyle choice from you. Modern day spirituality and ancient spirituality must be conducted differently because modern man and ancient man faced different lifestyle environments. Two big environmental differences is that modern man has a lot of distractions and modern man is connected to the world through technology that can bring an overload of new unending information. And much of this information goes toward feeding the mind rather than the physical body and the soul.

Additionally, because the High Priestesses and High Priests who help keep this planet in sacred order with their sacred tasks are now no longer living within the sacred isolated temples a new environmental reality must also emerge for them. Their modern reality becomes educating the world as to who they are, what they do and being fairly paid for their esoteric specialized hard work without becoming a part of the commercialized  machine of the modern day business environment.

Their most important role in all of this is to remain high vibrational and pure, yet still remain accessible to the masses who need their help. Yet many times the masses will be clueless as to what a sacred path entails for themselves and their spiritual elders.

This article is designed to help educate you on the role of the Tribal Elder who holds the role of doctor, mentor, and teacher all-in-one. This article is also designed to help you release any limitations you maybe carrying that prevent you from getting the personalized high level spiritual help you may need and want.

May you allow your life to be abundantly blessed with all that you require. May you feel the depth of your own divinity that is always there trying to elevate you to unimagined heights in-between all the noise and chaos of this modern world. And may you know that if you are reading this it is because your soul is part of that specialized soul group who helps to keep this planet in sacred order. May your strive for only the very best for your life so that you may  also have the very best to give.

Article –  Modern Day Spirituality

Part 1. The Tribal Elder is Still Soul Connected

Part 2. Modern Day Investing in Your Spiritual Care

Part 3. The in-breath and the out-breath of Prosperity Consciousness for the Spiritual Person

Modern Day Spirituality

PART 1 – The Tribal Elder is Still Soul Connected

Much of the general population is naive on the use of sacred spiritual tools, pure spiritual mentors and spiritual healing doctors and the profound value they add to life. Why?  because so much of this sacred rare art has been hidden, abandoned, corrupted, and/or abused for thousands of years in probably every society across the globe.

This has happened because of the quintessential war between the light and the dark forces that try to govern over this world. The dark forces have corrupted to a large part what was once pure. This has lead people into extreme hidden fears about connecting to their own souls and connecting to people who are soul-connected. For this reason, in modern times spirituality remains a mysterious or taboo subject for many people. Especially, for people who want to remain under the “favorable” guise of being seen as a traditional religious person.

The modern masses have been uneducated and miseducated on the innate power of their own boundless souls and the critical needs that is has for its own care. Generally if the subject mesmerizes you and you are called in your heart to undertake spiritual development then the use of spiritual tools and access to a spiritual elder will be important adjuncts for your growth. When you attend to your soul’s needs you become the ONE person in a sea of thousands of people who are choosing to WAKE THEMSELVES up to a needed and larger reality.

If you do not need healing tools and you can do these things for yourself then you should. Healing tools are only for those people who would like spiritual assistance. Generally, the people who seek and are willing to receive assistance in life go the furthest. Take for example professional athletes.  They will use an expert fitness trainer, a positive mind-set coach, the best equipment, proper nutrition, great competitive talent and years of practice to become the best they can be and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Additionally, if they have a conscious mentor, they will also be taught about wealth consciousness so that they will be able to openly receive and handle the abundance that greatness ideally brings. If their student does not have a healthy wealth consciousness it does not matter how great their expertise is. They will never be able to receive what they are due for their hard earned expertise. This is why people who have reached the tops in their field may lose all of their wealth quickly. They were not taught about abundance.

Contrary to popular belief, GREAT people do not advance themselves naturally. It takes commitment, effort, direction, and the honing of skills. Additionally,  it usually takes mentoring assistance and specialized resources. The type and quality of assistance you choose for yourself in any endeavor will also determine your outcome in becoming your best YOU and enjoying your life more as an end result. In this modern day world we live in the resources part generally includes precious time and money.

All healing is self-generated. The human being is grander than the most amazing machines on Earth. However, no matter how amazing you are, sometimes you will need to use a hammer, ladder, flashlight, a tiny piece of string or a jet. If you wanted to get to Australia would you want to walk, climb and swim to get there? That could take you decades depending on where you live and who you are. If you want to fly by airplane that could take you hours no matter where you live or who you are. It does not make you any less advanced, less able or less savvy to use tools or mentoring that will assist you in meeting your goals.

Using high-level spiritual tools and mentorship to develop and elevate yourself is — WISDOM. Advanced spiritual people who attend to their spiritual development by investing in guidance, resources, information and tools they believe in will gain the most for themselves. Modern day spirituality is quiet amazing to say the least because of the level of access that is available to the masses who seek it.

The most advanced temple High Priest and High Priestess in ancient Egypt used vibrational tools very much like what is being offered here. These tools were never made available to the masses. These tools were part of the temple’s treasure secrets that provided purification, healing and spiritual development for those who lives were built upon sacred service for their communities. These temple treasures are what I brought back from the past to assist you thousands of years into the future — now, as you live outside of the temple. It does not matter what your present lifestyle is today — if you “get the need for spirituality,” in your life then you are an upholder of the sacred on this planet.

Spiritual tools are also used by native medicine people all around the world to help their tribes to remain healthy and connected to their souls.  Due to modern society encroaching upon the native ways of the indigenous people the current and future generations are losing the ability to use the spiritual healing arts to take care of the people. As the tribal elders pass away a new generation must replace them. That is a sacred order.

If these ways become fully lost the alternative becomes to solely depend upon Western medicine to heal the mind-body-soul that are connected. Currently, Western medicine is inept at dealing with the soul. Without dealing with the soul a non-repairable systemic global mess is created.

Because we are living in such a very fast paced, overly domesticated, one- dimensional and chaotic world the spiritual frequency of this planet and its inhabitants are in dire need of assistance now. Due to this unexaggerated truth divine intervention is needed to assist a spiritually starved world.

The private healing sessions and many of the healing tools on this modern day website have been given as tools of divine intervention. It is powerful to use divine interventions whenever they are made available to you in your life and to maintain deep reverent gratitude and respect to the spiritual realms for the life long blessings and love they bestow upon life.

Use the wisdom of your heart to lead you. Do not seek what is right for you by modern society’s standards, your intellect, or your ego because all of them are disconnected from the soul. Just as a limb that is not continuously used will atrophy the same happens with our ability to use our soul’s wisdom and power.  When your mind, body and soul are disconnected and out of alignment you must seek help quickly.

In tribal traditions a grandparent or parent would be the first to recognize if a child was lost and deeper help from the tribal elder would be quickly sought after.  In today’s society few people are skilled as high level tribal medicine doctors, teachers or wayshowers and the elders do not get the proper respect deemed to them.

Much of what has happened to hurt the public image of spiritual people has happened because of the spread of Christianity during the last 2,000 years in European colonized locations that practiced Pre-Christian sacred native ways. The ancient tribal elders and customs were destroyed and villainized as devil worshiping. Thus the melting down of all things sacred became the price for gold buried within Mother Earth.

The new modern Western world and the institute of the Catholic church would now be the replaced idols over all things sacred to the ancient peoples of the world that respected the very fabric of creation called – Divinity, God, or whatever other name you want to offer. This was one of the major starts of the selling of the world’s soul.

Due to the selling of the world’s soul most people are ill in some very deep ways. Thus we have whole societies that give birth to children and raise them disconnected from their souls. So it becomes the standard to be disconnected from ones own soul and very nature. Therefore, no one is seeking the spiritual help they need because everyone appears normally dysfunctional (lost).

In this modern day world there are very few spiritual elders left. Many of the sacred tribes were systematically annihilated. Therefore these old souls are reincarnating back to the planet as younger people who have great skill to help the masses. In order to serve as an active modern day spiritual elder one must be able to retained their soul’s purity, have stayed psychologically sane, choosen to work with the masses. possess a high level  of communication skills to be able to translate the spiritual world to the Western lay person and remember to some extent the real history of the Earth pre-Christianity. This makes it a challenge for the common person to be able to find the tribal elder they need.

Because of the lack of tribal elders in places where modern society is situated those who have all of these traits have had to cross the boarders and become global tribal elders to the masses. And this global community best finds each other by being part of the world wide web and travel. This becomes a choice that can be carried out with sacred integrity. To be of assistance, the ancient minded people must meet the modern minded people where they are.

So now a new modern spiritual culture emerges where the sacred temple space is hosted on-line and in global retreats for those who are seeking their global tribal elders (the doctors, teachers, mentors and wayshowers). Those who seek temple spaces for healing and care are those people who understand on a deep level that they are here to uphold the sacred on this planet. The care that the tribal elders give to the next generation is invaluable.

Where does the sacred being for us? The sacred starts within the person’s body temple. First you must “remember” there are temples spaces both within you and outside of you. These temple spaces welcome you. They are your holy home away from home. However, to walk into the temple chambers you must possess a pure heart and proper inner guidance. Then you must purify yourself, heal yourself, and uplift yourself to serve both yourself and your community outside of the temple. The sacred within you and the sacredness of this planet depend on those who honor the temple space within themselves. The global tribal elders serve those who serve.

PART 2 – Modern Day Investing in Your Spiritual Care

There was a time on the planet when what was true was obvious. This is not always the case today.  Today there is much clamor in the world vying for your attention.  The idea of quantity has dominated quality. Because of this it is even more important to deeply discern what is true in a commercial driven world.

Seek to find the people whose assistance resonates with your soul the deepest. Their assistance can help you reclaim the natural gifts of your soul. The price range and the expertise level of the helpers you seek are also very important for you to decide. Choosing to invest in life changing spiritual work is a decision that should be made with great care. Just as you would try to choose the best medical attention for your body you may also want to choose the best spiritual attention for your soul’s care.

Whatever care you give your soul  totally affects your whole being and life. Investing in your soul’s care should be prioritized as one of the greatest investments you are willing to make for yourself. For many people they have a mental barrier for paying for life changing spiritual services. Some people believe spiritual work should be made free to all or at bargain prices.  And yet they will easily invest in vacations, luxury cars, jewelry, spa treatments, regular massages, financial advisors, and cosmetic surgery. This is the state of a modern person’s thinking  around the “lack of care,” that their soul deserves.

The more you can open yourself to receiving the best care for your soul the more you will notice there are some very potent things out there for those who hold the spiritual comprehension to want to partake in them. Find the ideal faces, places and resources that magnetically draw you in.  Feel what your soul  needs from you.

All the tools on this website have been crafted with the highest integrity and premium level spiritual expertise. All of the items offered here have been tested first to ensure they work. They are designed to be the some of the best level of spiritual care made available on the planet that can greatly assist you on your journey and change your life. The work that is offered here has taken decades of time to create, hone and to be able to conduct. This is very rare, profound and sacred work.

Generally people who invest in sacred work find that their investments are usually returned to them 100 fold by the grace of the Divine. This happens because the soul has requested the care and the person has listened.

PART 3 – Prosperity Consciousness for the Spiritual Person

Prosperity Blessings are offered to anyone who wants to partake in this work but feels that they cannot afford it. Simply send us a 1-sentence email that it is your intention and responsibility to have the financial resources you need in order to assist yourself in getting the spiritual care you desire and deserve.  Due to time constrains you will not receive a formal reply but you will automatically receive a prosperity blessings on the next Monday after your request. The blessing can help in freeing up the resistance you may have in the areas of receiving assistance and abundance.

Truly, abundance is always there for anyone who wants it. Lack is still an illusion just like everything else. When you accept the idea that you have free will and that you are the ultimate creator of the reality you experience then you will understand that you also create what you allow yourself to have. That is the bad news and the great news.

Even children are powerful creators whose creations started way before they were born. Every single circumstance of our life we have created. We are the actors, producers, and screen writers for our lives. You family, friends, co-workers, community and Mother Earth are your stage props.  Everything is here to serve your Earth dream. You are everywhere. You are everything that you see. You are the eye behind the eye. You are soul dancing and creating with the human ego to grow (go) back into the arms of God.

When you recognize that you are infinite then you can recognize that your financial blessings can come from anywhere at any time. Open yourself to receiving the bounty of the universe in an easy, legitimate, and honorable way. There is no shortage of abundance. When your mind can receive a bigger reality that is the reality you will live here on the planet.

“When you are pushed by external circumstances to have more, it is your soul’s way of saying to you that you can BE more. Take the opportunity to be more.”

To need more, changes you on a deep level. This happens because it creates a stress (the seedling pushing out from the soil) that forces you to grow (go). This actually serves your soul well because the soul desires expansion. Without the need for more we do not grow. Often however, people become stressed instead of focusing on moving through the barrier that creates the momentum to grow.

Once you “allow” the expansion, your life is never the same again. Allowing for more is important. Take for example the first time you earned money as a child. Maybe the thought of earning 50 cents was a lot of money. But once you got a $1 that was huge. Then once you got $2 you were not thinking about 50 cents anymore.

As your expectations grew and you wanted more money the bread crumbs that the adults around you wanted to give you was no longer appealing for you anymore. You then probably got your own job that would pay you what you wanted or you asked for more money from your parents. But there was a day that something clicked inside of you that your time was worth more than 50 cents.

In most civilized societies slavery is no longer legal. It is only permissible for those who continue to believe it in because it is all they know and yet their belief in it now, will allow them to know something more later.

In modern societies where women are able to earn money outside of relying upon their husbands or men, where anyone can become an entrepreneur, and where the internet can reach a global audience there are much fewer restrictions on the amount of money one can earn. These changes need to start sinking deeper into the minds of the general population.

The days of poverty for the masses are coming to an end and a new world is slowly emerging. If you do not believe this ask your grandparents. They had probably very little access to generating more money for their family if they wanted a better life. Your ability to earn money is now up to what you will allow for yourself and what value you will place on what you offer to the world.

What you offer to the world will encompass your presence, expertise, wisdom,  experience, character, personal style, energy, X factors, quality of your inner light and education. By education I do not only mean formal education  — it can be the education from the School of Hard Knocks or your own self studies.

It is important for people to realize that many times they put themselves into very small boxes due to generational habits and beliefs that were passed down to them around the issue of money. Most people in the general population have fears around money. It has been deeply impeded into the psyche of humanity due to the dysfunctional ways of world governments that have poorly and greedily handled the commerce affairs of the people. It is truly time for people to reclaim a positive concept of money for the sake of their own lives. Without this critical reclaiming of abundance for yourself, you could suffer greatly.

You CAN generate money and anything else you may need through the power of using your unlimited magical imagination. Nothing was ever created without the use of imagination. It is a misunderstood and underestimated piece of God that is within all of us. It is the ultimate creator that a child can use to make blankets into castles. When an adult reclaims the power of their imagination they can turn water into wine.

If you are in alignment with God’s will for you — then you never will have to go without again. Once you start to deeply realize that you CAN have ample prosperity everything will start to change from that point on because you will have just interjected a new standard of living into your life.  Joy, freedom, happiness, peace, compassion, love, respect, success, friendships, and connections … all are part of having prosperity in your life.

Prosperity turns up the goodness in life. These things cannot be bought with money, but they sure are affected deeply when you do not have money. Why? Because a lack of money brings out the buried powerlessness a person feels in their own life. When you have chronic money issues you do not have a money problem. You have deeper unaddressed and unresolved feelings of powerlessness going on.

What is money? Money is an energy exchange. It is not about needing something from someone else who has something that you want. It is about you both sharing your energy in equal proportions. In the new world that is emerging, “money fairness” is an exalted virtue. This means — equal exchange.

If someone gave you 30 cents on something you did or created for them that you put a value for your time and skills at $1, then that is not an equal exchange. It is important to ask for what you feel is fair and receive what you feel is fair.  You do not need to lower your price. They need to offer more value so they can raise their prices if they do not have enough money to pay you. This is the healthy mentality of someone who can value their worth.

The lawmakers of society have totally corrupted the idea of money in the name of greed. Therefore, the mass’s concept of money has been totally corrupted and perverted. Many people believe that money is evil and therefore, they keep it away from themselves subconsciously. Money is a neutral piece of paper that you can be used to buy things. Evil is only interested in producing more evil. If money were evil you would only be able to buy evil things.

Additionally, so many people say of themselves, “I do not like money!” This is one of the worst verbal curses you can place on yourself. You will be forced to work very hard and you will get nowhere because you have cursed the very thing you do need in this world to survive…. unless you live in a remote part of the rain forest.

I know of a cancer doctor who has his own clinic. Probably 40% of his daily wealth/work goes to his ex-wife monthly because he says, “I do not like money.” This limiting belief hurts him. Not liking money will set up a lot of suffering for the soul because the soul is innately rich. For many people positive statements about money are truly difficult for them to not feel resistance to because they have bought into societal myths that keep them suffering and stuck around money.

Money in its purest sense of use is actually a deeply spiritual concept. It is a physical form of exchanging energy. The whole entire universe is predicated upon the necessary exchange of energy. People who are spiritually rich and give a lot of their integrity and light filled energy should never be poor. They….. should ….. be….. abundant… and dare I say, even rich. Everyone can be abundant because everyone knows how to exchange energy. It is as natural as the in-breath and the out-breath.

It is the spiritual law of compensation —  to both give and receive. This is one of the universal realities of creation. If you only give you are out of alignment. If you only take the same is true. If you give a lot you should most definitely receive a lot. Do not cut yourself off from the flow of the abundant universe. It is just not a good idea. You are very powerful. You can cut off your life force if you choose to do this and you probably are doing this right now if you do not have money.

Spiritual people are notorious GIVERS and SACRIFICERS. Their hearts overflow with wanting to help without concern for themselves many times. The need for sacrifice on the planet was real at one time. The reason for this is because not enough people were giving and those who recognized it GAVE for all their communities on behalf of humanity. Those days are passing away as more people on the planet stand in their own light and GIVE.  God bless all the people of the past who sacrificed for us.

It is now time for spiritual people to have ALL of their needs met in abundance as they generously give to themselves and society.  They have learned the out-breath of giving. And they must now apply the in-breath to the equation. Spiritual people do not have to be poor, ashamed to earn an ample amount of finances to provide for and enjoy their lives, or give away their precious services for free or greatly reduced prices. But it must first start with reeducating the mind and heart that you can have what you want and you do deserve your piece of the pie.

There will come a time that the financial systems of the world will be rebuilt. There may even come a time that there will be no need for a “money system,”  and a new system that supports life will be made available to replace it. Yet even without a dysfunctional money system people still are in the learning process of the Law of Compensation. This universal law will continue and people will still need to take the in-breath and the out-breath of receiving and giving.

I have discussed these concepts here extensively because many “good spiritual people” suffer needlessly around the idea of having abundance. They will say, “I just need enough. I do not need to be fully appreciated. Money is bad etc..” Freeing yourself from any misery around lack needs to be a priority for each person’s life. Why?

Because it is NOT the highest intention of the soul to continuously suffer and/or live in lack. The ego uses the lack of money and the lack of available sacred spaces in this world as two of its biggest tools to control people and keep them stuck.

Unless you truly get this — higher level spiritual healing cannot truly happen. You will self sabotage yourself if both of these needs cannot be met. Maybe for some people in an ideal world you do not need anything but the basics of yourself and God to survive. However, that is totally unrealistic in today’s world. This is why God is smarter than us. God wants us to need each other, help each other, and love each other out of the ignorance of darkness.

We are all God helping each other out of the old human dramas that have fundamentally shaped the growth of humanity. These old dramas are build upon societal paradigms that are greatly steeped in lack. This lack state is a very low vibrational state of being. Humanity used it for its growth and now humanity is being freed from the old patterns of lack. Those among the masses who are ready, willing and able to grasp the coming new paradigm of prosperity for the masses need to start thinking in terms of abundance. To be connected to your soul is to be connected to God. God is abundant.

A new start can begin here. Take a deep in-breath, get centered, place your hand over your heart, and on the out-breath repeat 3-times daily outloud:

I release any resistance to being reconnected to the true source of abundance. I am supported by the divine within me. All of my needs are fully met. I can have my true heart’s desires. All things are within my reach. I am centered in God’s boundless assistance and abundance. I am free to be my best beautiful self and fully enjoy a purposeful, healthy, happy, balanced, prosperous life. I am one with the divine!

Thu-Hien Poma of Adonai