Český překlad této stránky pro vás připravujeme.

The very first on-line meditation group meets in person for the holidays, 2012

Feedback From On-Line Meditation Events

“I feel big humbleness toward everything and everyone. Thank you Thu-Hien for the work which you are doing for the planet. It is a beauty. The deepness of which we probably even can not fully appreciate in our existence. Thank you that I can take part in it.”

“Today it was beautiful. During angelic singing focused on the heart I experienced beautiful feelings which were moving me to tears. I felt love of all beings in the whole universe. And not only of the beings, simply of all the infinite Universe. Everything was sending love towards me, much more deep, than we know on Earth. I feel the angelic tones closer than for example lullabies that my mother used to sing to me or that I used to sing to my children. So intimately known they feel to me.”

“The pearls of wisdom that are given at the teaching events are concise and so much is given. Each person’s questions are answered simply and profoundly. The answers are easy, applicable, and specific. The teachings come from a place of all knowing truth. We are not there yet so it is truly amazing to have spiritual teachers like Thu-Hien help guide us.”

“After the first healing meditation there was just a new sense of happiness. People are noticing too since they keep asking me what happened. I feel different.”

“As always, the energy literally emanates from my computer screen! It is amazing to hear, and be heard with a global network. I feel blessed to be able to connect with the elevated energy of so many… meditation time with Master Thu-Hien is literally a life saver many times!”

“I really enjoyed the healing meditations. During the toning I feel light is being sung into my heart. I once had a vision that I was in South America, but I was a child and looked different. As the child, I listened and understood the ancient language completely. I felt light and happy.”

“As always, my experience with Master Thu-Hien makes my world feel right again.”

“I waited all day with excitiment to be a part of the group mediation. The connection always feels so close. Even though I was in another country I felt as if I could just put my hand out and I could touch Thu-Hien.  There seemed to be something in my heart that needed to come out during the session. The next day I felt the release. Unexpectedly, the following day I had to deal with very big emotions and the tones had prepared me. I moved through it effortlessly. Thank you!!”

“After the toning, I felt incredibly peaceful and could see white glowing light going into my heart chakra and coming out releasing energy that I didn’t need. The tones were so beautiful, and I feel the glow again just describing it. I saw images of light beings around me as she started speaking the ancient language during the toning. I felt such a lightness and beauty that is almost indescribable.”

“I felt deeply moved and nurtured. I could feel and see my ancestors with me as well as many angels and other guides.”

“Thu-Hien’s work is always magical. I am so surprised by how beautifully I feel the energies. The first time I didn’t know what was coming, so I was a little bit nervous. But then I started to feel calm, peace in my heart and harmony. It is impossible to describe by words.”

“It is divine, thank you very much for such a beautiful experience, it is something special, something that can not be described by words only by heart. I feel Thu-Hien’s meditations as something that came to me at the right moment from heaven.”

“I am very happy that I can participate in the on-line meditations and I feel a great benefit for my life and my family. After the last meditation about cleaning the family bloodline I cried the whole following day. But afterwards everything was good and also my sons were amazingly nice and calm, and communicating with each other in a beautiful way. People even say I look different and the therapies I do for people are better. Thank you Thu-Hien.”

“It is very comfortable, one does not have to go or travel anywhere. In the space of my home it is easier to tune into Thu-Hien and [my] spiritual support team. I like her energy, it is very strong, pure and full of love. Thank you”

“I feel lighter, as if worries and problems got wings and were not present with me anymore.”

“I felt the energetic touch of Thu-Hien on each of my chakras. When she opened it and moved to the next one, I always felt a difference. Thank you. I felt joy (that I can be with you) – curiosity (what is prepared for us?) – and admiration (it never stops to amaze me how Thu-Hien answers my inner questions which I have not even asked). It is simply magical. Thank you.”

“I like Thu-Hien’s work very much. From all the other meditations that I have experienced, so far, Thu-Hien’s group meditations are the best.”

“Thu-Hien creates space for people to have special moments to consciously connect in an attempt to increase and smooth out their vibrations. It is beautiful and very inspiring. The opportunity to participate with Thu-Hien’s groups creates deeper feelings of unity and in the same time I feel that my personal perception of the spiritual aspects of existence get more intense.”

“Thank you for the meditations. I feel more open to myself and more perceptive to my intuition. This helps me to better tune into myself and the people around me.”

“I felt beautiful relief in the heart space, I felt parts of my body which until now I did not perceive, mainly in the chest area.”