* NOTE: If you would like to use the tools on this page please first schedule a private healing session with Master Thu-Hien so that she can make a clear diagnosis of what is exactly needed for your current life cycle.

Ancient abandoned ceremonial site in Peru located within a cave



Welcome to the On-line Healing Temple. These temple tools offer life healing and maintenance systems that address the deepest spiritual needs of people who are dedicated to their internal work and who are walking on a spiritual path towards SELF-MASTERY.

There is no need to overwhelm yourself with the vastness of work that is covered on this page. If you schedule a private healing session with Master Thu-Hien, she will be able to direct you as to what maybe necessary for you to review here. In general each private healing session will integrate whatever work is needed.

Before you jump into what is offered on this page you may first want to read the informational article entitled: Preparation Reading. That is first link on this menu section. Without reading this article first this sacred work may not make much sense for you to participate in. Additionally, to understand the potential life changing impact of this work for your life you may also want to read the Testimonials under the About link.

The work offered in The Healing Temple is very powerful and life changing work for all who would eagerly like to be included.

Master Thu-Hien helps with a case of bronchitis during one of MOL’s healing Clinics.

* Proceeds from the On-Line Healing Temple work fully support,  MISSIONS OF LIGHT (MOL) which is a NGO that Thu-Hien Poma of Adonai founded that funds and provides charity healing to people in war-torn countries and to people from the indigenous populations. Additionally, the proceeds fund MOL’s earth ceremonies around the world. All money that is invested here provides massive service work for our world. You can read more about these humanitarian efforts under the MOL link, within the About link.



Healing Sessions

1. The Life Path Review Program

2. The Self Love Frequency Initiation

3. Etheric Soul Weaving for the Advanced Soul65. Overlays & Implants Removal Sessions

4. DNA Corrections & Upgrades Sessions

5. Spiritual Surgeries (Heart, Spine, Nervous System, Brain & Injured Body Parts)

6. Black Magic and Curse Removal Session

7. Mini booster Remote Healing Sessions (for repeat clients)

7. Turbo Booster Remote Healing Sessions (for repeat clients)

8. Spiritual Purification Sessions (Body, Land, Home, Car, Workplace)

9. Multi-dimensional Portals Closed

10. Sexual Healing Sessions (coming soon)

11. Abuse Sessions (coming soon)

12. Healing the Feminine (coming soon)

13. Healing the Masculine (coming soon)

14. Pregnancy Sessions (coming soon)

15. Children’s Sessions (coming soon)

16. Prosperity Sessions (coming soon)

17. War Veterans Sessions (coming soon)

18. Long-Term Healing Session Packages

* All coming soon sessions are available now. Their descriptions will be added over time.


Overview – Life Path Review Program – $550

If your life has been very difficult in certain areas and you have not been able to make much progress no matter how hard you have tried this could mean you are living an old life path that no longer serves you. Divine dispensation is being granted to worthy candidates on the planet who have reached a certain growth point in some of their major life lessons. The Life Path Review program is for removing the heavy burden of the lessons you have already learned but need big assistance getting “unstuck” from in your daily life.

This program works to change your life. It is composed of a series of five profound  sessions over a 5 month time frame. Please click the above photo  to read the full program description.


Overview – Self-Love Frequency Initiation  $350/$500

This healing modality from the divine realms gives you a very powerful emotional tool to use in order to center yourself in self-love daily and even by the minute if needed. It will teach you what it means to really love yourself through the use of an unique method called frequency teaching. It is designed to help you practice feeling the vibration of self love so that you can have self mastery in this area.

It is a frequency tool to be used after you have had private healing sessions with Master Thu-Hien to help you maintain the high vibration after your healing work. If you are interested in purchasing this modality you will need to schedule an appointment time to receive it. The entire modality is offered here for you to read and decide if it is something you need. Please click the above photo for the full program description.


Etheric Soul Weaving

When the human body is ready to take on more of its SOUL’s force, gifts, magnitude, and direction there will be a strong desire to make a quantum leap in life. Over a person’s lifetime this will happen several times. This is called a cycle shift. For spiritually oriented people this occurs much more often. During a cycle shift things are usually stirred up and great change takes place. This change can also be called a spiritual growth spurt.

Usually during a healing session your spiritual guides may tell Master Thu-Hien that you will need to prepare for a big spiritual expansion. You may also come to Master Thu-Hien already knowing this. Through the process of 2, 4 or 6  Etheric Soul Weaving sessions. During the session Master Thu-Hien weaves in new layers of your soul that are ready to integrate with your physical body, thus a new higher consciousness life path that was waiting to emerge is energetically brought into the physical plane. And the quotient of spiritual light you hold is thereby increased.

This will happen on its own over time, taking sometimes months, years, decades or lifetimes. However, with Etheric Weaving this process can happen safely in a reduced period of time. At this stage on our planet — the concept of time is becoming less of a boundary and spiritual tools like this can speed up the spiritual evolution of those who are capable and qualified to receive this work.

Overlays & Implants Removed & Protections Set Up

The overlay removal work Master Thu-Hien does is invaluable.  It is not easy to explain in human terms because it is a negative spiritual tool that was not totally man made. It is a piece of artificial intelligence that has been implanted into the human aura and spiritual body of an individual. To the spiritual eye it looks like an architectural blueprint or an “overlay.”

It has been placed on the masses by negative forces to keep people’s evolution held back. To have them removed is quite big task. If you seek to have them removed it means that you are functioning too high now to continue to be held within “the matrix system /grid” any longer. A lower consciousness person will continue to live with the painful life lessons that these overlays bring. Overlays are strongly steeped in demographics such as generational, cultural, gender, income and/or age based.

Much of the human population has overlays. Overlays are clandestinely performed on the masses without their consent through countless ways — including but not at all limited to medicine, vaccines, music, video games, films, water, television, and silent disharmonious frequencies that are distributed by air in certain locations. The ways overlays are introduced into the masses is unlimited.  In general overlays are passed on through modes of receiving information that are aimed at brainwashing, weakening the immune system and weakening the human potential of the masses. Few people can protect themselves from the damage they cause.  A term that could be used for the results they cause is, “A dumbing down of humanity.”

Implants serve to product the same negativity however, they are more tailored to the individual.

Overlays and implants can only be intuitively diagnosed. This is high level work that needs to be performed correctly without further damage. The systemic world-wide damage that is caused by overlays and implants is beyond comprehension.  It is a damage that effects the entire life of an individual. Just imagine a high speed bump that your car cannot surmount and therefore, cannot continue driving to get to its destination. This the purpose of overlays and implants…… to keep humanity stuck.

* People should be reassessed seasonally. It is like checking for fleas. Each reassessment is 50% off the original price.

DNA Corrections & Upgrades

Contrary to what many people believe modern day humanity is functioning below what …. updated in July 2017.

Multi-dimensional Portals Closed

To be updated in July 2017.


Spiritual Surgery for Trauma Release (Heart,  Spine, Nervous System, or Injured Body Parts) –

A medical doctor who works with the physical body of a person does so from training she/he has received in this life lifetime. Master Thu-Hien is a trained spiritual medical surgeon who has conducted countless successful major and minor surgeries for people. Master Thu-Hien has been trained in many lifetimes to be a spiritual surgeon. She uses the gift of keen spiritual sight to see the extent of trauma that has happening on a spiritual level. Then she performs the needed surgery aided by the person’s spiritual support teams.

Master Thu-Hien’s specialties include emotional heart trauma, rewiring of the nervous system for post traumatic stress disorder, and spinal surgery to correct physical body distortions and energetic blockages, respiratory lung work for breathing difficulties, and surgery for injured limps.

The surgeries are successful to the “subconscious” degree and human pace that a person is willing to heal. This means some people heal instantly and others will make more time to heal after the surgery has been completed. At worst, the person will not heal and they will be in the same condition they were when they started. This rarely ever happens when a person has invested their hard earned money to pay for their healing session.

No complications can ever happen with this work because this work is not preformed on the physical body and because the person’s “all seeing” spiritual guides who work directly with CREATOR know what is needed even before the surgery starts.

* The number of sessions needed will determine the price.


Black Magic and Curse Removal

Initial Scan Report

To perform this soul work properly a practioner must have extraordinarily strong protective spirit guides that are suited for this type of demonic work and they personally must possess no fear to work between the dimensional portals of good and evil. This is very serious and highly specialized work. Instructive precautions need to be followed before this work is undertaken because of all the harsh and dramatic energy that is attached to the person. Black magic and curses create a very heavy burden of suffering for a person’s life.

Many people are unknowingly affected by several layers of black magic and curses from several lifetimes and from several generations. Spiritually powerful people are affected by it more often because their strong power was a threat to someone or they may have threatened someone. Other times black magic and curses are placed upon “innocent” people because of jealousy, envy, greed, possessiveness etc… The word innocence is used because each person on some level agrees to their life lessons.

This is major cleansing work that requires safety measures and follow ups because most black magic was meant to be bound permanently to the soul of the “victim” to create unending suffering in all future lifetimes.  And this generally meant for all their future off-spring until eternity. The people who practice black magic are souless and vicious to the extreme.  They have no boundaries. This is why it is such a pervasive thing to experience.

To not believe in black magic does not save you from it. The Egyptian book of the dead even talks about the profound power of curses. There is evil in the world just as there is goodness. All people on planet Earth will learn about the opposite forces of positive energy and negative energy. Just as there are very honorable people in the world there are also very dishonorable people in the world who are still learning about the effects of their negative deeds on others.

People attract into their lives what they need to learn about. They do not attract what they necessarily deserve. This is the reason that bad things happen to good people. The “worthiness cup” most be full in order to gain the “things we deserve,” This means, if we are good people we must feel we deserve good things.

If you are a higher evolved spiritual person most likely you have had your share of torture, betrayal, and enemies in this life and past lives. In addition, there is a 80% chance that you have had black magic and curses placed on you and/or your family. The older a soul the more you have endured.  Why? Because in ancient times it was common place to practice spirituality, powerfully — both light and dark.

Additionally, very innocent and young souls attract harsh lessons too in this area to help them gain discernment in the choices they make. This is the children’s story of Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf. “Oh, what big ears you have.” Innocence must learn how to stay pure of heart and learn how to protect itself at the same time. Protect itself from people of a lower nature (lower consciousness) who do not know how to not create harm yet.

You can only help yourself when you allow yourself to believe the unbelievable sometimes. Yes, the dark side is real. If there were moments in life that you did not think so positively then you could have also created curses against yourself. Saying things like, “I will never be able to love again. I always have bad luck, ” are like self inflected curses. What we speak we proclaim over our lives. So not only do others curse us but we can curse ourselves with our minds.

If you suspect that your life has been plagued with bad luck it probably has been…. The good news is that you recognize the reason and are now taking it seriously enough to do something about it. You must now seek to find a solution that entails the removal of ALL that was ever placed on you. All can be numbered into the thousands. Many times the people who practice black magic and curse removal only have the expertise to remove a few at a time or they do not have strong enough protective forces to removed the toughest cases.

Much of the DIVINELY inspired healing arts that were created to HELP people and not HURT people have been tainted, abused, or gone underground to protected itself over the past thousands of years. Practitioner  who practice the pure forms of healing will be known by their hearts.

It is by far the most unpleasant yet some of the most critical work that Master Thu-Hien specializes in. She will do a scan report for you of any black magic and curses. She will tell you what your soul records show. If you want to continue the work your $250 will go toward the balance of the full work. If no black magic shows up you will receive a refund minus $75 for the time.

If a person has balanced their karma and learned all the lessons they have needed in this area Master Thu-Hien can skillfully remove all the black magic and curses from ALL lifetimes.

Additionally, you will receive 2 trauma release sessions to help repair and heal the damage that was done. If this is not enough the person will need some extra private healing sessions to further attend to themselves.

*Please note that spiritual healing is a very complex and sophisticated matter. Sometimes people think they have one thing when they actually have something else. Black magic and curses are different from Negative Entities and Demonic Entities. But sometimes they go hand-in-hand. This is why a diagnostic scan of the full extend of the issues must be conducted first. It can be compared to going to a medical doctor and having all the test done to see what you have and to what extent. It is big work that one needs to be ready and strong enough to face. And yet sadly, in some situations people are not ready to let go of the suffering and they will continue to stay “ill” for another lifetime.

* People should be reassessed seasonally. Oddly, sometimes the person may pick up something  It is like checking for fleas. Each reassessment is 50% off the original price.

Daily Life Mini Booster Remote Session  $125

When you need to get YOUR energy moving again!

If you are a repeat client of Master Thu-Hien’s (have already completed 3 full sessions ) you are qualified to receive the following mini booster sessions in any of the following areas you may feel you need extra support. These healing sessions are simply conducted on a as needed basis if you do not feel you need a full private session with counsel.

The receive a mini booster session please schedule. With these sessions there are no e-mail follow ups. Generally all people see an immediate shift in the area they have requested healing in. Mini booster sessions are for light weight issues that need some divine energy flowing through them to move the issue along and learn the lessons behind them.

These sessions should be requested for 1 situation you are having a problem with. Master Thu-Hien does the energy work without the need for detail or follow up. If the shift is not enough then a full private session will be needed. A private session will always give much more complete healing and clarity.

These mini booster sessions can be done as often as you would like. If you have multiple sessions you would like done it maybe more efficient to have a full private healing session so that you may receive Master Thu-Hien’s assistance in getting to the core of the complicated situation.

If you have an area you do not see listed please let us know.

  • Self Love
  • Prosperity
  • Creativity Unblock
  • Self Confidence
  • Exam Time
  • Courage
  • Surrender
  • Energy Refresh
  • Calm

Daily Life Turbo Booster Remote Session $200

When you need to get YOUR energy moving again!

Please read the description of the Daily Life Mini Booster sessions above. The Daily Life TURBO sessions are the same. The only difference is that they are for “constantly reoccurring” issues that everyone faces in daily life. These issues may need a bit more energy to get you in harmony with your alignment again. These sessions do not replace the depth of a private healing session. They are actually better when used after a private healing session to continue to keep things moving along.

If you have an area you do not see listed please let us know.

  • General Spiritual cleansing
  • Getting unstuck
  • Releasing energy cords between people
  • Re-connection to God
  • Forgiveness
  • Relationship Healing
  • Heartbreak soothing
  • Clarity
  • Deeper Energy Refresh
  • Grounding and centering
  • Deeper Calm

Remote Spiritual Purification Sessions –  $375

When you need to get YOUR energy moving again!

  • Spiritual cleansing for the physical body
  • Energetic cords cleared
  • House, Land, Car & Business –  cleansed & blessed

If a person has sustained trauma due to their lack of being able to maintain proper spiritual hygiene they may need some private healing sessions to help restore them back to a sense of wholeness.  An example is if a person laid down with fleas for an extended period of time they may also have attracted parasites, fungus, lice etc.. Now the person must do a serious detoxing of themselves and their environment.

How do people get spiritually dirty? By walking outside of the house, by watching movies/news, by sleeping with people with bad spiritual hygiene, by being around people with bad spiritual hygiene, by taking a train, by taking drugs, telling lies, by having negative people influencing your aura  — the list is never ending. One must constantly cleanse oneself from environmental factors and  their own negative thinking and actions.


Self Love Attunement

  • Please see the self-love attunement listed further above.


Divine Heart Attunement

  • Please visit the main Tour link and read about the Divine Heart Seminar. Upon special request Master Thu-Hien will give an individual student a remote Divine Heart Attunement outside of the regular group attunement.


Divine Light Attunement

  • Please visit the main Tour link and read about the Divine Heart Seminar. Upon special request Master Thu-Hien will give an individual student a remote Divine Light Attunement outside of the regular group attunement.


Prosperity I AM Attunement

  • Please visit the main Tour link and read about this Seminar. Upon special request Master Thu-Hien will give an individual student a remote  Prosperity I AM Attunement outside of the regular group attunement.

Master Thu-Hien conducting a high vibrational on-line meditation event from the Greek islands


New on-line events are under development for 2018

On-line Teaching

On-Line Meditation

On-Line Seminars



If more healing work is needed it is time to consider a healing package. A complimentary, 30 min discussion of your tailored needs and payment plan options can be scheduled with Master Thu-Hien.

Spending an extended amount of time in Master Thu-Hien’s care is life changing when you are ready to invest in your deepest spiritual care.  The duration of the time you choose to work in will be in direct correlation to the depth of work you will allow yourself to do. The reason for this is because the work is very profound thus the longer time you have to immerse yourself in it the higher level of work you will be engaging in. With each additional session the sacred work becomes exponentially deeper and more expansive.

For example, just imagine octopus ink cast into water. At the beginning the ink (your soul) is centralized in a small location (the first sessions) over a small period of time this ink can fill the area leaving no area untouched (your life). The profound changes that can happen with long term spiritual care are very much like this. The sacred work permeates your life and you become a grander version of yourself — a version you have been wanting and maybe waiting for — but you must take a radical action in order to become it.

For the advanced spiritual person investing in very high quality soul work should be held as mandatory during critical cycle shifts on your life path. The quantum growth spurts that are needed and received by doing spiritual healing and self development work are totally invaluable components needed for a high quality of life.

Because of the chaotic times we live in on this planet and the level of soul disconnect it encourages, your soul health is vital and necessary to attend to. For many people, if they do not overtly deeply attend to their soul — it generally will not get what it needs.


$5,000 – 4 months / 16 sessions –
4 months,  weekly sessions, 1 email bi-weekly for your follow up, bi-weekly 20 min phone follow ups. Included healing:  Life Path Review Program, Self-Love Gold package Attunement, Focused trauma release and wound repair, Focused issues release, DNA cleaning and upgrade work, and weekly Prosperity Blessings.  * Plus any other work Master Thu-Hien may feel you need added.

The premium package provides very deep healing work for long standing issues and/or advanced spiritual development work.


$3,500 – 3 months / 12 sessions –
3 months, weekly sessions, 1 email bi-weekly for your follow ups, bi-weekly 20 min phone follow ups, Included healing:  Life Path Review Program, Self-Love Gold package Attunement, Focused trauma release and wound repair, Focused issues release and weekly Prosperity Blessings.

The middle package provides very deep healing work.


$2,300 – 1.5 month / 5 sessions –
1.5 months, sessions weekly, 1 email bi-weekly for your follow up, bi-weekly on line 20 min phone follow up, Included healing:  Life Path Review Program, Self-Love Gold package Attunement,  Focused trauma release and wound repair, Focused issue release, and weekly Prosperity Blessings.

The standard package provides very deep healing work for people who do not have overwhelming and  chronic issues they need to move through.

*The Prosperity Blessings will start directly after you have made a commitment to do the work. They help you to be able to afford whatever you may need. They help open the channels to your receiving.

*Etherial flower essence water comes with all packages to be consumed daily. Starting July 2017.

DISCLAIMER: To keep in compliance with federal laws please read this disclaimer: All information presented within this website is not meant to replace any professional medical or legal advice. Thu-Hien Poma of Adonai takes no responsibility for your use of these services. By participating in these services, you agree to indemnify Thu-Hien Poma of Adonai from all liabilities & any expenses including lawyer’s fees and doctor’s fees arising from any health and legal claims based on your total voluntary participation.