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Master Thu-Hien opening with the ancient soul-song for Jaroslov Duske, in Mirotice, Czech Republic

Master Thu-Hien opening with the ancient soul-song for Jaroslav Dušek, in Mirotice, Czech Republic





CD_meditations_letting_go_and_receivingMeditations for moving into new consciousness

– Letting go and receiving As the energies on the Earth continue to change so many new possibilities will become available to us all. In order to be able to take advantage of these new possibilities it is critical that we allow ourselves to let go of the past. This CD was created to help you move into a more peaceful and empowered future reality. The CD combines the help of the angelic realms, visualizations, and energy work to assist you with moving easier through the energetic shift associated with releasing accumulated lower vibrations from the past. Repeat listening will lead to a gentle self-healing process unfolding over days, weeks and months. Tuning into the intentions and energies in these meditations will help you deactivate fears, old wounds and ego limitations and will enable you to live from the truth of your soul. The more you let go of the past, the more you will be available to the present moment and its infinite gifts.


Preparation exercise 1 – The breath

Preparation exercise 2 – Relaxing the body

Preparation exercise 3 – Creating sacred space and cleaning the aura

Meditation 1 – Forgiveness to oneself and others

Meditation 2 – Trauma release

Meditation 3 – Opening the heart

Meditation 4 – Being open to receive

Meditation 5 – Bringing in your soul gifts

Meditation 6 – Bringing in your heart’s desires

Price – $20.00

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In the Presence of Angels (Re-release coming in 2018)

This is a deeply transformative energetic CD that captures the angelic frequencies. It is sang in the sacred language of the angels. A language we all understood before we took on a human body. A language not to be comprehended by the mind but by the soul. These songs inspire light, love, and peace to fill the body thus giving you a deeper connection to your true inner nature.

It is recommended to listen to the CD during meditation, sleep, or in the background while doing some mundane task.  The sounds assist the body in integrating the higher frequencies needed to allow the higher parts of your soul to start firmly anchoring into your body. Those who are very sensitive will feel the energies as they start to descend. Please do not listen while driving or operating heavy machinery.


Maca ca coy ya
Ooh heee yeah
Ree oo
Hi ooop
Mama kye ou re u
Ooo Reee too
Ooda wee
So dee
Pa pi

Price $20.00


Sacred Peru (Re-release coming in 2018)

This CD was recorded in the ancient Incan city of Cusco, Peru. It captures the pure and powerful energies of the Peruvian land that have been kept sacred by the natives there for thousands of years.  Two songs were recorded at the Temple of Qoricancha which was Inca’s main, Temple of the Sun. It is one of the most powerful and sacred locations in Peru as it sits atop a massive number of key energy lines.

Another two of the tracks were recorded in the main cave of the Temple of the Moon located on the famous Inca Trail near Cusco. While recording in the Temple of the Moon a light rain began to fall and a beautiful meteorite shower filled the sky.

The tones that are sung on this CD are tones for the new Earth combined with the sacred, pure, and powerful energies of the Peruvian land. Together they create a spiritual force that allows the mind, body, and emotions to transcend into the higher spiritual realms of infinite space.

It is important we have energetic pioneers in humanity who desire and are able to hold higher vibrations than the masses. The pioneers all feel a strong inner calling to connect with the highest frequencies possible. This CD carries some of the most advanced energy codes for your soul to soar and helps to anchor in comic energies.


Temple of the Moon I
Temple of the Moon II
Temple of Coricancha I
Temple of Coricancha II
Inner Earth
Machu Picchu
Apu Ausangate
Lake Titicaca
Andes (instrumental, played by a native shaman on a pre-columbian instrument Phuna)

Price $20.00

Shaman Jorge

Shaman Jorge

Shaman Jorge

Shaman Jorge

Currently, the only CD available for purchase is Meditations. Master Thu-Hien has rerecorded the following 2 other CD’s. They will be rereleased in 2018 along with 3 new CD’s.

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For purchase please contact us. We give guarantee of full refund within 48 hours from receiving the CD if the customer is not happy with their purchase.

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