Kapitola 2 – Volání sloužit duchovní učitelky Master Thu-Hien

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For several months Master Thu-Hien performed weekly spiritual ceremonies in the center of Cusco, Peru to help uplift the energies for the Great Shift in 2012.


I was spiritually called to Peru in December 2011. My plan was to stay for two months doing volunteer work at a hospital where I administered soothing healing help to mothers in labor. Suddenly I became very ill with fever. All of me wanted to return back to the USA. I tried to change my plane ticket to leave ASAP but I had no luck. I had to stay for another few weeks  very much to my disappointment!

So I decided to go to the Amazon jungle to try to restore my health in the natural environment there. Looking back I can see that the illness was my body’s way of purging density in order for me to keep moving forward along a preordained path.

In the Amazon I was befriended by a respected shaman from Spain. He had lived and worked with the native tribes in the Amazon for over a decade. There with him I would encounter the life changing sacred hallucinogenic medicine plants. They were by far the most intensely amazing things I had ever encountered in my entire life.

After my first experience with the sacred medicine plants the next day my shaman friend baptized me in a river in the Amazon and told me that my life would never be the same again. That message I was not expecting to hear. He told me that I was now reborn in the Amazon jungle of Peru and from that point on I would forever be a child of the land.

In that sacred river he intuitively renamed me, Montserrat, surprisingly after a holy mountain in Spain that is devoted to The Mother. In the basilica of the grand church there stands a Black Madonna.

After our stay in the Amazon, we took a ten hour motorcycle ride back to Cusco. It was one of the most beautiful and electrifying experiences of my life. To ride through the huge ancient trees and the rivers of the Amazon with nothing but the pure wind on my back was sheer delight. I never knew a common motorcycle could go through rivers. My friend was not only a master shaman but a master on his bike. His maneuvering abilities were riveting.

The ride through the Amazon is known to be dangerous because the driver must know how to hug the plunging cliffs with his wheels, compete, and look out for the trucks on the one way road, maneuver around mudslides, and be able to drive through the heavy rains. It was the greatest ride of my life!

Before I was to return to my previous life in the USA my shaman friend sat me down with him as he chewed cocoa, the sacred plant of the Andes. He asked me with seriousness, ”Why are you leaving Peru?” Dumbfounded I said to myself, ”Why am I leaving Peru?” Had he not asked me that question the thought to stay in Peru would have never occurred to me. That conversation would change the course of my life.

When I returned to Cusco I was dazed by everything that had just happened. I had no future plans for my life. I did not even know what to do in the next moment. I prayed that my next steps would be reveal or I was going to need to return back to the USA soon. Over the next couple of weeks I randomly encountered four different people who prophetically told me my future.

They wondered why I was not yet doing what I had come to Earth to do. I had only been in Peru for 1.5 months and most of them were adamant that I get started with my sacred work. These were not strangers who appeared. These were people who I was required to meet and they were to SHAKE ME AND WAKE ME UP. These were very special destined meetings with kindred souls of mine.

The first was a spiritual man from Mexico. I had actually seen him in the jungle with the small group I had been with but I did not know him. Upon seeing me in Cusco again, with great reverence he knelled down before me in public and asked me to bless him. In bewilderment I just stood there. He then lifted my hand and placed it on top of his head like he was teaching me what I should have already known. I was surprised.

He said, “You are a woman master. Your work is worldwide. I wish for you to be my guru. I would be happy to follow a woman master. Could you please heal me. I am in great pain over a lost love.” He knew nothing about me and this poured out from his wounded heart. I did the healing for him and he told the story of his instant recovery to many.

The next was a Peruvian Amazonian plant medicine man. He held the very strong features of an Inca prince yet he also held bright blue eyes from his European ancestry. We meet after I preformed a sacred song to a group he was with.

He said to me with tears in his eyes, “I know your cosmic soul from before here in Peru. I recognize you. You are very spiritual. Sister, I love your soul. You are a very important part of my heart both before and now. The world should know about your sacred work. I want us to work together in the future. I have land in the high jungle surrounded by beautiful grand mountains. I want to collaborate with you on Amazonian projects to help the people.” Later he would both interview me and sponsor me to appear on several television programs to sing the healing soul-song for the Peruvian people.

The next was a Peruvian surgeon who would also become my yoga teacher. He took a strong liking to me and became my mentor. He had great prophetic vision. His words astounded me. He said, “You must start traveling the world to teach and do your art. Many people are waiting for your help all over the world. Peru is a home for you though. You will always come back because you need the energies here and the Peruvian people need you. You are such a powerfully bright cosmic soul.”

He gently told me to consider not eating meat anymore saying that my vibration needed to continue to rise super high and that the meat would slow down my progress. I had never ate much meat but when he told me this, I thought, “What an impossible task.” Within that year I would naturally become 90% vegan and glutton-free. On rare occasion I would still love to eat pizza and later my body would insist on keeping fish in my diet.

The last was a Peruvian shaman. He said, “You were born to lead a new way for the people. I will happily follow your way too. Your path is good.”

I was not new to receiving prophetic messages from strangers. It was actually common for me. But this was the first time I took these prophetic messages seriously. The universe was calling to me strongly all within days. At that point I could not go back to the USA. I did not use my plane ticket home. I stayed. I could no longer ignore the call of spirit.

I said to the universe with confusion, “If I am to start my mission now please show me exactly what it is and the way. I am ready to accept the call.” Within a week, I met Hlavacek who was traveling around the world and only stopping in Peru for two days. Our meeting appeared to be completely random. He asked me what I did for a profession. I told him I was a spiritual teacher and healer and that I had some shaman ways to me as well. He subtly almost choked on his drink. He said, “I have been looking for someone like you during my travels. I thought you would be a man though.”

I showed him some of my healing abilities with the local natives. And as he left Peru he took with him a flash drive that was full of two years of my spiritual lectures that I had presented to groups in the USA. I had saved the lectures knowing I would eventually give them to someone with greater influence than me who could reach the masses. After listening to my work he made an international call to me and said, “I listened to all of your teachings. I even took notes. I believe you are a master. You seem to be firmly connected to something beyond my words. Would you be interested in coming to Europe and teaching the people here? I had not planned to but I will stop my world tour and sponsor you.”

Meeting Hlavacek was the start of my international spiritual work. He supplied for me all the practical things I would need to begin my work. Additionally, he gave me confidence. He turned out to be a kindred spirit of mine whom I had shared past lives with. Our souls reunited to finish past soul promises. He was my big practical helping hands to get me firmly on my sacred path. I had the abilities to teach and heal but without him I did not know how or where to start on a bigger level. My new name had the potency to change the direction of my life, speed it up, and land me in Europe.  That year would be — 2012. The year of the global shift.

That year I traveled throughout Europe with Hlavacek both teaching and healing on a large scale. That year I would find out that my soul family crossed the waters and extended out into Europe. The people greeted me there in crowds and with wide open arms bringing me gifts and flowers as if a long lost friend had returned. The many friendships that I formed were instant, precious, rare and deep. There was a solid soul connection that I had with Europe that I had never anticipated.

From the moment I came to Peru in December 2011, the transformations seemed endless and astounding. All the many prophesies over the years that people tried to convey to me only started to come true when I landed on Peruvian soil. The USA could germinate my spiritual path but it could not potentiate my spiritual path. I had to leave to grow.  My time of slow and quiet growth in the USA was over.

It was now time to come out of my life-long cocoon. There was so much of my power I had kept sleeping. There was so much I did not know how to begin to use. The magnitude of the things my spirit showed me and that I was told over the years were so vast that I had a very hard time processing or believing any of them. It would take me another four years of living in Peru to truly process and be able to accept the breadth and depth of my life’s work.

My experiences living in Peru with the native people at at an altitude of 11,200 feet up in the sky, eating the ancient super foods, living in adobe homes made of mud, wearing alpaca wool daily, visiting the many sacred natural sites in Peru, hiking in the epic mountains, being able to walk to the ancient temples near my home, dating the native men who spoke the old language, being among the farm animals, and using the sacred master plants all had a profound effect on my life. It was not one thing that changed me. It was the collective of everything that changed the very core of who I was to become.

During my very first experience in the Amazon with the hallucinogenic master plants I was first deeply cleansed to my core. It felt like I was in the fast spin cycle of a washing machine for hours. It was totally nauseating and intense to the point I could barely handle it. Spiritual beings that were not from this world talked to me and helped to purify me. That was the beginning process of washing the ego I had been carrying. I would not call myself Catholic but at one point I remember seeing Jesus and being washed in his blood. With head bowed very low and crying I asked Jesus if I was pure enough for my sacred work. He felt him smiling saying, “very pure.” I cried more at his acceptance of my many mortal shortcomings. There was only love though emanating from his being.

Next the master plants took me on a voyage over Peru flying high over the mountains. I was shown the silhouette of a mighty mountain. I landed at the grand guarded gates of this mountain. The gates slowly opened for me. The mountain said it was the home of the great ancestral demi-gods of the Andes. It told me I could only come there when I was dead. I asked what that meant. The mountain responded, “When you are in meditation, sleeping, or using the sacred plants. No moral mind is welcome here.” The master plants took me closer to the mountain to see the home of the demi-gods of the Andes. Their faces were carved in the mountain exactly like in Mount Rushmore where the former first presidents of the USA are carved in the mountain range.

The master plants explained to me that I was a part of the ancient spiritual family lineage of the Andes and that was why I had been requested by the ancestors to return to Peru. It was my destiny. Being taken to this holy mountain was to help me reunite my heart with the past ancestral leadership of the Andes region. Out of reverence I did not speak. I only witnessed their grandness.

Three years later I would be physically taken to this same holy mountain that was shown to me in my hallucinogenic vision. I could still recognize the silhouette because it was so unforgettable. I would find out that this holy mountain’s name meant, Pillar of the World. I would receive my Hatun Karpay there. This can be translated as the Great Transmission or the Great Initiation from the ancient Q’eros tradition. The Q’eros nation of Peru are known as the living decedents and lineage keepers of the spiritual tradition of the ancient Incan empire. Later I would become a trusted spiritual healer and friend to some of these native people. We had a family remembrance from the very beginning.

At a much later date I met with the master plants again. That experience would be enormous. The master plants showed me as one of the High Priestesses to the last Incan empire. I was shown the bloodbath and horror of the Spanish conquest. I was shown the people, land, and culture destroyed within months. I was shown my counterpart, a High Priest of the Incas murdered by the Spanish as I held his dying body in my arms.

This all caused a very deep visceral reaction within me in which I could not stop sobbing in anguish at the top of my lungs for what seemed like hours. The master plants have a way of bringing out the deepest and hardest purging crys I have ever experienced. It is impossible for anyone not to respect them once you have experienced working with them. Their transformational power is astounding. However, they are not for the faint of heart. After a master plants experience one can only bow to the greatness of Mother Earth’s power. It takes great inner strength to work with them. The intense vomiting, diarrhea, and the lifting of the veil to the other side takes great courage to endure. I do not recommend them casually to anyone.

The whole ordeal was a horrible remembrance yet it was also profoundly healing. The master plants had taken me back into time to experience myself, as her. I was a trusted spiritual servant to the Andean people and the royal leadership. This was the reason I had returned to Peru. My life was strongly destined and I was now walking on the right soil for the deeper unfolding of my sacred path. All the Peruvian people who had first appeared on my path to wake me up were also a part of that former lifetime.

That information in this last vision did not come as a total surprise to me. I had been very seriously told I was a past High Priestess in Peru earlier by a women in the USA. Yet I had not taken her seriously. At that time I did not even know where Peru was on a map. I had also never heard of Machu Picchu. At the time I kindly accepted the information she felt I should know, but it did not hold any significance for me. It was more a fantasy world she was living in that meant nothing to me.

Now I was in complete anguish at the very information she had shared with me five years previously. I felt it to be true to the very core of my being this time. This time I had been given more detailed information through the master plants. I could both see it and feel it now. This time, it held total relevance as I was now living in Peru in Cusco, the ancient Incan imperial city. Whatever history I had lived in that past life was now alive for me as I was now on the very soil of that former battle ground.

The doorway to my meditation space even overlooked the ancient Temple of the Sun. This location was the main spiritual Incan palace of the entire former empire that stretched through South America. I could walk to it within twenty minutes. I had even spent one of my birthdays there. Out of all the places in the world I had brought myself exactly here. And the memories were unfolding as I met my Andean soul family one-by-one. The memories unfold because everything is being lived at once out of the space of time.

In 2014, I received my new Andean spiritual name of Poma, which is one derivative of the Quechua spelling of Puma. I was ordained with this sacred name in the older Andean language of Aymara by a Bolivian shaman at Lake Titicaca. This sacred lake, which is in the shape of a puma it the world’s highest navigable lake. These waters are said to be the birth place of the first Inca royal family.

The Puma spirit was given to walk with me to add strength and remembrance to my Earth journey as a past High Priestess sister of the Andean tradition in multiple former lifetimes. My return to Peru along with many other members of my Andean soul family (all the important people who came to help me wake up and start my mission) is a soul reunion in this lifetime for major planetary service work. It marks a completion and beginning of a new Earth cycle shift in which the sacred Andes land and the culture are re birthed to help energetically be one of the main power locations that is leading the world into a new spiritual cycle. The former players are needed because we carry the sacred codes needed for this rebirth within our soul imprints.


As a soul group the Andean family came back to continue what it had started on the planet many millenias ago. This sacred work involves returning to their previously appointed roles as the rightful protectors of this cosmically connected land. Today one of their sacred task is to reopen the major Earth channels along Peru, Boliva, and Ecuador that the spiritual leadership of the past closed for the purposes of protecting them from misuse in former lifetimes.

It is now the time for these sacred portals to be reawakened for the use of rebirthing a new spiritual world that needs the sacred and strong power of some of the purest and cosmically connected living Earth on the planet.

This task is not only the responsibility of the spiritual leaders this time. It is also the task of the millions of Andean people who in the final days of their prominent culture’s demise vowed to reincarnate together to be the capable guardians who could hold open some of the more prominent cosmic portals for this planetary shift to be able to happen.

As part of the spiritual leadership of the past I remember the plans that were made. Sacred portals ALL over the Earth will be reopened by their appointed guardian people.  All the ancient cultures of the world will remember their sacred roles.


One thing the Incan empire is known for is collecting the wisdom and techonogy of all the Andean clans and putting them under one ruling head so that no native power would be lost. The great Inca Pachacuti, the creator of Machu Picchu, was the lead authority in making the Incan empire one of the strongest in the world during its time. This was before the guns and horses came in from the invading land of Spain.

The Inca royal family had already recieved the prophecies of their culture’s fate, years if not thousands of years in advance. From my soul memories this was the reason for Inca Pachacuti’s incarnation. He was to grandly orchestrate the collaboration of all the tribal powers into one nation for later resurrection and use during the times we are currently living in. By the time the Spanish arrived to Peru much of the sacred wisdom was buried or burned.

Today many of us who served the sacred land of the Andes in the past are reincarnated. Some are awake but most are not. The global task that the Andes of Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia has is so great that it required millions of people to reincarnate here to hold the sacred energies open for the rest of the world. Additionally, some people like me who are not native to the land must remember their soul’s calling to come back and to serve.

It takes a great collaboration of souls to be able to help each other remember the promises that were made to each other from the other side.

In my meditation I also saw that my father’s people were part of the native race who spiritually served South America in the past. Not just his Native American Indian lineage but also his African lineage. As it is very curious that many of the Incan royalty and native elders look very African. It is underground knowledge that West Africa had highly evolved great civilizations in both North and South America 45,000 years before the first Europeans arrived with African slaves.

So the present task is for those who are awake and aware to try to help awaken those who are still asleep. Many of us have had instant recognition of our family members here. Sadly, some can remember and others cannot. It is a mammoth task to try to help awaken millions of sleeping people. It can also be a very big task to try to help awaken just one person. I know this because I tried to give the wake up call to a vital soul-family member who preferred to stay asleep. It hurt me that he was not ready to remember. He was the High Priest the master plants showed me laying in my arms dying.

Years earlier a friend of mine who was a shamantic healer was doing some healing work with me. In the middle of her work she saw a gruesome scene in which a soul fragment of mine was still stuck between the worlds. I was refusing to leave the dead body of a Native American Indian. She told me I was wailing across time and that she needed to go and get that part of my soul to bring it back to me.

She then told me the news that this same soul had reincarnated and that I would meet him again in this lifetime. After hearing about him I never thought about him again. This meant nothing to me as she relayed her vision. I also never assumed he would come back Native American Indian.

The very moment I saw him again in Peru I recognized him. He was sitting quietly on the ground selling his art. His long thick black hair falling to his waist. He had the very strong features of his indigenous ancestors. He wore a rope necklace with a profile of an Incan King. This king wore a headdress of condor feathers and the signature royal sun disk earrings.

He sat with his head down weaving his art and living a quiet life. He was a young unassuming man who had no clue of himself. Neither did he remember me. His violent death in that past life would leave such a permanent and traumatizing scar on him that he would not have the will to be able to look at anything remotely spiritual in this life. He reincarnated back in Peru to serve. Yet at the moment of making that free-will decision in the reality of his human body, he decided he could not serve. He decided to live a non-demanding life.

He never remembered our past. I could tell this because his eyes were too distant from me. But we did end up being a couple again in this lifetime. There were moments he had a glimmer in his eyes searching for who I was to him. But he could never get through the veil. After our year long relationship ended he visited me in a very vivid dream and apologized for his human body’s inability to push through the veil.

In the dream his mother was sing the sacred soul-song of his family in the background. He sadly told me that he was not strong enough in this lifetime to bear the heavy responsibility of serving the people again. With bowed head he told me that he had asked the ancestors for a much lower assignment because his will to fight and carry on had been extinguished. He said with tears and anger, “I do NOT want to remember any of it.”

I prayed for his soul that he would be able to recover from his deep mortal wounds in this lifetime. At his core I knew him to be a most honorable High Priest of the highest caliber. He had done so much for the Andean nation and was so deeply respected by the Incan leadership. He will not be able to hide from himself forever. I could tell he did not understand the depth of his feelings or thoughts about his life. He had a very strong inner struggle.

Together we closed our karmic chapter because the sleeping and the awakened can no longer reside together during this time of epic change on the planet. The two vibrations just cannot coexist anymore like they were once able to in the past. I left him more sure of my path. To serve the people again had to come above all other decisions. I try not to look back but the fallen soldiers of the divine mission will always be remembered within a family’s heart.

His life represents many grand souls that walk among the masses but who cannot or refuse to wake up their power. Sometimes the wounds inflected by life are not only too much to bear in our current lifetime but they carry over and leave their traumatizing imprints for subsequent lifetimes. Until we have the desire and the tools to allow them to heal the wounds can remain with us influencing our lives.

We are able to change our soul contracts to each other and to the planet. We do not have to do what is in our highest potential and we do not have to heal if we chose not to. No amount of wisdom or prodding from loved ones can help people who refuse to see the light. Sometimes their way in this lifetime is also NOT to see the light because they need more lessons on forgiveness, or the other countless lessons that human life provides for us.

In 2015, a year after taking my new spiritual name I had built up the strength of the Puma. By this time much of my big transformation was complete. I had resolved many inner conflicts. My path was now clear and I was very confident to walk it.

Once a soul family always a soul family. The soul connections never die. Many times history does not end until it resolves itself in an admirable way. This is a major reason for reincarnation. To finish what we start in a way that is good for all.

This information that I share maybe very difficult for some people to believe. That is okay. Those who are ready will believe. Those who are not ready will not. These are my truths that I must now share with the others. To some they will mean nothing… and to others they will mean everything. It will just depend on how much of the veil they can either see through or lift.

For those who can look beyond the veil it is now time for the bigger picture. It is now time for the indigenous people of the world to be uplifted and their cosmic heritage to be used for the good of the planet. So much of their cosmic heritage’s power has been lost, hidden, or stolen from them. This also means stolen from humanity.

It has been replaced with the repressive parts of Christianity that do not allow for an expanded vision of  spirituality. Because of this the cultural ways of the indigenous people have been vilified as wrong. The people were taught to not use their cosmic connection. They were taught their natural ways of living and serving the Mother Earth were evil. This brainwashing has shut them down as a culture on every level. And this has shut off the world from a greater cosmic consciousness that holds the truth of our light and origins.

This story is repeated throughout the world. It is a reflection of the lasting effects of colonization and domination by those who have tried to control the masses for eons. It is the story of the broken spirit of the soul of humanity.


Those who are able to feel truth in their hearts will know truth by the signature chill within their blood. It is time for the masses to stop living within the generational lies humanity has been taught were truths. I share my truth of spiritual sight and my life experiences with living multi-dimensionally so that others on this higher consciousness multi-dimensional life path can also feel comfortable embracing their own visions, disappointments, truths, and joys that will lead them to their correct paths of service and a life of happiness.

It is only when people can stand in the light of truth that this world can embrace the changes needed for authentic living. Which means only living for what is right for you and serves the greater good of all. Expressing spiritual sight is one of the most powerful ways to change and untwist an insane world that has perpetuated the reality of hurting the masses as something normal.

It is up to the truth tellers to create the needed space where deep and wide truth no longer has to be disguised in mythological stories, relegated to the world of fantasy, science fiction, or the world of ancient history that we may never witness again. But spiritual truth can be revealed and honored as a natural part of a grander view of reality that even the common person is willing to relate to and acknowledge for themselves.

Once humanity is reconnected to cosmic truth we can live in wholeness with the divine once again. This is heaven on Earth. This is possible. This is coming.



Thu-Hien Poma of Adonai