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The Global Shift: Why MASTER THU-HIEN has embarked on her global touring…
Evening with a Spiritual Master, Slovakia

Master Thu-Hien giving a spiritual lecture, Slovak Republic



This is a question I am asked regularly by many spiritually-oriented people. It is a question that few people understand yet everyone could benefit if they knew even a small percentage of this very complex answer.

The world entered an epic global shift when a new world cycle ended and began around December 2012. This was a very real physical cosmic event that dramatically shifted the coordinate positioning of the planets around the sun. Metaphorically speaking, it is as if the eclipsing shadows of the other planets have been removed. Thus the power of the sun’s light is now able to more brightly shine on Earth. This creates new vivid colors with streaming dances of new geometric consciousness forms of divine intelligence that we now have access to. This creates unprecedented change for all generation to come.

On a practical level this means that different, higher, and purer energies are now able to reach the planet Earth. These new energies are more closely aligned with the Great Central Sun of our universe. This great sun emits the highest frequencies of divine love and divine consciousness that we have access to from our physical state of reality. Yet these energies will need to be further interpreted and downloaded into the human body for more advanced uses then we have previously known as a species.

Many spiritual people were aware of this new galactic alignment and many more people were not made aware of it. It was the most profound celestial event in 26,000 years for both the Earth and humanity yet this big news did not reach the masses. Because we are part of the collective of this great universe any shifts above will also create shifts below. It was a silent cosmic event that changed everything for life on planet Earth.

This is not a fleeting cosmic situation. The effects of the shift are eternal and will create permanent change. Whether the general public knows about it or not does not change the solid fact that everyone’s life is effected on every level for the duration of their entire lives. Additionally, the lives of all the subsequent generations to come will live within a new divine grand design for humanity.

This period we are now living in is the epic transition time that many ancient spiritual cultures and many spiritual masters foretold us about in the writings they left behind. They were trying to prepare a sleeping humanity to wake up to — A Golden Age. This shift creates such a grand quantum leap into a higher state of consciousness that people need to be cleansed and prepared to walk through the newly opening doors it creates.

Without preparation (cleansing, education, and care) it would be like asking a person to climb Mount Everest without the proper training, support group, or mountain climbing equipment needed for a successful climb. Those individuals from the masses who want to walk through these newly opening doors into a higher realm of divine reality can only do so through spiritual preparation and development. This is truly a spiritual initiation process designed for the masses to undergo together. This is no small feat. It is probably one of the biggest “group initiations” that has ever occurred throughout our universe.

As we move into the Age of Aquarius, the age of brother/sisterly love this means that preparations and development will now be done in group formats. The days of spiritually minded people being solitary monks living inside of a cave to develop themselves are over. For those willing brave world pioneers among you who are on your spiritual paths of awakening are asked to stand together in the radiance of your combined spiritual strength to help prepare a mostly sleeping humanity for this great shift.


The possibility for this quantum leap in evolution is also the culmination of the work of the planet’s ancestors for eons of time. Each generation goes through its own growing pains. As these new powerful universal energies reach us they create enormous upheaval for the planet. Any dysfunctional ways of society that cause harm to the masses automatically start to be dismantled and become a focused point of inevitable change.

Additionally, this universal energy shift creates enormous power and potential for a positive healthy new world order of higher consciousness that brings more peace, self-empowerment, equality, and happiness for the masses. This great leap is destined to lead humanity forward as a planetary soul group that is ready to evolve into a higher state of consciousness. It is as if this is the time for humanity to stop crawling and now learn to walk.

Instead of using railings to hold onto for support humanity will need to hold onto each other. We will need to work together as a human family whose time has come to bond in unity consciousness. We will need to help one another raise to a level of divine love that is of epic proportions to be able to go through this epic shift together. The old ways of dysfunctional human love will not serve us in accomplishing this epic task that is set before us.

Those who are ahead and those who are behind but still walking on the enlightenment path will create a strong linked chain to support the journey for one another and those new brothers and sisters coming on our heels. This linked chain belongs to the human family and this human family belongs to a greater cosmic family who is there supporting us from the celestial connections above and within the depths of own hearts where all is one.

So it becomes up to each individual if they willingly want to move into higher consciousness or if they choose not to at this time. Each person evolves into higher consciousness eventually because it is the ultimate path of the soul. It just depends on which lifetime a person chooses. Each person will learn, grow and move forward at their own pace yet they will also move together in soul groups with those who are also moving at their pace.

As the new spiritual energies are emerging from both within our planet and descending onto the planet from the greater cosmos each person who is alive today has access to this advanced beautiful new energy. Yet in order to be able to integrate, anchor, and master these advanced new energies for the physical body’s daily use it requires a certain amount of alignment with them. In other words, a person cannot carry any dense old mental or emotional baggage or out-of-balanced karma into the next cycle of planetary change. This next cylce involves the liberation of the masses. Liberation and baggage cannot coexist together.

If people are moving in harmony with their soul growth they will naturally want to take actions that enhance their movement into higher consciousness. Due to this reason the best thing anyone can do for themselves is to be educated on the changes taking place on the planet and to know how to spiritually take care of themselves and their families. For the masses spiritual understanding, healing, and care becomes very critical now. Making spiritually a daily part of one’s life is the wisest action anyone can take in these epic times of great transition.

This is it. We are living within one of the greatest times of spiritual rebirth for the a mass on this planet. This will be one of the first times in the history of our world that huge masses of people have the potential to wake up together! That is the monumental beauty of this time.


Master Thu-Hien’s sacred work focuses on assisting people in the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual integration of the newly arriving divine light that is here ushering in change on a grand scale. This light brings in a higher potential for the honoring and use of more divine energy on the planet and within people’s personal lives.

As this divine light increases on the planet it assists each of us in connecting to and knowing our true selves. Master Thu-Hien’s work assists in energetically assisting people to hold more divine light for both the masses and planet. As this new light becomes integrated over the generations it creates a new breed of divinely-oriented human beings who are fully living in their personal power, truth, and the consciousness of their eternal connection to a Supreme Creator.

Many of the people who are attracted to Master Thu-Hien’s work are people who are intuitively interested in helping to bring about a positive planetary shift into higher consciousness for themselves, this generation, and the subsequent generations. Many participants who desire to be more deeply connected to their souls and the energies of the cosmos attend Master Thu-Hien’s events. Many people share that they have had transcendental experiences, and/or profound insights that have greatly impacted the quality of their lives with new joy, light, strength and peace.

The new light more easily penetrates and seeps up from the planet in the more naturally pristine areas of our globe. Master Thu-Hien has been called to live in Peru for this very reason as she represents a living inter-dimensional portal that easily bridges the sacred and pristine energies of the Andes for their redistribution in other parts of worlds that are in need of help. Master Thu-Hien’s events are usually filled to capacity thus reflecting a great shifting of spiritual awareness arising on the planet today.

For anyone who is inwardly called to be a conscious part of the evolutionary process Master Thu-Hien’s work is a powerful alignment resource. All of Master Thu-Hien’s teachings and events assist humanity in this epic evolutionary process where global peace, equality, and happiness are truly possible for all.

An Excerpt From — The Sacred Music

And it is very hard work to ride the rough waves of this new tidal shift! It is as if the Earth has been in the winter season for thousands of years and now spring is coming. It is time to stop hibernating, start listening to the new bird songs and wake up.

— Thu-Hien Poma of Adonai