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Master Thu-Hien opening with a sacred song for Don Miguel Ruiz, of The Four Agreements

Audience Reviews

“It is necessary the world knows Master Thu-Hien’s work and voice. It represents the beauty and deepness of the cosmos.”

“My body feels as if it has been restored with the resonating of Thu-Hien’s song and toning. While listening I felt the ushering in of the presence of God and His angels.”

“I have never experienced before such a beautiful feeling that I am so intensely and limitlessly loved. Thank you very much for that. Thu-Hien’s tones are for me a language of angels with which they talk among themselves.”

“The sound Thu-Hien sang felt like homecoming.  That sound was where I came from and where I will return.”

“The tones created by Thu-Hien’s voice felt like they were bringing my spirit fully into my body. I felt lifted. It felt like something was sheared off that was a weight on me. It was really good. The tones were so relaxing. At one point I felt my shoulder just release. That is the shoulder I hold most of my tension. My shoulder just dropped in relief. This happened in less than 3 minutes.”

“I found Master Thu-Hien on the internet one day. I immediately came to hear her singing. It resonated so deeply I had to stop it after a few seconds. It was too overwhelming. Too deep somehow for me to take in all at once. A resonance so deep I have no words for it.. I could feel my soul smiling “from ear to ear” while laughing and crying at the same time. Blurry images mixed with very clear sensations I have “never” felt before, yet I knew them SO well in the deepest part of me. The human part of me was shocked to witness/experience this resonance and needed a time-out….. The next day I listened to the whole song. The day after I listened to it several times. I have since listened to it many times…..and I have watched all of her video interviews. I thank Thu-Hien for being the master that she is. I thank her for her presence, her love, her wisdom and her song!

“Since our encounter with Thu-Hien’s angelic singing and toning everything is happening so beautifully for both of us. New worlds are opening which we have never dreamed of. It is magical.”

“I had many things to do. My body was totally tired. Then I saw  Thu-Hien on television. It revitalized me. It lifted me up. When she started singing I felt something grand … grand … grand … really grand. It gave me a lot of inspiration and energy. It was so very special.”

“Within the first few seconds of listening to the angelic singing I felt like I was going on a sky voyage. There are no words. Thu-Hien’s work is transcending.”

“I have always been looking for some small glimpse of something divinely special. I never found it before. Tonight during the angelic concert I felt it. It’s hard to describe. I felt such a sense of oneness with God and tranquility.”

“During Master Thu-Hien’s event I could feel the breeze of the condor feather clearing my aura from over 12-feet away. When she made the toning sounds it went to my heart where I felt it opening up and blockages were floating out. I began to resonate with the vibrations. I had my eyes closed. Then I had to open them because I questioned if this was her voice or a musical instrument. This was definitely from the spirit world and I am so thankful for the experience.”

“Something has changed, I can feel it. Before I was aware that something worries me, but I did not have courage and strength to express it and assert my view. I tried to resolve it within myself. Now very often I state my view and the relief afterwards is amazing. I can express myself better. I have less problems having a discussion even when the other person is trying to intimidate me. I have much more energy. Thank you for that Angelic evening of light with Thu-Hien. It has changed me.”

“After meeting with Thu-Hien during her spiritual evening talk and singing gifts my health substantially improved. After five years, numbness of my right hand completely disappeared and also psychologically I feel better.”

‘“It was a beautiful event. I still feel relaxed, calm, happy and balanced. My heart stopped hurting and right shoulder too. I can see more clearly.”

“Since that event I am very happy, everything brings me joy.”

“The sounds seemed to be coming through a series of tunnels. Across parallel realities, multiple-dimensions. Imagine a beam of light coming through a stack of papers. That beam was the Thu-Hien’s tones. It’s amazing Thu-Hien is able to retain the frequencies across the parallels without distortion. I am a very high level clairaudient. I can hear how pure she keeps the cosmic tones. I am blown away.”

“During Thu-Hien’s singing I was transported to another reality instantly. I found myself on a space craft. I saw the crew moving about doing their duties. It felt familiar. I didn’t feel odd. It was a flashback.  All the millions of Star Trek fans around the globe just may be remembering their other dimensional homes in other realities. Truth may be stranger than fiction sometimes.

“The toning that is produced from Thu-Hien’s voice I felt all in my body. In a healing type of way. It was awesome. I felt the tension liquefy out. I felt all gooey and floating. It was really really healing. Felt like I just stretched. The tension in my body I have had for months was 95% gone in a matter of minutes. I felt my brainwaves do something different. The waves started out small and got larger the closer the sounds got to me. Then they turned into blue light.”

“Wow. Incredible! My whole body totally feels in tune now. Felt like I was going up in the sky. Going out into the universe. I did not feel my body anymore. Felt like I had been to a spa when I came back.”

“I am pretty much a man who does not think about angels. Thu-Hien’s tones, almost angelic, were beyond singing. Perfect in pitch, steady and powerful. Being a trumpet player I can appreciate true pitch. What intrigued me even more was Thu-Hien’s ability to converge strong steady tones under notes of vibrato. Vibrato covers a lot more territory. Like a floating wave soothing me I was on the waves.”

“Thu-Hien is doing major earth healing work when she sings the songs of the angels. I can sense her helping to balance the planet and people with new codes for awakening and integrating the old and new Earth energies.”

“The first time I saw Master Thu-Hien in person was at an event in Prague. I felt as if I had been with a Madonna image. The divine feminine energy she walks with had a visceral effect on me. Her work and songs are heavenly.”

“I watched, listened and absorbed Master Thu-Hien’s interview and I cried with deep feelings that I’m unable to intelligibly articulate. I just know I’m blown away and super elated to know about her. Master Thu-Hien emanates her spirituality off of the screen! And when she prayed and sang at the end, Wow! I felt like I experienced several meditational experiences at the same time!”