Moon Meditation & Healing Events

The power vortex of Qurikancha, the ancient Inca temple of the Sun- Cusco, Peru (red arrow)

Online ceromonial site overlooks the power vortex of Qurikancha, the ancient Inca temple of the Sun- Cusco, Peru (red arrow)


All of Master Thu-Hien’s events are sacred ceremonial times that support the awakening of planetary evolution. They are offered to people who want to take an active role in sharing in sacred planetary group work. Our time together supports the shift in spiritual consciousness that is happening on a world-wide level. Together we create needed sacred space that helps to anchor in newly emerging spiritual energies. These Online Moon events are held from one of the most pristine power centers on Earth – the land of Peru.

During the Online Moon events Master Thu-Hien conducts spiritual lectures, meditations and group healings. Her lectures are regarded as mini spiritual training courses that overflow with profound wisdom and simplicity. Through the creative use of extemporaneous and inspiring storytelling and metaphors, Master Thu-Hien delves deeply into spiritual teachings that help the average person to gain very clear, new, and profound life understandings to take with them and use immediately. Master Thu-Hien holds a keen level of sensitivity for each group she is teaching. Most, if not all people in attendance, seem to get exactly what they need each time.

All donations are used to sustain a global humanitarian mission of spiritually supporting the world through the epic changes we are experiencing now.

If you are sensitive to divine energies, as Master Thu-Hien begins the teachings and especially during the meditation you will feel the light-filled, pure, and beautiful spiritual energies descend and connect with your physical body. As the integration of these healing energies can last up to 2 hours or more depending on you, it is not wise to plan anything strenuous afterwards because you will want your attention quietly focused inward.

We regularly receive tremendous positive feedback from attendees on the miraculous changes and healing shifts that are occuring in people’s lives as they dedicate themselves to attending the Full Moon events regularly. The full moon event helps fulfill the need for regular global sacred community time.

Please be aware that the structure of each event could be slightly altered, as it is reflecting the actual needs of the group that has gathered. When Master Thu-Hien is on her annual tour the events are held from different locations throughout the world.

The Full Moon events are by a $25 donation that is paid in advance, at the latest 2 days before the event. They are currently conducted for the European time zone and translated in Czech. The total duration is about 2-hours.

 Try a Moon event with us and if you are dissatisfied we will gladly refund your donation.  To register for a Moon event, please email us.

Disclaimer: The information presented within the meditation events is a community service for peace and is not meant to replace any professional medical or legal advice. Thu-Hien Poma of Adonai takes no responsibility for your use of this service. By participating in this meditation, you agree to indemnify Thu-Hien Poma of Adonai from all liabilities & any expenses including lawyer’s fees arising from any health claims based on your voluntary participation.

Tibetan bowls and condor feather used during event

Overlooking Cusco from the ceremonial location

Overlooking the Andes from the Cusco ceremonial location