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Master Thu-Hien passing on an ancient divine feminine energy transfer to a medicine woman in the highland jungle of Thailand. Noot is being charged to pass this sacred empowerment onto her community.



Katherine B. “Monthly Goddess gatherings with Thu-Hien was my absolutely favorite thing to do! The energy, teachings, songs, and healings were so inspiring and fulfilling. Thu-Hien opened the door for me to receive the greatest gift of my life, that being the realization of the Divine within me. Goddess events with Thu-Hien brought me to the realization that I am a manifestation of the Goddess on Earth. This is a gift that affects not just me; by recognizing and saluting the Divine within me, I inspire my 3 daughters, 2 granddaughters, my 4 sisters, and my friends. I now walk this Earth-walk carrying light and love! I can’t thank Thu-Hien enough for the very sacred space she created for all of us!”

Alice T.” I feel like a child again. So happy. Master Thu-Hien helps me to transform my life into my better self. I am thrilled with Master Thu-Hien’s work. What she does, she does so well. And the way she does it REACHES people deep down into their souls.”

Shelly K. “I am always in the flow of light at any event Master Thu-Hien holds. She keeps me so protected. I see so much change within me. A whole new set of values Master Thu-Hien has given me with her teachings. I am grateful for these precious moments.

Nicole G. “I absolutely loved the Goddess events! I have attended the events for multiple years. The teachings in our events and the healing energies we received were truly monumental. They fulfilled me with positive energy, love, wisdom, and light.  I was extremely honored when Thu-Hien invited me to participate. She explained to me that I had Priestess energy  — and it was like my AHA moment. I loved the communion and bond with other like minded, smart, wise and loving women who believe in the divine power of the feminine.

Up until I started participating in the Goddess events I had only channeled my spiritual experience into my religion but I always felt I had a deeper spiritual power and potential within me that was still untapped. These Goddess events fulfilled that. Most of the women, including me always said we could not wait for the next event!”

Ursula Y. “I came to Thu-Hien’s Goddess group seeking something. I had started a path of knowing, and connection with a larger spiritual community that had taken a detour. One beautiful sister I had met on that journey told me about Thu-Hien. I initially spoke on-on-one with Thu-Hien for a private session — and I was astonished at the insight and comfort I gained.

From that session I got an invitation to attend the Goddess group. I saw this group as a gathering of other high vibrational women who wanted to walk in the truth of their own light. Thu-Hien introduced us to our inner divine selves, our inner Goddess. It was a safe space to connect with ourselves and each other. I was healed. I was challenged. I grew. I gained an expansion of my abilities, all of my sensibilities, and the appreciation of unlimited possibility. #GoddessSistahoodRocks!”

Angel G. The Goddess events are a true source of calm and direction for me. I feel connected to others and the information helps me to connect with my inner being. The events always start with sacred prayer and cleansing which helps me to get into the right frame of mind. All of these things I have needed the most. I take notes on the teachings as they are very rich with wisdom. I refer back to them to help me move ahead in my daily life. The Goddess event experience is both intensely powerful yet joyful at the same time.

Faye D. “When I was introduced to Thu Hien and her sacred work, I was skeptical as I had often encountered many who proclaim yet fail to deliver. That notwithstanding, I registered to be on one of her Goddess event calls. The very moment she greeted everyone on that call, my heart filled with unspeakable joy and I felt so much peace. Then I knew—she is the real deal and this student (me) was blessed to be in the profound presence of both guide and teacher, Master Thu Hien.

[I did many private spiritual development sessions with her and] experienced my Rite of Passage shortly afterwards. It’s been an awesome blessing to be her student and participate in her Goddess Circle. She serves as a conduit to the divine knowledge and light that continues to awaken and reveal the Goddess that is me. It is so amazing how her sacred work serves and continues to unfold its exquisite beauty in my life over time. Since my time with Thu-Hien my life has never been the same.”

Paula P.  Thu-Hien’s Goddess groups are a love-infused Divine Feminine miracle in action! There, my desire for spiritual clarity and soul discovery are always exceeded in ways that are life-sustaining and dream fulfilling. My experience is magnified by the shared connection of souls who are on my same sacred path of awakening to their full potential, to live on soul purpose and to continuously enhance their self-love.

Through the power of loving support this sisterhood group helped me and others in the group to usher in our Divine Mates. This Goddess can now say, “My King is here!” The Goddess Group experience with Thu-Hien helps to transform me into a “new creation.”

Ahsakia J. Participating in Thu-Hien’s Goddess events was a watershed time in my life. I felt as if my energy field was totally transformed. From the time I spent with Thu-Hien in those sessions, my life changed dramatically, and my healing sped up in the areas where I was stuck and confused.

The women in the circle are full of light and love and just the experience of being and sharing with such beautiful souls was worth it in itself. The warm environment Thu-Hien creates is as nurturing as it was healing. I have 6 sisters and many of them attended Thu-Hien’s events with me.

Mya G. Thu-Hien’s Goddess events are extraordinarily POWERFUL. The teachings she gives are invaluable. I leave feeling empowered and validated.  Thu-Hiền is an awesome Guardian of Sacred Knowledge. She is not to be missed.

Kaya M. Absolutely every encounter I’ve had with Thu-Hiền, whether long distance or right in the room, has been transformative. The very first Goddess event I attended was maybe 7 years ago. During the events Thu-Hiền has been sure that I am a witness to my true self and has encouraged me to view myself through the lens of connectedness to All in the Universe. Many of my friends and I have also had the pleasure of working privately with Thu-Hiền. All of our lives were changed through our healing work with her. Her very presence facilitates an opening for healing and an opportunity to live more authentically.  She is my beloved spiritual teacher.