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The Sacred Valley, Urubamba, Peru

One of the sanctuary home locations for Master Thu-Hien: The Sacred Valley in Urubamba, Peru

Mother Earth

Because the Earth is a primary mother, supporter and healer for each person living here the fundamental task of this generation is to start living in reverent and harmonious partnership with Earth again. This was the common and rooted way for our most eldest ancestor — the African indigenous native of the majority of the land masses of the Earth.

Epic Earth Changes

As the core energies of the Earth dramatically shift they start to open a new energetic pathway from the sacred mountain range of the Himalayas in Tibet to another sacred mountain range along Peru — The Andes. As this shift happens the spirit of the Andes mountain range rejoices and celebrates in its epic rebirth. As this happens the Earth and its inhabitants go through an intense period of major energetic cleansing and renewal that helps pave the way for a higher level of evolution that is taking place. This reconnects us back into the energy of our true cosmic heritage. This new level of higher consciousness is like a new turn on the evolutionary spiral. It helps lead all of humanity into one of the highest levels of consciousness it has ever experienced as a planetary soul group.

This is the traditional look of the native Peruvian people pre-colonization. This woman now holds a Spanish name and wears a European hat. The textile designs she wears belong to her native culture. The DNA she holds is clearly of the African people from which the native people of Peru originated from.

Peru: The land and the People

The land of Peru is a spiritual mecca that host great peace and powerful cosmic energies. The region of Earth in which Peru sits is a rare location that was especially created to serve as a very strong portal between the worlds. If you will view the world map you will also notice that South America was once attached to Africa. Africa is known to be the only continent that does not move. It is anchored to the core of the earth.

Peru is infused with the mighty life force of the land, the deep cosmic understanding and spirituality of the ancient ancestors who served from there, and the honoring connection that the indigenous people of the region still have with Mother Earth today.

The true native people of this indigenous land have a very deep and long genetic soul heritage of being related to the elder African race and the universe’s cosmic star family of ancestors. As a collective the oldest bloodline of the native people of that region are portals into the other worlds. Some hold more of the “star “power than others. It depends on how their families valued this star connection in the current and past generations. Where they able to retain it and use it with honor and reverence?

Or did they allow their spiritual power to mostly dissolve into the modern ways of their colonized world. If they live in the cities then their ways have mostly been lost to them. It takes great strength for these families to not allow their rich native roots to die. Only the very strongest of the souls can push forth and keep themselves rooted in their true genetic power and legacy as Earth Keepers and gate keepers to the cosmic star portals.

This is the true path of many of the people if they want to continue their family legacies of serving the Earth. This goes for all indigenous people worldwide as the pressures of a modernized corporate-driven world crowd in on their ancient cultures.

The Inka Kings: The Sun Gods of South America – The sun disk in their ears represents their ancient lineage’s ties to the cosmos. Their dark skin and features represented here denote their DNA tie back to their proud African roots.


The next stage of human evolution is oneness with the ALL.

This will include:

1. living in a higher state of harmony with each other

2. living in a higher state of harmony with the plants and animals

3. living in a higher state of harmony with the Earth

4. living in an expanded state of connection with the universe

5. living in an expanded state of planetary universal Divine Consciousness

The totality of these states can be known as the Cosmic state of ONENESS that brings all of God’s children back home into the safe loving arms of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Love is truly the answer for this world. The brutality that has filled this planet has created deep wounds and boundaries to this love. It is time for all of humanity to start being open to receiving healing for the deep seated traumas of what it meant to be human, for most people.

Some parts are missing, stolen, burnt, lost, or have been horribly misconstrued by our generation, but we were given a road map by the ancient people of the planet. This road map was to save us. It could be called  the life insurance plan they left us. The long held ancient heritage of the Native American people’s cosmic vision was derived by the elder spirituality of their Mother Africa.

This map is one of the critical key road maps in helping our planet transition into this next level of oneness with the ALL. This is the level of consciousness that the ancient indigenous people brought to this planet originally. They once were able to live at this level of consciousness without hindrance. To be the spiritual elders of this planet that hold sacred wisdom, power, and knowledge is an invaluable assignment that keeps the divine order of things moving in harmony with the cosmos. The vitalness of this sacred role is completely incomprehensible for the majority of the masses who are living by a modern day thought process that does not include the soul of humanity.

Master Thu-Hien watching over a Pachamama ceremony with a Q’ero’s shaman next to the caves of Cusco, Peru

Master Thu-Hien sits down for a cleansing before she takes home her new ceremonial condor feather. Later she would be gifted one that is over 3 feet tall.

The high level of cosmic oneness the indigenous people once carried during very ancient times as a soul group is the level that the world will need to return back to in order to keep within the sacred order of the universal laws of balance. These cosmic based laws serve to allow for the continued survival and evolution of the human species. The indigenous cultures have traditionally been the keepers of proper sacred and energetic balance and respect on this planet. Without the sacred intervention of the SPIRITUAL ELDERS there will be no more future generations for humanity. The human species will have caused their own demise if the most holy assigned people of this planet do not take their collective power back now.

A mural at the entrance of an old village in Peru. This mural depicts the ancient spiritual linage of Peru was actually tied to Egypt. You can read more about this in the book, “When Rocks Cry Out.” In this book the author postulates that the name Peru was changed from its original Egyptian name – HERU. Heru was the oldest Egyptian God. The story of Jesus is said to be taken from HERU… the Pre- Christian SUN GOD.


Close up of the mural… that depicts the elements, animals, and matriarchal worship in one scene.


Master Thu-Hien’s Sacred Partnership with the Earth

Because the world is now in such great need of major spiritual cleansing, healing, balancing and raising of the Earth’s energies Master Thu-Hien was spiritually asked to work on a global level from the home base location of Peru. Peru is a strong and capable spiritual point on the planet to help serve in these monumental tasks. While receiving training for this work in Peru, Master Thu-Hien had many questions as to why she was spiritual called to Peru given she was not a native of the land.

She was visited regularly by the ancient ancestors of Peru who spoke to her telepathically and through the plant medicines as to why she was called. It took years and countless confirmations to understand she was actually being welcomed back home by the Peruvian ancestors because she shares a big part of the long ancestral lineages of the ancient people which holds both the African and Asian mother DNA bloodlines. Out of all the people on the planet Master Thu-Hien’s bloodlines most resemble the ancestral line of people who migrated to region of ancient Peru and started that civilization.

From the spiritual mecca of Peru Master Thu-Hien serves from the key locations of the ancient Incan imperial city of Cusco in the mountains, the Sacred Valley, the Amazon Jungle, the Nasca Desert, and the majestic grand waters of Lake Titicaka. From these ancient sacred locations she integrates and transforms these pure, strong, master Earth frequencies for human consumption and evolution and then redistributes these pure essences of healthy untainted divine Earth as potent medicine for the rest of our globe which is in need of profound spiritual essence and assistance.

When Master Thu-Hien is not traveling on her annual tour she continues her service work primarily with the indigenous Native American communities in Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

Master Thu-Hien takes this photo while hiking in the Amazon with her friend and companion guide from the local region.


Master Thu-Hien siting with natives of Bolivia near the ancient ruins


The sacred Lake Titikaka at dusk after a hike around the ancient ruins


The desert of Nazca, Peru. Home to the ancient geoglyphs called the Nazca lines. Perfectly preserved by the desert sand. Taken News Years day 2015, after Master Thu-Hien conducts ceremony here.


Enjoying an afternoon of culture while siting on a stone bench that was probably carved over hundreds of years ago.


As the world makes massive transitions helpers are needed in every area of the globe. Master Thu-Hien is just one of the millions of helpers who have been called to step forward in sacred service. Anyone who is inwardly called needs to listen to their own divine assignments and serve in any number of the plethora of ways that they may be called to serve.

The world needs YOUR loving service. How will you serve?